Junta promises to keep health centres fully open all summer

Alonso, alongside Mijas mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado.
Alonso, alongside Mijas mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado. / I. G.
  • Regional health minister, Aquilino Alonso, refused to confirm if replacement staff would be on full-time contracts, as demanded by the unions

Health centres in the province of Malaga will remain open all summer. That is, at least, the “intention” of the Junta de Andalucía, according to regional health minister, Aquilino Alonso, on a visit to Mijas last week.

He said: “The idea is clear: we want every centre to remain open and give the level of care that is necessary for the Costa del Sol and Malaga province.”

Contractual demands

Regarding the contractual situation, Alonso refused to give any concrete details, pointing out that negotiations are still ongoing with the unions who are demanding that the summer reinforcements be on full-time contracts to adequately cover the workload.

He said: “The deal is being closed and we will be able to give details once it is completed.” This is expected to happen before the end of the month.

Despite his positivity, a series of strikes were called on Wednesday by unions dissatisfied with the Andalusian Health Service’s (SAS) failure to guarantee full-time contracts to new personnel.

“A bad situation”

“The situation at present is quite bad,” said the provincial secretary of the union Satse. “Hospitals right now aren’t fully staffed; in the summer this will be much worse.”