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Iranian magnate faces 12 years over the mistreatment of five women


A date has been set for the trial of an Iranian magnate resident in Marbella, who is facing 12 years and four months behind bars for the alleged "intimidatory, hostile, and humiliating" treatment of five women with whom he "simultaneously maintained



Has the Prosecco bubble burst?


For the first time since this incredibly successful star of the cheap and cheerful wine market arrived on the scene ten years ago, Prosecco sales have fallen. WINE OF THE WEEK Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Reserva The long-running battle of the ... for its cloying sweetness. Of course the question that has been on the lips of everyone in the trade for all these years has been, why Prosecco and not Spanish Cava? Is this another example of Italian marketing skills that have consistently



Big wheel to remain in Malaga port despite contract expiration

Francisco JIMÉNEZ

The 70-metre high big wheel in Malaga port has been granted permission to remain in operation beyond the termination of the existing contract, 12 October. This is as talks continue over the extension of the contract for a further three years and



A hundred years of Bebo Valdés


The renowned Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés (1918-2013) would have turned 100 years old on 9 October. Bebo was the last living legend of the Golden Age of Cuban Music. His son Chucho Valdés and flamenco singer Diego El Cigala, with whom Bebo recorded his ... Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena. During the last years of his life the world was his workplace: constant tours, recordings and making movies. Bebo's friend Mats Lundahl, a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics and author of the book Bebo de Cuba: ... obscurity, playing for more than 30 years in hotel bars and on cruises between Sweden and Finland. "He was never really introduced to Swedish audiences. He was not involved with the local Latin American scene either," Lundahl remembers. The writer first



Gap years abroad

Rob Palmer

...yet returned as a 105-million-euro superstar four years later. Hold on... that may not be a good example! Look around the Liga sides over the past few years and you will see examples players at many clubs enjoying their football in sunny Spain after ... year in London for a goalkeeper regarded as one of the best for his age in Europe. The problem is the lack of patience and care of a player in his formative years. As a kid I was a sought after schoolboy goalkeeper, courted by many clubs. I signed for ... Derby County just four years after they'd won the English title. At 15, I was playing at Old Trafford in the FA Youth Cup and under the Baseball Ground lights for the Rams reserves. Yet when I moved from Hull to Derby post-school, hardly Malaga to



"My father never imagined there would be a museum bearing his name in Malaga, but he would be very proud"


Picasso. "Sometimes we had to say he wasn't in" Paloma Ruiz-Picasso lived with the artist for several years, and says it was a happy time. What was your everyday life like? He was a lovely father. He didn't care whether I did well or badly at ... such a famous surname. However, the moment when she became most nostalgic and sounded happiest, without a doubt, was when she said that Picasso's Paloma de la Paz is the loveliest gift anyone has ever given her. It's now 15 years since the Picasso ... really remember when it was, but I'm sure it was before the airport was modernised. It must be about ten years ago. Do you think your father ever imagined that there would be a museum bearing his name in Malaga? I don't think so, no, but he would be



Former SUR editor-in-chief José Antonio Frías dies, aged 61


The local press sector is mourning the loss of former SUR and SUR in English editor-in-chief José Antonio Frías, who died in Malaga on Thursday at the age of 61. Frías, who was at the helm of the newspaper for 17 years, brought an end to his



Torremolinos celebrates 30 years as a town


Thirty years ago a long line of cars brought the centre of Torremolinos to a standstill. Their occupants threw confetti and people in the streets started dancing, shouting "We're a town now!" What had been an outlying district of Malaga city had ... just been recognised as a municipality in its own right by the Junta de Andalucía, an independence which it achieved by separating from Malaga 64 years after being annexed. The SUR newspaper featured the story the next day: "After touring the ... streets, the members of the Pro-Autonomy Committee put signs up by Campamento Benítez, showing where the municipality's boundary was," it said. The keenly-awaited segregation brought an end to years of political convulsion, but it also opened other wounds,



Former minister and banker Rato set for jail


...sentences. Rato will get four and a half years, the highest sentence, with the minimum sentence given out being four months. Over 15 million euros was fraudulently spent by directors on the undeclared cards from 1992 to 2012.



25 years of Lux Mundi Torre del Mar

Jennie Rhodes

...anniversary of the opening of the Torre del Mar centre. Around 80 volunteers from both sites enjoyed a buffet lunch while reflecting on the centre's achievements over the last 25 years. The many nationalities that make Lux Mundi the international ... "It's thanks to our volunteers that the waves that we create grow and for that we are extremely grateful. I hope that between us Lux Mundi will continue for another 50 years, or more, providing a service to the church and to society." The Torre del ... years, and like many other organisations in Spain, Lux Mundi Torre del Mar has felt the effects of the financial crisis, seen many volunteers come and go, and lost many cherished friends, either who have passed away or returned to their native countries.



Malaga province ends the summer with more water than last year


...reservoirs. The regional government's representative for the Environment in Malaga province, Adolfo Moreno, said there is enough water to supply Malaga city for the next three years, and La Axarquía area for two years. On the western Costa del Sol, supply is



A balcony over Edinburgh

Andrew Forbes

Park. When I say the skyline tells a story of almost a thousand years, maybe I should revise that, as this city centre hill is in fact an extinct volcano, hundreds of millions of years old. It's the place for an urban hike; and your reward is yes, more



Añoreta receives first investment in 30 years

Eugenio Cabezas

The Añoreta neighbourhood which forms part of Torre de Benagalbón and belongs to Rincón de la Victoria, was one of the first modern housing developments to be built in the area, around 30 years ago. The area is now best-known for its golf course,



"There will always be a place in my heart for Malaga"

sergio cortés when I retired but the reality is that it has been a permanent part of me. –Five years have passed since the decision to name the roundabout was approved. Why has there been such a delay since? –I don’t really know. I went to Manchester City, ... three wonderful years in every aspect and for that reason I always say that signing with Malaga was one of the greatest decisions of my life. –Perhaps for you one of the most wonderful moments was nothing to do with winning a game or qualifying for the



"Obviously visitor numbers are an indicator of how well a museum is doing"

Antonio Javier López

Lebrero has been in the post for more than half of the 15 years since the museum opened and his experience makes him the ideal person to reflect upon the past, present and future of this cultural institution. The first question has to be: how do you ... see the 15 years of the Picasso museum's existence? New exhibition and congress mark the 15th anniversary Those who took the decision and had the ambition to make a Picasso museum possible in Malaga undoubtedly had a view of how its future ... sure that 15 years later Malaga would be as identified with the Picasso museum as it is, that Picasso would become, I think for the good but sometimes also for the bad, a sign of the city's identity. They couldn't have known that the inauguration would



The end of 17 years of penance


The start of this school year is very special for Resurrección Galera, who is returning to teaching religion again after being banned from doing so by the Catholic church 17 years ago. The reason? A few months earlier she had married a divorced man, ... de la Canada (Almeria) for seven years when in 2001 the Diocese decided not to continue employing her because of her marriage. It simply removed her name from the list of teachers for the forthcoming school year. She has only just been reinstated ... fundamental rights. Even so, it was not until July this year that the Education authorities obliged the school to give her back her job. The Court also ordered her to be compensated for all the salary that she should have received during the 17 years



'Geyser' in La Paloma park switched back on after nine years

Tony Bryant

Benalmádena town hall has announced a new initiative to restore and improve the parks, gardens and green areas of the town. The plan includes switching the 'geyser' in La Paloma park back on. The water jet, which has not been in use since 2009, is



Association calls for more government funding for cancer research to reach 70% survival rate by 2030

Ángel Escalera

The aim is to create a national strategy for cancer research and persuade the government to double, at least, the money it has spent on oncological research during the past ten years, from about 1.55 billion euros to three billion in the next decade. ... provincial board of the AECC, Francisco Aguilar, said it is essential for more money to be allocated for research, because in recent years the amount has been reduced by over 20 per cent. He said there should be a special box for people to tick on tax



From Singapore to Algarrobo

Jennie Rhodes

...between his company and the one that Katherin was working for at the time. "I'm not sure that they were going to sign the contract, but then he saw me and secured work for two years," she laughs, adding, "I didn't run fast enough," but later admits that ... permanently, having spent a few years dividing the year between Germany and Spain, she was "desperately unhappy". She says that she missed her "routine, church and sports" in Germany and was eventually "picked up by two Spanish ladies" who took her to the ... classes at the centre, and does "whatever" Gloria Uribe, the centre's director, tells her to. She also attends Spanish classes there. Katherin volunteered for Cudeca for 11 years and is also involved in two choirs in the Axarquía. She explains that



Marbella to contract service to help protect and maintain environmentally-valuable sand dunes

Nieves Castro

...continues for four years (the contract will be for two years, 2019 and 2020, but it can legally be extended for up to two years). Stamm: "The town hall now realises the value of the dunes and wants to invest in them" Among other responsibilities, the ... works to be carried out will include those needed to "recover and regenerate the dune system, with the aim of regaining some of the most important features which they have gradually been losing in recent years", as well as maintaining the area of the



The flea market with genuine antiques


The Puerto Banús market is practically one of a kind. Alongside the usual items found in any market, there are also authentic antiques, some more than two centuries old and valued at several thousands of euros. Just down the stairs that lead to the



Old San Francisco market in Vélez to reopen on Friday

Agustín Peláez

Vélez-Málaga's old San Francisco market is to reopen on Friday 14 September. The indoor market, which has been closed for reforms for four years, will open as a gastronomic and artisan space. Installations include a kitchen where cookery



'Contains sulphites'


...otherwise. The problem is that while the human organism can usually absorb them without difficulty, some people are allergic. The EU has been gradually reducing permitted levels over the years, but there are still winemakers who abuse the system, adding as



Benalmádena renews its paseo railings


Benalmádena town hall is spending 800,000 euros on the renewal of the railings along its promenade from the Bil-Bil castle to the marina. Work began last week to replace the former balustrade which had been in place for more than 30 years. The



Madrid marks 40 years of gay pride


Madrid's huge LGBT Pride event reached its climax last weekend in its fortieth anniversary year. Hundreds of thousands packed the city's streets on Saturday for the main march, in festive mood but with a serious message of promoting equality. T



Villa Padierna owner facing two years in jail

Mónica Pérez

The public prosecutor is calling for two years in prison for the owner of the Hotel Villa Padierna. Ricardo Arranz is accused of misappropriation and duress having, according to the court in Marbella, "unilaterally" terminated the services of a



Eight years behind bars for Danish jihadi tracked to Estepona


Danish national Ahmed Samsam, who was arrested in Estepona in June last year, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for his links to Islamic State in Syria. This was in addition to attempting to get hold of weapons while in Spain, where he



Almuñécar water park celebrates 30 years

Jennie Rhodes

Almuñécar's Aquatropic water park opened its doors last Thursday for the 30th year running. To celebrate the anniversary, manager of Aquatropic, Vicente Barbero, said last week that visitors would find a new and improved wave pool. Barbero added


What to do

Twenty years of culture

Jennie Rhodes

Nerja Cultural Centre is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a number of special events throughout May. INFORMATION What. Nerja Cultural Centre 20th anniversary events Where. Nerja Cultural Centre and other locations. Further information. www



12 years

Héctor Barbotta

Events in recent years have given us reason to agree with those who say that very few politicians are ever put behind bars. Twelve years ago however, when Juan Antonio Roca and a large number of Marbella councillors were sent to prison, the scene ... was practically unheard-of. One question will always remain: would the ice block of impunity for offences committed within institutions have broken in such a way if those who looted Marbella town hall for 15 years had been under the protective umbrella ... weakest link in the chain of institutional corruption. The years of immunity, judicial apathy and policitical collusion were gone and the heirs of Jesús Gil couldn't see it. We'll never know if 'Operación Malaya' really took those big fish by surprise,



Rincón town hall to install cameras in bid to stop vandalism on fort

Eugenio Cabezas

...military fortress, which is listed as an important cultural site in Malaga province, has been used as an exhibition space since 1992. However, it has also been a target for vandals for many years and was last cleaned in 2015. Cameras had been installed ... before but stopped working some years agoOld cameras not working Town hall sources say that cameras had been installed previously but stopped working some years ago and have not been replaced. The new ones will record 24 hours a day and will be



50 years of Ronda's history in print

MAría García

To celebrate half a century of printing for the town's inhabitants, Imprenta Galindo has organised an exhibition of antique printing materials and items such as fair posters and guides it has printed linked to the life of Ronda since it set up shop i



Malaga and Tangier get ferry link for first time in 38 years


Malaga port is to operate a ferry service to the Moroccan city of Tangier, 38 years after the previous link stopped running. The new company, Alborán, formed by Pereger and Baleària, will start operating the weekly crossings, on the Dénia Ciutat



The bubble deflates

Pilar Martínez

We've reached the point where we can stop using the word 'record' in every headline. The minus sign has appeared in front of the most important tourism statistics on the Costa del Sol at the height of summer, after three consecutive years of ... record-breaking figures and unusual growth for such a well-established tourist area. The first decline in tourism on the Costa del Sol since the financial crisis confirms that the vigorous upturn over the last few years was just part of a bubble that is starting ... on loan from rival destintions are stillchoosing the Costa del Sol - for the time being. However the situation could have been worse had the tourism industry on the Costa del Sol not won back its Spanish tourists, who in recent years had turned


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The 'weirdest dude on the planet' returns to the Costa

Tony Bryant

Variétes Theatre in Fuengirola on 15 and 16 September. Following the success of the previous years' shows, the outrageous Dave Thompson, former Tinky Winky in the Tellytubbies children's series and cult hero on the university circuit in Britain, will ... Palladium Club in London. Kevin was an instant hit with the crowd, who christened him The Man with a Beard, a stage name he used for many years. Kevin has worked as a warm-up act for the Jools Holland Show and is the only comedian to perform at the annual



The number of smokers in Spain has fallen to 22%, the lowest in 30 years


The number of smokers in Spain has fallen to 22%, the lowest proportion this country has seen in 30 years, though the decline is slowing in pace, especially in women. According to last year's National Health Survey, 74% of the population perceives ... Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Wellbeing, adult obesity has increased in the last 30 years from 10% to 17%. It is more frequent in men (18.2%) than in women (16.7%). The figure in children is at 10%. The survey states that obesity is more ... 2006. At 49%, the amount of male drinkers is double that of women (24.6%). With regards to young people, one in ten of those aged between 15 and 34 years old will binge drink on a monthly basis and one in twenty will do so every week. The survey,



Malaga province is ready for the event


...provincial authority's Térmica cultural complex. Pundits said that this year's La Vuelta, as it is now more formally called, is the most open Grand Tour in years. With defending champion Chris Froome and Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas both