Marbella's addiction centres take stock

Victoria Morales during the year end assessment.
Victoria Morales during the year end assessment. / Josele-Lanza
  • According to the assessment made by the Derechos Sociales department, 80 per cent of people treated at the centre were male

The department of Derechos Sociales has released an end-of-year report about the Centros de Tratamientos de Adicciones (Addiction Treatment Centres) in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. According to town councillor Victoria Morales, 706 people were treated during 2016.

"Of these nearly 80 per cent were male with an average age of 39," she added. Morales explained that the service answered 830 calls and emails, made 668 diagnoses and 4,544 check-ups or rehabilitation follow-ups. The biggest volume of patients are those for methadone treatments; the treatment programmes for cocaine-derived drugs and stimulants account for 23 per cent of the service followed by 19 per cent for alcohol programmes.

At this time of year people are more lax about alcohol consumption but there is always a rebound in February. We want to draw attention to alcohol and drug abuse, making it a priority that these should not be consumed when you are going to drive as it not only puts yourself at risk but other people too," Morales emphasised.

Figures from the DGT

The councillor explained that to avoid the consumption of these substances behind the wheel, the DGT (equivalent of DVLA in UK) provided the figures of the incidents that occurred over the Christmas period.

"The figures from the road side checks for alcohol and drugs of people at the wheel during Christmas week are alarming: more than 1,000 people were driving under the influence of alcohol and almost 500 under the influence of other drugs," she said.

Marbella has two centres for the care of addicts, integrated within Derechos Sociales department, which address the problem of addictions in a 'Therapeutic Cycle' that encompasses research, prevention, rehabilitation and social reintegration in order to deal comprehensively with the phenomenon of drug addiction.