Miraculous moringa: a new product from Malaga

Moringa oleifera.
Moringa oleifera. / WIKIMEDIA
  • Malaga company Nature's Best Moringa Spain is promoting this little known health product

New beneficial health products arrive on the market every year, and moringa is one of the most acclaimed.

The problem is how to incorporate these unknown foods into the diet and, above all, how to use them in the kitchen.

The Malaga company Nature's Best Moringa Spain, has found a format that is also trendy: powdered moringa leaves, which can be used to make green smoothies, in salads, pastry or bread, vinaigrettes, tortillas, pasta and various seasonings.

But what exactly is moringa? Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a tree native to India, related to the humble cabbage. It is commonly called the drumstick tree (because of the shape of the seed pods), horseradish tree (because the roots are said to taste like horseradish) or benzoil tree (from the oil extracted from the seeds).

It was first grown in the province of Malaga in 2007 in the Axarquía as a possible 'superfood' of the future.

It is credited with innumerable nutritional properties and health benefits and is extremely rich in iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and E, amino acids, minerals and protein.

It is said to improve the immune system, regulate blood sugar levels, act as an antioxidant and have anti-inflammatory properties.

It was first commercialised in capsule form, but being a Brassica, its flavour is similar to that of cabbage but with a spicy touch, so the firm Nature's Best opted for a powdered format which is easily dissolved into foods and beverages.