British schoolboy chosen for new series of virtual reality films

Sike with Alexandre Aja. :: SUR
Sike with Alexandre Aja. :: SUR
  • Filming of the first two episodes of Campfire Creepers took place in Madrid in July and the director has plans for another 20 installments

A budding young British-born actor has been chosen to appear in a new series of horror films that are to be made by a celebrated Hollywood director.

Master of horror, Alexandre Aja, has teamed up with multi-faceted Madrid-based VR (virtual reality) studio, Future Lighthouse, to create their first horror VR series, Campfire Creepers.

Thirteen year-old schoolboy, Spike Parsons, who lives in Sotogrande with his parents, appears in the first two episodes as the character Eddie. In the second episode, titled Midnight March, Spike is also the narrator of the story.

Campfire Creepers is set around the fire circle at Camp Coyote, where a group of campers take turns telling scary stories, each one leading the audience on an immersive ride into their darkest childhood fears.

Spike attracted attention after playing Lord Farquaad in a production of Shrek in Fuengirola in May. He was invited to audition for Campfire Creepers and, to his delight, secured the part. Filming of the first two episodes took place in Madrid in July and the director has plans for another 20 episodes in the future.

“It was amazing. I realized it was a great part and I really wanted it. I studied really hard on my lines and the American accent, and when they called me and told me the part was mine, I was overjoyed. It's just the best thing ever,” the excited young actor told SUR in English.

Spike is certainly not shy of being on stage or performing in front of people, for he has attended the Marbella-based Stagecoach school for performing arts since he was four years old. He leads an active life in general. He is captain of his local under-14s rugby team in Sotogrande, does regular gymnastics, and his ambition is to be a professional rugby-playing actor.

“We have a pretty strict schedule for him, but his school studies take priority. So far neither his acting nor sports have interfered, mainly because his filming was done during school holidays,” Adrian, Spike's proud father, explains.

Spikes role as Eddie in Campfire Creepers could well be his springboard into a career in the movies. The first two episodes, which have their worldwide premier at the Sitges Film Festival in October, will be released on Halloween.

Inspired by cult classics, like Tales from the Crypt, the first episode, Skull of Sam, includes a guest appearance by Robert Englund, known for his terrifying portrayal of Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

“The experience was amazing and I am determined to make my career as both a professional rugby player and actor. I'm aiming high,” Spike says confidently.