What is Otosclerosis?

  • Some information about the condition which may reveal itself through dizziness and ringing in the ears

I have been told I have Otosclerosis but I am unsure what it is, can you help?

It involves the strange overgrowth of the bone into the space behind the human eardrum. Symptoms that occur through this condition have dizziness and a ringing in the ears amongst them.

However, not much light can be shed on the origin of this problem, which seems oddly to focus more on women, than men! With the balance of the sexes offset, in addition, the symptoms can worsen during pregnancy, on occasion resulting in the loss of hearing for the new Mum after her baby is born. This is a property of the condition that puzzles the medical profession and can cause serious alarm and deep concern of course to the newly appointed parent, as she is unable to hear the demands of her newborn infant.

The solution, well hearing aids can be used to assist this condition and it is also agreed that the intervention of laser surgery may well prove more effective in the long term and hold a highly favourable success rate with low risks involved.

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Is hearing really linked to dementia and Alzheimer's?

An interesting article published in the Guardian draws attention to the association of hearing loss with dementia. It suggests that treating hearing loss could potentially help in reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

The research conducted also showed that people who have hearing loss often strain to listen during a conversation, diminishing grey matter. Their brains had especially lost matter in a region associated with spoken language and semantic memory, which is the same region associated with early Alzheimer's.