Finca Vida presents its second art exhibition in Alhaurín El Grande

Anne Hird of Finca Vida relaxes among the art work on display at the exhibition.
Anne Hird of Finca Vida relaxes among the art work on display at the exhibition. / SUR
  • The personalities and styles of the artists stand out like visual interpretations of reality

A new art exhibition presented by the Finca Vida group is currently on show at the Casa de Cultura in Alhaurín El Grande. The exhibition, 'Illusions', includes works in charcoal, oil, watercolours, chalk and acrylic, and all are the works of local expatriate artists.

The Finca Vida is a group of 14 friends who all share a passion for painting. Led by 82 year-old Anne Hird, the group meets regularly to paint and discuss methods of expressing their art.

Born and brought up in Scotland, Anne studied art in London and Edinburgh before moving to Nigeria, where she lived for 20 years. She retired to Spain 17 years ago.

Ann teaches the initial building blocks of colour, line and form. All initial workouts, personal notes and art quotations are noted in the artist's sketch books and these books will also be on show at the exhibition.

The group was formed after several of Anne's friends visited her studio one day and asked her to make their own art different, and Anne jumped at the chance to help them.

"Some friends came to me seven years ago and asked if I could help them to think differently about their own art work. Training at art schools in London and Edinburgh had opened my mind to new ideas. Together we have been pushing the boundaries ever since," Anne says with a hint of satisfaction.

This is the second exhibition the group has held at the Casa de la Cultura in Alhuarín El Grande, and during their inauguration last Thursday, the group sold 20 paintings.

The exhibition is somewhat different, in that each artist displays in their own vertical space. This makes a strong impact as their personalities and styles stand out like visual interpretations of reality.

"We are endeavouring to work more loosely in a semi-abstract style. Picasso said 'art is reinventing the language'. We are trying," Anne told SUR in English.

The participating artists will be on site during the exhibition and they will be available to answer questions regarding their individual pieces. Visitors will also have chance to see the artists in action.

Ninety years young

"We are a crowd of youngsters in our 60s, 70s and 80s: our youngest member is 90," Anne says with a smile.

The exhibition can been visited between the hours of 9am and 2pm, and from 4pm until 8pm. Admission is free and the exhibition lasts until Thursday 16 March.