“In Ronda I’m going to create the most incredible object of my life”

  • Philippe Starck speaks about his latest project, which is taking place in the province

In Malaga on Wednesday Philippe Starck spoke of the other project that links him to the province of Malaga, the oil mill in Ronda.

“I’m going to create the most incredible object of my life in Ronda,” said Starck, referring to the 18-million-euro building designed for the Ronda firm La Almazara LA Organic S.L., that could be complete by 2020.

The designer explained that he was “in shock” when he visited Ronda for the first time. “I felt that I was in one of the most powerful places in the world,” he said.

“I worked for three or four years to make something that had that same power I wanted to express and I think I managed it,” he added, describing the design which features a concrete cube, a steel bull’s horn, an olive and a surrealist Picasso eye.