Three months with no news

  • Saturnino Garzas disappeared from a Torrelodones care home without a trace

Saturnino Garzas is a clear example of preventable drama. Suffering from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, at the age of 67 he went into a care home in Torrelodones and a week later he disappeared without trace.

The management at the home say he jumped over a two-metre-high fence, which the family doubts because he was not very mobile and had recently undergone surgery because of a hernia.

A search in the Madrid mountains proved fruitless until three months later, on 6 March 2017, his body was found two kilometres from the care home.

His son Iván believes he had fallen and died of cold. “He was only wearing a sweatshirt. I don't think he could have survived past midnight,” he says.

What is tragic is that for years Saturnino had worn a belt with a geo-locator. “We offered it to the care home and they said it wouldn't be needed, because he wouldn't be able to get out,” says Iván. The home was fined for failing to protect its residents. The family are taking legal action against it.