Grandma's casseroles promote traditional cuisine

A typical cazuela.
A typical cazuela. / SUR
  • Restaurants and bars on the Cazuela de la Abuela route in Fuengirola offer hearty stews served in an earthenware dish

More than 50 restaurants and bars in Fuengirola will participate in the seventh edition of the Cazuela de la Abuela route. This gastronomic event, which begins on Friday (today) and continues until Sunday 4 March, is aimed at promoting a traditional home-cooked dishknown locally as 'grandma's casserole'. The culinary initiative will offer residents and visitors the chance to taste variations of local casserole recipes accompanied by a drink for just two euros.

The cazuela is an earthenware dish and the word is also used to describe a hearty type of stew found all over Andalucía. It can consist of meat, poultry, offal, pulses and vegetables or fish and seafood.

Each of the establishments -which will compete for the title of best cazuela in Fuengirola- will prepare their own recipe served in the signature earthenware dish.

The cazuela will be available during normal opening hours and customers can vote for their particular favorite. More details can be found on the Fuengirola town hall website.