Five-year-old philanthropist wants to Save the Children

Dexter and his mother Chloe at the stall.
Dexter and his mother Chloe at the stall. / SUR
  • A San Pedro schoolboy organised a jumble sale to raise funds for young people who have limited access to food and water

After five-year-old Dexter St Pierre saw an advert for aid charity Save the Children on television, he decided that he should do something to help.

Dexter, who lives in San Pedro, was upset that other children do not have the same access to food and water that he does. With the help of his mother, Chloe, the philanthropic young boy organised a jumble sale so he could raise money in order to improve the lives of others.

Dexter and his sister Piper each gathered a bag together of their own toys to sell for funds. Dexter's school, St George's in San Pedro, also helped by sending out emails to parents requesting donations of toys, books and other items that could be sold on the stall. To add to her son's efforts, his mother collected jumble from work colleagues, friends and from her own personal belongings. “We had lots of things to sell!” she said.

The sale took place on at the end of April at Benahavís market. So far, Dexter has raised 328 euros.

Chloe is proud of her son and believes that helping others is a “valuable lesson”.

Dexter and Chloe plan to put together more fundraising events in the future, all in the hope of providing essential aid to those less fortunate.