Serving them strong

Serving them strong
  • Many of the beers have an alcohol content of seven per cent and are served by the litre

If you like your beer and you like it strong, then this may well be the destination for you next month.

Pictured is the tranquil setting of the city's West Park which could be the only bit of quiet you get from 2 to 25 March when the city, and especially its beer halls, fills with punters eager to sample the strong, dark beers.

These beers were originally brewed by monks to help them through the arduous fasting of Lent. The so-called “liquid bread” helped keep up their strength and spirits as they abstained from food for 40 days but many have an alcohol content of more than seven per cent so with standard litre servings, this is not for lightweights!

The monks' tradition is maintained through this festival which is considered the little brother of the main show which is world famous and occurs later in the year. This one, however, is considered the version for insiders who will enjoy beer for a lower price and without the crowds.

If you know where this is, you could win a prize.

Please send the name of the festival in its original language, plus the name of its more famous brother and the city in which both occur to Only entries with your full name, delivery address and telephone number will be considered.

Last month's photo showed the Montréal en Lumière festival in Canada, gaining a reputation globally for its way of bringing light and warmth to the winter months.

Congratulations to Norma Artist in Mollina who answered correctly. Your prize will be on its way to you soon.