Eating at Mamá Roca's for just ten euros

A mother-and-son demonstration at Madrid Fusión.
A mother-and-son demonstration at Madrid Fusión. / A. FERRERAS
  • The woman who taught the famous Roca brothers everything they know still holds the reins of the famous Can Rocá restaurant

To understand the Roca brothers' success you only need to look at Montserrat Fontané, their mother, who still runs Can Roca, a restaurant which serves 200 menus of the day, every day.

Their father, 85-year-old Josep, still opens the establishment at 6.30am, for breakfasts.

The boys grew up in the bar their parents first opened in the Taialà-Germans Sàbat district of Girona in 1967, and that is where they learned their skills.

This week at Madrid Fusión, Joan and his mother cooked together and revealed some of the recipes which Montserrat had passed on to her sons, who then refined them and serve them today, in smaller, more sophisticated portions.

Their mother, however, still likes to offer large helpings at the famous Celler Can Roca restaurant, where the menu of the day costs ten euros.

She has often been urged to put her prices up, but she refuses: “It's not my clients' fault that my sons have become famous!” she says.