“I’m sorry if I let you down”

Manel Navarro, during his Eurovision performance in Kiev on Saturday.
Manel Navarro, during his Eurovision performance in Kiev on Saturday. / Eurovision
  • Spain’s disgraced Eurovision contestant apologises to fans and lies low until the shower of criticism following his last-place performance passes

Not only did Spain’s entry in last Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest final come last, it did so in style. Not only did Manel Navarro and his song Do It For Your Lover get zero points from the professional juries and just five from the viewers’ votes, his performance will be remembered for that high note that didn’t quite do what it should have done.

“I’m sorry if I let you down. I assure you that I am more disappointed with myself than anyone for missing a note that I had under control, just at the most important moment of my career,” he said on Tuesday, revealing his feelings of both sadness and shame.

Since Saturday’s performance of the song that has been described since then as unsuitable for the contest and which certainly did no favours for Navarro, the Catalonian singer has been pulled apart in thousands of memes flying around social media.

Many of them made references to a ‘gallo’, a cockerel in Spanish and also a term used to describe a bum note.

The 40 Principales music radio presenter Xavi Martínez, who had backed Navarro throughout his process to Eurovision, also admitted that Spain’s entry had been a fiasco and even accepted part of the blame. Martínez had been accused of unfairly favouring his ‘protégé’ when he was a member of the jury on the show Objetivo Eurovisión, put on to select the country’s act, by giving minimum points to Mirela, who was the favourite to repesent the country in Kiev.

Meanwhile Navarro is keeping his head down until the storm blows over. “Yesterday I went out in a hood and glasses. I went out to buy dinner and to the cash machine as discreetly as possible,” said the singer who, nevertheless plans to “continue working hard towards my musical career”.