Repsol unites its 'suns' in Malaga

The Andalusian 'soles', in front of the Thyssen museum in Malaga.
The Andalusian 'soles', in front of the Thyssen museum in Malaga. / Salvador Salas
  • Around 30 Malaga chefs who have been awarded with nearly half the Repsol 'soles' (suns) in the province, modelled the new white chef's jacket

  • The tour to launch the new jacket designed by Juan Duyos started at the Thyssen museum

The sun shines in Malaga an average of 300 days every year, for that reason this area is called the Costa del Sol. Or one could call it Costa de los Soles as Andalucía's restaurants have been awarded 48 'Soles' (suns) by the Repsol Guide, 22 of them in Malaga province.

This was enough reason for the guide to choose the city to launch the tour of the new Repsol chef's jacket, designed by fashion designer Juan Duyos for the 528 'soles' that shine in Spain.

Haute cuisine and haute couture were linked by the same thread, that of creativity. The venue for this event was also connected to the world of creativity, the Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga. The patio of the Palacio de Villalón was filled with the white of these new jackets, modelled by nearly thirty chefs from across Andalucía.

“We're starting the tour in Malaga because we have seen how it is awakening, it is very powerful, there is a lot of talent and much attention to the raw materials,” explained the director of the Repsol Guide, María Ritter who added that after nearly 40 years of publication, “the jacket needed to evolve.”

The designer Juan Duyos accompanied Ritter. “When they called me it gave me a great lift, the classic jacket had hardly changed and to design a new one was a challenge,” admitted the designer who usually works with natural fabrics but this time has created a material made from recycled clothes and plastic. The fire resistant jacket has a clean line; “The loops, unnecessary seams and buttons have been removed.”

The Repsol Technology Centre is behind the innovative fabric that is stainproof, allows liquid spills to slide off and resists heat.

The Andalusians who wore it yesterday included the Malaga chefs whose restaurants have been honoured with one 'sol': Arte de Cozina, La Cosmopolita, BiBo, Marbella Club Grill, Messina, Refectorium Campanario and Sollo; with two 'soles': Don Giovanni, El Lago, José Carlos García, Raw Kabuki, Los Marinos and Skina; and the only one with three, Dani García.

Dani García also has two Michelin stars and pointed out that the fact that Malaga has more than half of the 'soles' in Andalucía “says a lot about the gastronomic level” in the province.

For García, the distinction is an incentive, but in the end, “the greatest recognition comes from the day-to-day customer.”