Malaga's links with famous Irish nationals

  • Painters, authors and musicians originally from the Emerald Isle worked their way into Spanish history

The roots that link Malaga with Ireland are more ingrained than many people might think.

Among the Irishmen who found a prominent place in the history of the city was a leather tanner named Thomas Livermore Page.

His name is etched into Malaga's history because two of his daughters married personalities of great importance in the development and future of the city.

George Campbell was a renowned Irish painter who had a 25-year love affair with Malaga. Campbell became acquainted with numerous Spaniards who had settled in Dublin during the 1940s, and he often painted visiting Spanish dancers in their traditional costume

Walter Starkie, the Irish scholar, Hispanist, author, musician and founder and first director of the British Institute in Madrid, was seduced by Spain.

One of his most famous works, Spanish Raggle-Taggle, is based on his travels through Spain during the 1930s.

Robert Boyd is probably one of the most popular Irish heroes connected with Spain. Boyd was one of the leaders of an ill-fated liberal uprising against Ferdinand VII that was captured and executed in 1831.