The Costa del Sol 'snatches' the filming of an American series from Catalonia

Rupert Grint (left), stars in ‘Snatch’, which is set in the underworld.
Rupert Grint (left), stars in ‘Snatch’, which is set in the underworld. / SUR
  • Filming of the Sony production 'Snatch', which is based on the original film starring Brad Pitt, will take four months. There are casting sessions for extras in Malaga this weekend

They originally intended to film in the Caribbean, but the recent hurricanes made that inadvisable so they decided on the Mediterranean instead.

The first option they considered was Barcelona as the location for the next season of the American series 'Snatch', featuring a group of young and ambitious British gangsters, but then Fresco Film, a company from Malaga, which produced Game of Thrones in Spain, suggested the Costa del Sol instead.

The destination fitted the script perfectly, because Malaga province receives more than a million British tourists a year. Why not bring them a group of hustlers? The proposal finally convinced those in charge of making the decision, and they opted for Malaga instead of Barcelona.

The political situation regarding independence for Catalonia was one of the factors they took into account, although the producer of Fresco Film, Peter Welter Soler, makes it clear that it wasn't relevant to the final decision.

“Barcelona is a major audiovisual market, so what we had to do was show that Malaga has the industry and the professionals with the ability to make an international production of this type,” he said earlier this week, and he also explained that the locations on the Costa del Sol are better suited to the needs of the production.

“That's important because not only is the whole series going to be filmed in the province, but Malaga will also be the scenario for the plot,” said Welter about this series, which will be filmed for four months from 23 January.

Heading this unusual group of criminals in 'Snatch' once again will be British actor Rupert Grint (redheaded Ron, inseparable friend of Harry Potter in the film saga), who flees with his gang to Malaga, where they continue with their frauds, robberies and other criminal activities.

From Marbella to Nerja, the whole Costa del Sol will be the setting for the new series, which will have ten episodes in total.

The series is set in the underworld and its tone could be described as halfway between a thriller and black humour.

It is an adaptation of Guy Ritchie's cult film 'Snatch', starring Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro. The American producer Sony turned it into one of its most popular of series, and it proved so successful that it has led to this second season, which will have a striking change of scene and bring a British ambience to the light and warmth of Andalucía.

Casting for extras

There will be a casting for extras this weekend (Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, from 10am to 6pm) at the Polo de Contenido Digital, the digital content hub in the old tobacco factory in Malaga.

A wide variety of extras will be needed because of the number of episodes and the different scenes, but they are looking especially for “unusual faces”, says the director of Modexpor Casting, Rafael Guadamuro. The age range of the aspiring extras is from 18 to 70.

They are also looking for specific types of character, such as sea fishermen, boxers, crossfit experts, young women and people of African and gypsy origin.

The extras will need to be available for the whole period of filming, from 23 January to 15 May. The series, which was created by Álex de Rafkoff, can be seen on Crackle, Sony's streaming platform which is similar to Netflix and Amazon. It made its debut in the States in March, and has not yet been shown in Spain.

In the first season, 'Snatch' features a gang of young hustlers who become involved in a spiral of criminal activity after discovering a truckload of stolen gold bullion. As well as Rupert Grint, it features Luke Pasqualino ('Skins') and Ed Westwick ('Gossip Girl').