Queen for Cudeca

Queen for Cudeca
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  • Support the Cudeca cancer hospice and enjoy an unforgettable concert experience at the Castle in Fuengirola on Saturday, April 21

Support the Cudeca cancer hospice and enjoy an unforgettable concert experience at the same time. This is the invitation being extended to everyone when Europe's best Queen tribute act plays in aid of Cudeca at the Castle in Fuengirola on Saturday, April 21.

It all started on a small scale more than ten years ago. Today, the band is in demand all across Northern Europe, and in many parts of the USA as well.

From hobby to the big time

Bjarke Baisner sings, looks, acts and performs just like the legendary Freddie Mercury. And his four band members are equally enthusiastic. That's why the Queen Machine tribute act is the closest you can get to the real deal, and fans flock to their concerts in the thousands. "We are just like Queen in their younger days. When they were in their prime and always able to surprise on stage. This is also just how our audiences expect to see us," explains Peter Jeppesen, guitarist and spokesman for the band. He has been on board ever since things first got going in '07. "Back then it was just for fun, but things suddenly got serious – and in a good way. We went from playing for small audiences in tiny venues to standing before crowds of 10-20 thousand people at huge festivals. I don't quite get it, but people want to see us. They want to see Queen." And Queen Machine does their utmost to deliver the goods.

All the little details

The popular band takes great pride in developing their act and preparing for their performances, and they focus on all of the little details in order to make their concerts as authentic as possible. "We are always coming up with new shows and we pay attention to all of the subtleties so that we can get as close to the real Queen as we can," explains the Danish guitarist. For this reason, their costumes are tailor-made to look like the original ones worn by Queen, and their light shows and staging are set up just as they were at Queen concerts in the 80s. Attention is paid to every detail, including those which are too small to fully appreciate, such as the guitarist's plectrum, for example.

Queen for Cudeca

Brian May and Roger Taylor say okay

It is no ordinary plectrum; it's the old, original sixpence coin that Brian May used at the height of Queen's fame. "A few years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Queen's original guitarist, Brian May, and the band's drummer Roger Taylor. They know us and our show, so we've got the thumbs up from them," concludes Peter Jeppesen cheerfully. The band has a long summer ahead touring across Europe and the USA, where they had a big breakthrough last year. But before then, Europe's best Queen tribute act will play their first concert ever on Spanish soil. On April 21, they will bring their legendary show to Castillo Sohail in Fuengirola.

About Cudeca

Since the cancer hospice Cudeca was established in 1992 it has cared for more than 14,000 cancer patients on Costa del Sol. Some patients stay in-house at Cudeca’s hospice in Benalmádena, while others receive out-house treatment and care in their homes. All cancer patients can ask Cudeca for help regardless of the person’s sex, age, religion and nationality. Last year alone Cudeca took care of more than 1,400 patients. And the number is growing every year. Therefore, the cancer hospice is in need of more resources. Just eight percent of Cudeca’s budget is covered by public contributions. In other words, 92 percent is generated by private donations, charity shops and numerous charity events.

Ticket prices and sales

Tickets standing: 18 euro. Tickets seated: 25 euro.

Tickets are sold online and at:

Fuengirola: UniOptica (opposite the Tourist Office)

Café La Vida (the Feria Square)

Arroyo: Funky Frog (Avda. Gamonal)

Mijas: Loft & Roomers (Ctra. de Mijas)

Elviria: Hairdresser Martin’s (Centro Comercio Elviria)

Marbella: Loft & Roomers (OASIS Business Center)

For more info please conctact: / 670 63 57 86

Beautiful Castillo Sohail

The old medieval castle in Fuengirola is considered one of the most beautiful concert venues in Andalucía. But this hasn’t always been the case. Castillo Sohail was extremely damaged by wars in the past and at some point it was almost virtually destroyed. Since the castle didn’t serve much purpose for the local government, it was privately owned for most of the 19th and 20th centuries. But in 1989 the town hall took over Castillo Sohail and from 1995-97 the castle was restored and partially rebuild. Now 15-20 concerts and other cultural activities are held at Castillo Sohail every year.

Paul Maxwel

The evening at Castillo Sohail on the 21st of April will offer lots of entertain-ment and really good music.

Paul Maxwel – also known as The Piano Man – takes the scene at 20.15 hours. Paul Maxwell performs frequently at the most popular venues in Marbella and has performed several times with prominent names like Lionel Richie, Gary Moore, Michael Bolton and Ricky Martin. Paul Maxwel will perform the biggest hits from Elton John, Louis Armstrong, Tom Jones and Tina Turner as well as his own music. Of course accompanied with his beautiful white piano.