Azahara Muñoz shares her struggle with thyroid problems

Azahara shared photos of her hair loss and re-growth.
Azahara shared photos of her hair loss and re-growth. / SUR
  • The Marbella golfer reveals that she has been in treatment since 2016 and wants to be an example for other sufferers

The typical image of an elite sportsperson has always been of someone in peak physical condition. This is not always the case. The local golfer Azahara Muñoz has revealed that she has undergone medical treatment for a problem that was first diagnosed in 2016. While competing in the LPGA North American golf competition, Muñoz was also fighting Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed.

Muñoz shared her story on Tuesday through social media, with the aim of helping those who might find themselves in a similar situation. The golfer, originally from San Pedro Alcántara, admitted that she hadn't wanted to speak about it and that only her closest friends were aware. “I did an interview with LPGA in Hawaii and I'm glad I spoke about it because it has lifted a weight off of my shoulders. I didn't want to say anything because I hate making excuses for playing badly and maybe I was a bit embarrassed too,” she confessed.

She began feeling different a few years ago. “I was tired all day, cold, anxious... I never thought to ask for help, I thought it was my fault. I wore my body down and eventually I started to lose a lot of hair.”

Muñoz decided to ask for medical help. “In September 2016 they diagnosed me with Hashimoto's. It was a shock, but to be honest I was relieved.”

Now the golfer wants to use her public image to reach others. “If something like this is happening to you, seek help. You know better than anyone else, don't leave it too late. If I can help just one person, it's worth it. If you have a question, get in touch with me.”

Muñoz says that she is taking medication and has changed her diet and as a result is feeling much better. “The second photo was taken today. I look like a lobster but I'm so happy that my hair has begun to grow healthy and strong again.”