Leading historian gives war anniversary talk

Expert Fernando Arcas Cubero addresses the Press Club.
Expert Fernando Arcas Cubero addresses the Press Club. / Ayto de Mijas
  • The event was held in the district town hall of La Cala de Mijas and attended by members of the Costa Press Club and the general public

The Costa Press Club recently discovered what it was like living in Malaga during the Spanish Civil War.

At a well-attended event held in the district town hall in La Cala de Mijas, members of the club and the general public watched a documentary on the oral history of the war and had the opportunity to ask questions about the events surrounding it.

The meeting was held the day after the 80th anniversary of the bombing of thousands of citizens from Malaga fleeing the Nationalist troops on 8 February 1937.

Speaking at the event was Fernando Arcas Cubero, professor of History at the University of Malaga and a leading expert on the subject.

The documentary, entitled "Yo estaba allí" (I was there) and directed by Arcas Cubero, included the recollections of many people from Malaga who were children or teenagers at the time of the Civil War. Filmed in 2006, those interviewed all clearly remembered the events and carried the emotional scars decades afterwards.