Seasonal dishes, workshops and a cheese market promote local culinary tradition

Broad beans with 'migas', fresh goat's cheese and serrano ham.
Broad beans with 'migas', fresh goat's cheese and serrano ham. / SUR
  • The spring cookery event in Casabermeja offers workshops, tours, a cheese market and a tapas route

Recovering traditional recipes that extol seasonal products, and publicising the cultural and food heritage of the town are the aims of the Jornadas de Cocina Popular Malagueña de Primavera in Casabermeja. With tours, cookery workshops, a tapas route and a cheese market, the gastronomic festival is supported by the local restaurants and residents with the objective of preserving the culinary traditions of the area.

This weekend visitors can learn how to make the 'olla de la era' (a stew with seasonal vegetables) typical of Casabermeja. Or 'arroz con leche de cabra' (rice with goat's milk), a dish that only a few decades ago was eaten across nearly the whole of the Mediterranean basin.

Casabermeja is the headquarters of the Asociación de Criadores de Cabra Malagueña (Cabrama, or Malaga Goat Breeders Association), and nowadays, thanks to the commitment of local establishments, the town has become one of the best places to enjoy tender kid meat and other goat products such as cheeses and milk.

Tasting menus showcasing the many local dishes on offer cost 12 euros and are available in the bars and restaurants of Casabermeja and a tapa with a drink costs just 2.50 euros.

More information on the event can be found on the town hall's web page: