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I got you over my skin

Peter Edgerton parlour. There she asks a man with a beard the size of Loch Lomond for a new bit of skin decoration to make her infinite selfies more interesting or something. So far, so hipster. Except this particular tattoo is about to propel the woman in ... favourite musician, Eminem. Poor, poor thing - Eminem, I mean. Just imagine knowing that somebody somewhere on the face of the planet has got your ugly mug indelibly etched into her skin. Twenty-eight times. It's bad enough if your ex-girlfriend still keeps



'Skin needs to be clean and hydrated so the mask doesn't cause damage'


The scientific community generally agrees that masks are essential to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, and so do politicians and most people. However, it is also the case that prolonged or incorrect use, combined with previous skin ... When outbreaks start occurring you have to step up protective measures. Masks protect, but they can also damage the skin. What are the main problems with them? We are seeing two things. One is the consequence of irritation, when it harms or ... damages the skin. We're seeing that in people who wear a mask for long periods of time and in areas where there is most friction, such as the bridge of the nose, the ears and sometimes on the cheeks. It is damage caused by rubbing, just like a shoe can rub



Feeling desperate for a hug? Science can explain why


...compared with others. Known as 'skin hunger', it is a neurological episode that reveals why we all need contact and how we deteriorate without it. "Not touching a single living being has been the hardest part of lockdown. As the days go by, it becomes ... both a primary need and a luxury" Humans are "programmed by nature" to touch and be touched. The skin is the organ charged with receiving a large amount of valuable information about life. "Through the somatosensory system, we transmit to the brain ... the different qualities of contacts there are with our surroundings. From the skin, that information travels through complex systems which end in the cerebral cortex and it is our brain that processes all that information," explains Pablo Eguía, a



Sun protection is key in protecting bald heads from skin cancer this summer


You can either become bald naturally or choose to shave your head, but, whatever the case, having no hair on your head is considered to be a high-risk factor for the development of skin cancer. Throughout the summer months, we are bombarded with ... population sectors most affected by skin cancer is people who are bald. This claim is supported by statistics. People who are bald are the most affected by actinic keratosis; pre-malignant growths which appear as thick crusty scabs on the head, and can ... years that this disease appears. According to statistics from the hospital's dermatology department, between six and ten per cent of bald people who are diagnosed with a keratosis go on to develop skin cancer. We tend to associate sunburn with being

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