Singing for a new smile

Míriam Gómez during one of her dental check-ups.
Míriam Gómez during one of her dental check-ups. / SUR
  • A gala at the Edgar Neville Auditorium will raise funds for Míriam Gómez, a young woman with Down's syndrome who needs costly dental work

Music fans in Malaga will have the chance to see popular performers Mariló Ruiz, Mayte Adrián, Carmen Rivas, José Ortiz, Conchi Matas, José María Uría and Lidia Prada at a benefit gala tomorrow, 19 May, at the provincial government's Edgar Neville auditorium. The aim is to raise enough funds to give a new smile to Míriam Gómez, a 34-year-old woman with Down's syndrome.

Míriam has to undergo expensive dental work due to a serious mouth infection. Her mother, Inmaculada Gómez, is moving heaven and earth in search of a solution for her daughter. “The doctors have told us that this type of infection (severe periodontal disease) is more common in people that have Down's syndrome. The public health service has given us a solution which will do more harm than good. They suggest pulling out the teeth gradually, which would take more than a year to complete. Meanwhile, Míriam would continue to lose bone mass in her mouth. She is barely able to eat as it is and what she does eat must not require chewing, something that is worsening the kidney failure from which she already suffers,” Gómez explains.

A private clinic in Malaga is offering another solution, but it is incredibly costly, even after a considerable price reduction. “The clinic will use Míriam's case as part of their training programme, which means that other dentists will be able to observe Míriam's operation. This will take the price from 32,000 to 16,632 euros. We have raised 2,700 ourselves from family members, but due to our situation [Míriam's mother is retired due to a disability], this is all we can afford,” says Inmaculada, who has started a social media campaign to drum up funding support from her fellow citizens “even if it's just one euro.”

Inmaculada is also the Malaga president for Síndrome Contenta, an organisation which advocates for the increased social inclusion of those who have Down's syndrome.

She asks that the gala is publicised so that the clinic is able to “begin urgent treatment”, for which they now need 6,800 euros.

Tickets for the event are priced at 12 euros. For more information you can telephone at: 645 62 00 92 or 658 97 68 52.