Two hundred members of the public have their glucose levels measured

The team in Mijas Pueblo with the Lions' Area Director, Pepe Guasp.
The team in Mijas Pueblo with the Lions' Area Director, Pepe Guasp. / SUR
  • The La Cala Lions Diabetic Support group offered the free blood tests to mark World Diabetes Day on 14 November

The La Cala Lions Diabetic Support Group marked World Diabetes Day by measuring the glucose levels of over 200 members of the public last week. The association stresses the importance of this type of screening because, according to information from the World Diabetic Foundation, nearly 50% of sufferers are living with undiagnosed diabetes and even more do not take the condition seriously, with 37% of diabetes sufferers in the United Kingdom reportedly not taking their medication. Studies reveal that many believe that there is nothing to worry about as so many of the symptoms are invisible.

However, the reality is that having diabetes can profoundly affect your long-term health, especially Type 2 as it is a progressive disease for which medication dosage needs to be gradually increased. The diabetes support group based in Mijas and Fuengirola wants there to be more education about the reality of diabetes and its consequences, which could be blindness, amputation, neuropathy, and kidney failure.

The group wants people to ask their doctors for a blood test called HBA1c, which gives a three monthly overall result of glucose levels, next time they go for their routine blood test.

To give answers to any questions about diabetes, and to help with any concerns recently diagnosed diabetes sufferers may have, the La Cala Lions Diabetic Support Group holds regular meetings.

Questions can also be directed to their helpline, 607 879 450, or email Meetings are held on the last Friday of each month at HOGAR, Calle Paloma 1, Fuengirola, at 10.30 am until 1pm. There will be no meeting in December but the group will be giving advice at Open Minds Day on November 30th and the 50s Plus Expo in Fuengirola on December 2nd and 3rd.