Children can also be affected

  • Dr Cano explained how children with a perfectionist attitude are more likely to suffer from anxiety, due to their obsessive and controlling tendencies

It often seems as if anxiety is something which only affects adults, especially women, who are doubly vulnerable due to their dual roles as housewives and workers, and also because of their hormone system which "makes them experience stress-related problems more intensively," says Dr Cano. However, it can also affect children, because they too suffer from stress.

"They are increasingly being exposed to more stimuli and more activities which, although they are recreational (such as video games) increase stress levels and anxiety. Children with a perfectionist personality are more likely to suffer from anxiety, because they tend to be more obsessive and controlling," he explains.

As Dr García says, "if a parent isn't sure whether their child is suffering from anxiety or having an attack of nerves, they should consider certain aspects such as the child's attitude, irritability, difficulty in concentrating, whether they seem more restless than normal, etc."

When professional help is considered necessary, the child should be taken to a psychologist or psychiatrist. The SEAS website also has a service to help people who are concerned; they can send an email to, explaining their concerns, and receive guidance from a specialist.