Am-dram group delivers captivating comedy to sell-out audience

Actors on stage at the Atalaya Park Hotel last weekend.
Actors on stage at the Atalaya Park Hotel last weekend. / Alan Jones
  • The production was performed at The International Theatre Studio Marbella last weekend

The International Theatre Studio Marbella treated locals to a night of lively entertainment last weekend with the latest production at the Atalaya Park Hotel. The amateur dramatics group was delighted with the turnout and had to introduce a waiting list for those who hadn't reserved tickets.

A fast-moving comedy by John Chapman, Kindly Leave the Stage, intrigued the audience with a clever twist that saw the actors appear to digress from the script and divulge in some scandalous backstage secrets.

Set at the end of a dinner party - turned sour after an almighty row between the hosts - the audience was catapulted off on a high-speed theatrical journey. Dinner party host, Rupert, ignited the fire as he ignored various prompts to wander outrageously off-script and reveal that he had caught his "real life" wife getting up close and personal with one of the other actors in her dressing room.

Despite calls to "bring the lights down" and attempts to carry on with the rehearsed script, further revelations came thick and fast resulting in comical mayhem.

Peter Brooks, who has been involved with ITS since he moved to San Pedro 26 years ago, directed the witty entwinement of a play within a play. He said the biggest challenge was conveying the difference in the performance of the actors as they switched between characters but he hopes that the use of different accents meant the audience were able to follow the quick changes.

With performances over three evenings, Peter admitted he experienced "the usual first night nerves" on Friday but was thrilled with the performance and said it was "more than any director could hope for".

Refurbishment plans from new management at the hotel mean Kindly Leave the Stage is likely to be the last ITS production performed at Atalaya Park. While the local theatre group are sad to say goodbye to the venue, Peter told SUR in English they remain optimistic about finding a new location so that ITS can continue to bring live British theatre to the Costa.