Liz Cochrane
Liz Cochrane SUR

A lifelong devotion to language and art

Tony Bryant

Born and educated in Glasgow, the author and art historian first encountered Spain on a road trip that she undertook in 1959, and this was to be the start of a long affection for a country she has made her home

The sceen shows the total crowd figure.
The sceen shows the total crowd figure. SUR

A milestone for women's football


More than 60,000 spectators packed into the Wanda Metropolitano stadium to watch the Atlético-Barcelona game, establishing a new world record

Getafe's Djené Dakonam Ortega (L) vies with Valencia's Santi Mina.
Getafe's Djené Dakonam Ortega (L) vies with Valencia's Santi Mina. AFP

Getafe gets its allure back

Rob Palmer

The 'unloved' football club is sitting just behind the big three in La Liga

It's not new, it's old

Héctor Barbotta

Héctor Barbotta

Journalism can be a problem if a party's entire political agenda is based on myths, half-truths and total lies

Little enlarge

Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton

Pen drives should be the size and weight of a house brick; that way they'd be impossible to lose

the euro zone

A big deal

Mark Nayler

Mark Nayler

The Bank pf Spain has stated that the effect of Brexit on Spain's GDP over the next five years will be "significant" but not "excessive"

Conservative to the core


It has always been said that drinkers in non-wine producing countries are more adventurous, as they have fewer prejudices and preconceived ideas

Sophia Kuznetsova.

A new generation of creativity

International schools along the Costa del Sol and in Gibraltar sent in some of their students’ best work to be published in this year’s Education and Learning special

Business as usual

Jennie Rhodes

Jennie Rhodes

Just how many years is it going to take for microaggressions against women to disappear?

Fraud focus

Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton

I have a hard and fast rule: don't click on any links in emails, ever