Hospital Costa del Sol reinstates its bone marrow donation services

Donors at a CRTS mobile unit in La Campana last summer.
Donors at a CRTS mobile unit in La Campana last summer. / J-Lanza
  • After a brief closure which forced donors to travel to Malaga, Marbella residents will be able to donate bone marrow at Hospital Costa del Sol once again

After Pablo Ráez's hard-fought campaign and his death at age 20 on the 25 February, the number of people donating bone marrow has increased nationally by approximately 1,300 per cent. Therefore residents in Marbella, Pablo's hometown, were shocked when they learnt earlier this week that Hospital Costa del Sol was no longer providing a bone marrow donation service. Yesterday, however, it was announced that the hospital will open its doors to donors once again.

Originally the hospital stated that they did not have sufficient staff or facilities to continue accommodating such large numbers of donors, as they had done up until the closure. Since then however Mayor José Bernal has promised to provide the hospital with extra funding to enable the reintroduction of the service during this time of high demand, which has meant a quick turnaround in the hospital's plans.