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Madrid marks 40 years of gay pride


Madrid's huge LGBT Pride event reached its climax last weekend in its fortieth anniversary year. Hundreds of thousands packed the city's streets on Saturday for the main march, in festive mood but with a serious message of promoting equality. T



Eight years behind bars for Danish jihadi tracked to Estepona


Danish national Ahmed Samsam, who was arrested in Estepona in June last year, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for his links to Islamic State in Syria. This was in addition to attempting to get hold of weapons while in Spain, where he



Residents in Fuengirola say they are fed up with motorhomes parked on the seafront

Ivan Gelibter

...empty out waste water onto the paseo. There's one motorhome that's been in the same place for two years, so it can't empty its toilet tanks anywhere else," she explained adding, "I've managed to count up to 11 motorhomes on the stretch between the ... Fuengirola Playa apartments and the Los Marinos chiringuito." They take up parking places, in that particular example for two years, but there are others here for one or two months, as long as their holidays last. And most of them have Spanish number



The number of smokers in Spain has fallen to 22%, the lowest in 30 years


The number of smokers in Spain has fallen to 22%, the lowest proportion this country has seen in 30 years, though the decline is slowing in pace, especially in women. According to last year's National Health Survey, 74% of the population perceives ... Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Wellbeing, adult obesity has increased in the last 30 years from 10% to 17%. It is more frequent in men (18.2%) than in women (16.7%). The figure in children is at 10%. The survey states that obesity is more ... 2006. At 49%, the amount of male drinkers is double that of women (24.6%). With regards to young people, one in ten of those aged between 15 and 34 years old will binge drink on a monthly basis and one in twenty will do so every week. The survey,



Prosecuters seek 10 years in jail for ex-mayor of Estepona in corruption case

Héctor Barbotta

It is eleven years since an investigation began and 10 years since 'Operation Astapa' was launched by police and courts which forced the resignation of former mayor of Estepona, Antonio Barrientos. Now prosecutors have completed their formal ... written accusation of 51 people believed to have been involved in the scandal. Five former top officials and politicians could face trial and sentences of up to 10 years each. The accusations centre on the period from 2003 when the mayor supposedly



50 years of Ronda's history in print

MAría García

To celebrate half a century of printing for the town's inhabitants, Imprenta Galindo has organised an exhibition of antique printing materials and items such as fair posters and guides it has printed linked to the life of Ronda since it set up shop i



Almuñécar water park celebrates 30 years

Jennie Rhodes

Almuñécar's Aquatropic water park opened its doors last Thursday for the 30th year running. To celebrate the anniversary, manager of Aquatropic, Vicente Barbero, said last week that visitors would find a new and improved wave pool. Barbero added



Churriana, the euro tester


Everyone in Churriana remembers 1998 as the "year of the euro". For them the European currency came four years early. The pilot experiment which simulated the change from peseta to euro lasted four days and turned the neighbourhood into a place of



Malaga port gives the Red Cross space for a migrant attention centre


...for an initial period of three years and the use of the buildings is free of charge, after the authority approved the exemption of fees. The president of the Malaga Port Authority, Paulino Plata, pointed out that the Cruz Roja facility in the port



Nerja's 'mini El Corté Inglés' to close after 68 years of trading

Eugenio Cabezas

...popularity, as well as the discovery of the Nerja Caves. Antonio, who also runs a photography studio above the shop and took over that part of the business when his father died in 1972, explained that one of the many products the shop has sold over the years



Dublin man gets 22 years for his part in gunning down of Gary Hutch


The provincial court has sentenced James Quinn to 22 years for his part in the murder of fellow Irish national, Gary Hutch. Quinn's lawyer is expected to appeal. Quinn was found guilty by jury for his role in Hutch's killing, however they did not



British investment in Andalucía focuses on construction, property and innovation

Agustín PELÁEZ / Rachel HAYNES

The UK is the European country that invests most in Spain (13.1% of direct foreign investment) and second in the work after the United States. In the last 25 years, Britain has invested 50 billion euros in this country. These were some of the ... - International Financial Analysts). On a regional level, the detailed study revealed that Andalucía is still one of British investors' favourite Spanish regions after the recovery from the financial crisis. In the last five years firms from the UK ... concentrated in the property and construction sectors with an investment flow of more than 100 million euros in the last five years. This contrasts with the trend in the rest of Spain where the investment in these sectors has fallen slightly. British


What to do

Twenty years of culture

Jennie Rhodes

Nerja Cultural Centre is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a number of special events throughout May. INFORMATION What. Nerja Cultural Centre 20th anniversary events Where. Nerja Cultural Centre and other locations. Further information. www



Fats that help to lose weight


...maintain long-term. Lose weight by eating fat? It seems to go against everything we have ever been told, but there is an explanation. Agriculture and farming were only invented about 10,000 years ago - the day before yesterday, in the history of the ... evolution of man - and until then, for hundreds of thousands of years, humans used to hunt and collect everything they had to hand. The keto diet 'forces' the body to enter into ketosis: to use the fat instead of the glycogen to stay aliveThis is



Bancosol, 20 years fighting home-grown hunger


...spread this message to the rest of the family,” he says. Apart from making people aware of waste, Bancosol had until now two other activities, although these have been reduced with the budget cut. Firstly there is food processing. For several years



Combining World Cup fever and a traditional interactive pastime

Tony Bryant

A football-mad expat has designed and marketed a new dice game aimed at helping children learn while having fun - the traditional way. Ian Holden, originally from Bolton, moved to Marbella three years ago and the idea for the game grew out of his ... Ian has employed different methods to motivate and inspire children throughout their educational years. He has used many tried and tested methods, as well as some new and innovative schemes. One of his main objectives was to create a sociable ... alternative to playing on electronic devices. "Over the years, I have tried to think of new ideas for engaging children in the school curriculum, and in particular some hard-to-reach boys. I normally arrive at two passions of mine: games and football," Ian



Last-minute agreement means no strike in the Malaga hospitality sector

Pilar Martínez

...possibilities with a view to advancement. The agreement will also remain in force for five years before being reviewed. The president of the Aehcos hotel association on the Costa del Sol, Luis Callejón Suñé, is very pleased that the words 'Kellys' and 'strike'



“People could live for as long as 600 or 700 years”

Ángel Escalera

“In the future people could live for 600 or 700 years,” Ginés Morata told SUR during a press conference prior to his master class on the subject of genomic medicine, organised by the Malaga medical school and EADE, a private study centre in the city. ... If the limits of human life currently oscillate between 110 and 120 years, with both biological and genetic advances, in the future this could reach 600 or 700 years. However, this is dependent on society wanting it and politicians accepting it. “To ... possible, he replied: “Potentially, I believe it'll be possible within the next 50 to 100 years.” The top scientist made it clear that society will have to say whether it is open to these changes or not. “Nobody wants to die. Why should it be impossible for



Contract awarded for design of PTA's 600,000-square-metre expansion


...providing another 30,000 jobs. The administrative procedures are expected to take at least three years during which time the space made available during the first phase will continue to be promoted. “It is important to leave the way clear so we can



12 years

Héctor Barbotta

Events in recent years have given us reason to agree with those who say that very few politicians are ever put behind bars. Twelve years ago however, when Juan Antonio Roca and a large number of Marbella councillors were sent to prison, the scene ... was practically unheard-of. One question will always remain: would the ice block of impunity for offences committed within institutions have broken in such a way if those who looted Marbella town hall for 15 years had been under the protective umbrella ... weakest link in the chain of institutional corruption. The years of immunity, judicial apathy and policitical collusion were gone and the heirs of Jesús Gil couldn't see it. We'll never know if 'Operación Malaya' really took those big fish by surprise,



Marbella council to invest 300,000 euros in bullring refurbishment

Mónica Pérez

Marbella council is to invest 300,000 euros in the town's Plaza de Toros, which has been closed for months. The site, originally opened in 1964, has deteriorated over the years and needs a significant amount of refurbishment work in order to



The notorious La Cala motorway blackspot - 36 serious accidents on the bend in 7 years

Ivan Gelibter

...that stretch is. Socialist MP, Miguel Ángel Heredia, said that the number of serious accidents at that point on the busy road in the last seven years has reached 36. Apart from injuries and fatalities, the frequent pile-ups cause many kilometres of ... kilometre 200 and 202 and mostly affects traffic driving towards Fuengirola. In recent years efforts have been made to reduce the accident rate here. The maximum speed limit was reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h and also an average speed radar put in along a



Seventy years teaching the language of Cervantes


More than 20 years before the city's university opened its doors, young people from all over the world were already being drawn to post-civil war Spain and especially Malaga, where they could attend Spanish language classes designed for foreigners. ... During its early years the Centro Internacional de Español (CIE) was affiliated with the Spanish council for scientific research (CSIC). However when the University of Malaga (UMA) was established in 1972, the language school was incorporated into its ... have “helped to transform and modernise the city of Malaga”. Antonio Peláez, director of the CIE, explained that the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language in Malaga was a very “bold” thing to do 70 years ago. Back then, he said, the city was



“Flying is perfect freedom. It's amazing”

Edouard de Hennin is a teenager like any other. He enjoys parties, spending time with friends, running, tennis, video games and cycling. Two years ago, having just turned 16, Edu visited the airfield in the Axarquía as part of an event organised by ... years and before that he and his family lived in Barcelona for another eight years. He arrived in Spain at two years old, so it's not surprising that he feels both “Spanish and 'malagueño'”. Edu clearly admires his instructor. Ignacio Gil has taught



Sixties wild child returns to Torremolinos

Tony Bryant

...old venue (now Tina's Pub) was organised by Torremolinos Chic, an online platform dedicated to preserving the history of Torremolinos. Around a hundred friends and family of the former wild-child, some of whom she hadn't seen in many years, gathered to ... reminisce about a period that most remember as 'the golden years of Torremolinos'. Shelagh was overwhelmed by the turnout and spent the evening chatting with friends from both Torremolinos and Fuengirola, where she now lives. “I didn't expect so many



Nerja cave 'romería' party cancelled due to vandalism in previous years

Eugenio Cabezas

Fernández wrote a letter to the council requesting an alternative site for the festivities due to damage caused in previous years. He said that vandalism and the consequences of alcohol consumption are ruining the area around the caves, as well as the ... botanic gardens which opened in 2017. Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, said that she had received the request in writing and that similar petitions had been made in previous years. “We have been looking for an alternative site for the party but



No sign of management plan for Chíllar river ahead of the summer

Eugenio Cabezas

...a numbers of cars, accidents and environmental problems in recent years. Nerja town hall and the regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, have been working on the matter since 2016, when they published a joint protection plan against forest



Long life

Rachel Haynes

The scientist Ginés Morata, who brought his theories to a lecture in Malaga last week, believes that we could live to be 600 or 700 years old. In other words, science and technology are developing at such speed that we are constantly having to ... accept it. Politicians. Imagine if we all did have a life span of 600; how long would a term of office be? How many years could a mayor or a president be in power for? Hundreds of years? That would make the current mayor of Malaga, who'll be standing ... words like corruption and lies? And his replacement Pedro Sánchez? They could carry on bickering for hundreds of years to come. And the old party cronies who have just been handed long prison sentences could bounce back after decades behind bars. Longer



Marbella council repairs wall of Saudi royal family's mansion


Workers from Marbella council demolished the wall around the Palacio Marbella del Mar, linked to the Saudi royal family, this week. The wall had been at risk of collapse for over two years. Representatives from the council confirmed that they



Torremolinos and Benalmádena to link La Leala and El Pinillo by a bridge

Ivan Gelibter

...connection of this type for a very long time. "There have been numerous requests over the years; it is something which is needed and people have been waiting for it for a long time. When we were in opposition I personally knocked on doors and listened to ... That ended three years ago. Our priority is what is good for the residents of our municipalities," he continued. "We are working with the administrations to get the best for our towns, and that is why we are building this bridge across a gap which is



Beach-cleaning equipment doubled in Marbella ahead of high season


“providing a useful service and improving performance” was a priority. She also pointed out that this was only possible thanks to an investment in sanitation of almost a million euros over four years. “Never in history have we been able to have beach


What to do

Celebrating 10 years of Cómpeta art walk

Jennie Rhodes

The village of Cómpeta will be celebrating its 10th art walk over the Easter weekend. F 31 March, and 1, 3 and 4 April, the doors of the village's art studios and galleries will be open. Thirty-five international artists, representing ten national



£1000 reward offered for recovery of dog missing in Granada


A reward of £1000 has been offered for the recovery of a family's dog that ran away in Órgiva near the Sierra Nevada, after being scared by fireworks on 1 May. The owners explained that Mouse is ten years old, blind in one eye and has a very nervous