A lifelong addiction to forecasting the unpredictable

Alan still enjoys a few rounds on his local golf course.
Alan still enjoys a few rounds on his local golf course. / SUR
  • The former golfer now makes a living as a golf trader, a betting strategy used to counteract the unpredictability of the sport

Immersing oneself in the crazy world of endless betting - where every minute can bring an unbelievable fortune or untold misery - is not to everyone's taste, but it is something that one English expat has been doing for the best part of his life.

Alan Green, born in London in 1946, grew up in southern Africa and became interested in golf at an early age. His fascination began while watching his father play in regular Sunday competitions and it wasn't too long before the youngster took up the sport. He became a top class amateur, winning several club championships and representing Great Britain in the 1996 Transatlantic Cup.

In the mid-seventies, Alan was encouraged to go into the direct selling industry and after a short period as a self-employed salesman, he became a team leader and embarked on a successful career as a sales lecturer, conducting training courses and seminars in various countries, including the UK, Israel, the USA, and Poland.

In 2002, Alan arrived in Estepona to spend two months making money as a hustler, although he fell in love with the area and still lives there today. Having been involved with golf at both amateur and professional levels, Alan has extensive knowledge of the game. He no longer plays professionally, but prefers to earn his livelihood as a golf trader. Trading is a strategy used to counteract the unpredictability of the sport and take advantage of the substantial odds that can be on offer. Alan studies the course, the statistics and also watches the players to spot those who are below par. He then decides by the last day who is most likely to win, and by all accounts, he is usually correct.

Although Alan claims that he does not invest large amounts of money, he admits he invariably ends up ahead after a tournament.

Having led a very colourful life, he has amused friends and acquaintances with his anecdotes and it has often been suggested that he should write a book.

“Throughout the years I have been told by many people that I should write a book. These people apparently found my stories and jokes entertaining and worth listening to, so I decided to take their advice and see what I could possibly create,” he says.

Alan spent more than two years working on the book, If You Haven't Gambled, which takes the reader on a journey of non-stop hustling, gambling and criminal activity. Although the book is a work of fiction, it is partially inspired by real events experienced by the author over the years.

All profits from the book will be donated to a charity for underprivileged children.

Alan will be signing copies of his book and offering golfing tips at the 50s Plus Exhibition in the IPV Palace Hotel and Spa in Fuengirola this weekend.