A chicken and egg situation

What came first - the chicken or the egg? An age-old question that can lend itself to a number of many different subject matters.

At a time when mental illness and depression is a high running topic, we offer a partnered question. Could having a simple hearing test change how depression is diagnosed?

Hearing loss can cause isolation, loneliness, and depression. So, of course, it is possible that a person might have depression that has been brought on by hearing loss and having hearing loss may well induce depression!

Screening for depression when carrying out a hearing test may greatly assist the patient and direct them to seek medical help or therapy. When visiting the medical centre the same could apply, whereby the medical professional could also recommend a hearing test, assessing if any form of hearing loss may well be contributing to their patient’s depressive mood.

Both seem to be partnered and a solution could fall between the two areas of expertise.

Alfonso Sánchez is Senior Audiologist at Sontec Hearing Centres. Tel. 952667403.