Delivering dance, from Germany to Malaga

Marina Miguélez.
Marina Miguélez. / SUR
  • Marina Miguélez returns to Málaga ready to introduce the public to her artistic discipline

Many artists have left Spain for a whole host of reasons. Some leave for their vocation, others out of necessity.

Ten years ago a young woman from Malaga went to Germany in search of stages where she could display her passion: contemporary dance.

Marina Miguélez has been a dancer in Interdans (Belgium), choreographer at the Cultural Festival of Bad Homburg (Frankfurt) and at the International Sola Dance Theatre Festival (Stuttgart).

Between 2008 and 2015 she formed part of the Nuremberg State Ballet and in 2016 she debuted in the equivalent in Staart.

While there she received a prize from the German minister of Culture for her contributions, but Miguélez wants more, and she wants to achieve it on home turf.

This Saturday she will launch 'No se baila en la cocina' (Don't dance in the kitchen), her own production through which she hopes to relate to the public: “Dance can be enjoyed by everyone.”

She wants to establish a connection between her discipline and her city, whose residents “rarely appreciate dance”.

“The idea is to create a high quality performance, but one that will be inclusive, to attract people who previously haven't previously enjoyed live dance.”

Miguélez wants to break down the barriers that separate her vocation from the wider public, sometimes due to lack of information, sometimes due to prejudice.

“We have to stop the attitude of 'I don't understand dance, so I won't enjoy it;' we have created a powerful performance to capture the attention of the audience, and we're sure that they will enjoy it and want to share the enjoyment that dance provides.”

This is the first time that the choreographer puts on her own show in her native city of Malaga. The performance is made of two parts, 'Within' and 'No se baila en la cocina', which will demonstrate the range and intensity of modern dance.