Snatch brought 12 million euros of investment to Malaga province

The Snatch poster, signed by the actors in the series.
The Snatch poster, signed by the actors in the series. / SUR
  • The series by Sony, starring Rupert Grint, has just ended four months filming on the Costa del Sol and will be screened in September

The mafia is leaving the Costa del Sol. That may sound like a news item, but it actually refers to the actors in Snatch, with Rupert Grint (Harry Potter's friend in the film series) in the lead, after four months touring the province from top to bottom filming the second season.

The last episode of the story of British gangsters who settle in Malaga to continue their shady tricks was filmed last week. Luckily, the only thing they have taken away is a variety of locations which promise to look attractive on screen. In exchange, they have left behind an investment of 12 million euros, believed to be the highest amount for a foreign production of this type in the province.

This is a striking figure, although not the highest seen by the executive producer of the Malaga company Fresco Film, Peter Welter, who was responsible for this American title being filmed on the Costa del Sol: at first, the plan was to use locations on the coast of Catalonia as the setting for the series.

“What is relevant is that this was one of the first American series to be filmed with an exclusively Spanish technical team, and in this case most of them were from Malaga,” says Peter, who has shown that the province not only has excellent locations for films, “but also a team of professionals who are easily capable of handling these international productions”.

When Snatch is screened, it will be an excellent way of promoting the area for tourism. “It shows off our coastline which means we are selling the Costa del Sol at the same time,” says Peter. He hopes this series will be well received by American audiences; it is due to start in September via Crackle, Sony's film and series platform. “We made a fantastic team and those in charge are so pleased that they may return to film a third season, if this one is as successful as the first,” he says.

Support from councils

Town halls also provided support for the filming of Snatch: one of the main locations was a beach bar in Torre del Mar (Vélez Malaga) and other scenes were shot in Malaga's port and city hall. Peter Welter also praises the “unconditional support” received from Rincón de la Victoria and Mijas, but says the biggest problems they encountered were in Nerja. “They offered to collaborate, but when it came to filming they put obstacles in our way, which surprised me because they know the impact a series like this could have,” says Peter. As thanks for his work, all the Snatch actors signed a poster, which he has proudly hung on his wall.