Diabetes support group prepares for World Diabetes Day on Costa

  • Over 175 million people in the world have undiagnosed diabetes which can be fatal if untreated

World Diabetes Day will be celebrated on 14 November. The Diabetic Support Group, which is part of English-speaking club La Cala de Mijas Lions, will be offering free glucose tests in various points around Malaga to mark the occasion.

The group believes these tests are absolutely vital and everyone should have their glucose levels regularly checked.

The support group was founded in 2003 when they felt that, due to language barriers and misinformation from doctors, recently-diagnosed diabetics needed a place to talk about diabetes with other sufferers in a friendly atmosphere. Since then the group has been helping foreign residents in Spain get information about the condition.

The group hold regular education meetings in Fuengirola, but they also receive calls through their helpline where they can answer any questions or arrange a private, casual meeting with people who want to discuss the condition.

In Spain local GPs would only be able to give very short appointments to diabetics, which is why the support group offers this service.

It is believed that over 175 million people in the world are living with undiagnosed diabetes, which can be passed on genetically, developed through infections, or caused by the raised glucose levels provoked by stress. If diabetes remains untreated it can bring about serious health risks.

The La Cala de Mijas Lions Diabetic Support Group will hold their next meeting this Saturday 27 October at 10.30 am at HOGAR, Calle Paloma, Fuengirola. The group hosts regular events, as well as their educational meetings, involving sociable dinners, informative talks, and guest speakers.

To speak to someone in the support group, call their helpline on 607 879 450, or email