Fashion takes over Malaga city centre


One of the models on the catwalk in Calle Larios. / F. SILVA

  • Top designers shine at the Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week 2017, the longest catwalk in Europe

For the seventh year in a row, Malaga rolled out the 300-metre-long blue catwalk for the Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week 2017. For the first day of this two-night event, 11 designers showcased their spectacular new collections on the longest catwalk in Europe.

The fashion show opened with the elegant designs of Sonia Peña. Her pieces were classic with unconventional twists, like long evening dresses with daring patterns and cut-outs. The uniformity of the models made the dresses stand out from each other even more.

Bridal wear

The catwalk was then juxtaposed by the male wedding designs of Protocol. The sharp suits, occasionally paired with quirky coloured ties or jackets, were then followed by the stunning gowns of Carla Ruiz. Her pieces carried a dramatic flair with some models wearing masks, walking to powerful music. The collection featured several black and white dresses which had interest added by floral and mesh detailing.

Vertize Gala offered up some sleek, although rather unseasonal, suits in their first ever catwalk at Pasarela Larios. The designers also showcased their women’s bridal collection which used lace and sparkling embroidery on some classic bridal gowns.

This was followed by Gemma Melé’s Chanel-inspired designs which were delicate and sophisticated, with floaty layers to dresses that the models made an excellent job of showing off as they seemingly flew down the 300 metre long blue carpet.


Next up were the completely atypical designs of Ángel Palazuelos. His models wore horseriding-inspired suits and dresses, featuring jodhpurs, riding jackets and caps, armed with an extra accessory in the form of a whip.

Local designer Rafael Urquízar also amazed audiences by including a model in a wheelchair in his show. He used strong tones for his dresses, with bold pink taffeta dresses opening his collection and pastel blue chiffon pieces closing it.

Another first time designer to feature in Malaga Fashion Week was Juan Segovia, who gave an ethnic twist to his sleek designs. With plenty of gold accessories, metallics, details, and even headdresses, his Bollywood influence (as highlighted by the musical choice) was evident.

The interesting designs of Lucas Balboa, a fashion designer from Tenerife, followed. The models must have been very warm as they showcased the designer’s modern suits, accessorising with hats and thick scarves. His collection also presented glasses and knee high socks.

Argentinian Ivana Picallo’s collection opened with bold reds and continued with dresses in stand-out single colours. Her pieces featured fine details like lace overlays, floral embroidery, and gems. Her collection also featured pearls and metallic materials and turned to a more bridal theme at the end.

Fashion takes over Malaga city centre


Closing Friday’s show was Jesús Segado, who receives this year's 'Alfiler de Oro' award in recognition of his career. His collection, ‘Retrospectiva’, featured some of his best designs from his career. His pieces showed a great range of diversity, with some more fun, short dresses made in several different materials, and also longer jacket-style dresses. All of his items were in striking colours and patterns and were clearly finely crafted. His detailing included mesh, flower and bird embroidery and even pom poms.

Some common features occurring in several or all of the designers’ pieces were mesh and the colour yellow. This year’s designers clearly enjoyed experimenting with what a mesh insert or overlay can add to a simple dress, and taking a sleek evening gown and seeing how it would look in a bright yellow. Metallics also featured quite heavily on the catwalk.

The turn of the High Street

Saturday night’s fashion show presented some more casual looks. While the long, sixties inspired, heavily patterned dresses of Carmiñ Romero opened the catwalk and Impecable Moda’s floor-length, metallic dresses accompanied by daring headpieces closed the show, the designers in between provided the audience with some more everyday looks.

Fashion companies Olimara, Costelloe Casual Men, Lennon Courtney, Emilio Tucci Black, Tintoretto, Zendra, Yera, and El Corte Inglés and Dunnes Stores in their collaborations with Gloria Ortiz and Savida, respectively, demonstrated that fashion, while still being carefully crafted and stunning, can be wearable for everyone.

Some audience members were even noting down the names of the designers as they saw items of clothing that they would like to wear themselves.