About 100 people learn how to deal with and combat constant pain

Biodance can be useful in combating pain
Biodance can be useful in combating pain / SUR
  • The Costa del Sol hospital hosted a Day Against Pain on Friday and invited local associations to attend and provide information which could help sufferers

How to deal with pain when pain is inevitable. That was just one of several subjects which were discussed in depth at the Costa del Hospital on Friday, during the Day Against Pain which the management organised for medical professionals and members of the public.

The aim of this event was to exchange knowledge and information to improve all aspects of treatment and pain relief, and also to help sufferers to face up to the problem of constant pain with a positive attitude.

The conference, which was attended by about 100 people, was inaugurated by the coordinator of the Surgical Procedures department, Emilio Montenegro, the director of the Anaesthesiology and Recovery unit, José Antonio Reinaldo; anaesthetist Manuel Sánchez del Águilar, who is also the head of the hospital's Pain Unit, and the head of nursing in the Surgical Block, Manuel Vergara.

The schedule for the day was drawn up by the Surgical Block, which is part of the hospital's Public Participation Commission. It began with a round table discussion called 'The Pain Unit answers', during which those present had the chance to ask questions, make suggestions, express concerns and fears, and these were answered by members of the Pain Unit.

The speakers began by giving gave a brief talk on different matters which concern people about pain, and that then led to the question and answer session and exchange of views. Those taking part were also able to submit questions anonymously, which were then also discussed.

The day also included a series of 'Keep Active' workshops on biodance (a self-development system which uses the sentiments provoked by music and movement to delve deeply into one's own consciousness), postural hygiene and healthy eating. The intention was to use these alternative experiences as another way of tackling pain.

“Experiences such as these mean that the patients can take the initiative with regard to what is happening to them, and they give them more resources to use when trying to combat the pain,” say the organisers.

Different associations in the Marbella area, including the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Marbella-San Pedro (A.M.P.E.M-N.A), the Association of Patients with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and other rheumatic illnesses (APAFFER) and the Fibromyalgia Association of Marbella(AFIMAR), were also on hand to provided information which can help pain sufferers.

This session was led by Isabel Quintanilla, who is an AECC volunteer in Marbella. The hospital committee had sent information about this event to all relative associations in the area, inviting them to take part. It was an opportunity for them not only to help others, but also to set up new contacts and links for developing future strategies and actions. During the day they set up stands from which different information was available to those who were taking part.

The Day Against Pain at the Costa del Sol hospital was brought to an end with talks on 'Pain and mental health' and 'Basic advice on following a healthy diet.'