Marbella Council to name a public space after Pablo Ráez

  • A local resident's campaign convinces the council

José Bernal, the Mayor of Marbella, has agreed to honour Pablo Ráez's legacy by naming a public space in Marbella after him.

The announcement comes after Francisco José Molina, a resident from Vélez who was so moved by Pablo's story and campaign that he launched a campaign of his own, successfully, to ensure that the young hero will not be forgotten.

Starting his campaign with the slogan 160,000 signatures to get a street named after Pablo on the day of Pablo's death, Molina has since collected 163,000 signatures and convinced the council.

Pablo's name will soon be the title of a public space "whether it's on a street, square or the new San Pedro health centre," said the town's mayor. "We will fulfill the wishes of the 163, 000 people who signed the petition by ensuring that Pablo's image and his effort to help save lives will always be remembered and associated with Marbella," he added.