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Gold, Pearl and Silver celebrations for the Arts

Jennie Rhodes

This year is a special one for the Arts Society, Formerly Nadfas (National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies), both in Malaga and internationally; the latter is celebrating 50 years this year, while the Costa del Sol branch, which was ... years to do so and she recalls that there was a lot of enthusiasm for the idea. While there were already branches of Nadfas in other European countries, Sue was the founding member of the first Spain-based society. She recalls with humour the ... 2002. Five years later, Roberta Kettel who lives in Nerja, was approached by some people who had been attending the meetings in Fuengirola. The suggestion was to start a Nerja branch as regular trips to the other side of the province were not ideal.



Town halls prepare for a spending spree with next year's local elections in mind


...criteria are allowed to use the money which is left over once part of the debt has been paid off, but it is one thing to have resources to spend and another altogether to have the full freedom they used to enjoy before the difficult years of economic crisis ... for three consecutive years and it hopes to be able to spend a similar sum to last year on investment projects. Last year, it used 12 million euros from the 2016 surplus. In Estepona, the town hall expects to have a surplus of 30 million euros, but ... way. In the meantime, the town hall is continuing to reduce its debt, which is currently 72 million euros. This is 50 million less than three years ago. It has also reduced its average payment period for suppliers to 16 days. On the other side of the



Neil Faulkner: "Lawrence of Arabia was broken by the war"

Maddy Hay

...after the war has shaped the Middle East for 100 years.” This modern-day connection is what makes Lawrence such a fascinating point of study for this archaeologist. In some respects, Faulkner himself must identify with T. E. Lawrence. Both are ... scene.” As Faulkner puts it, what he’s now interested in is the “archaeology of cinema”. Faulkner is clearly passionate;his views are both fierce and incredibly well considered. Sparks will fly this Tuesday alongside insights over fifteen years in the



Fifteen years for Dane who strangled wife with phone charger cable

Á. F. / J. C.

A court in Malaga has sentenced a Danish man to 15 years in prison for the murder of his partner in a Torre del Mar hotel room in 2015. As reported in SUR in English last week, the man, 54, denied killing her, saying that the couple practised



Marbella drunk driver who tried to bribe Guardia Civil officers faces three years

J. C. / Á. F.

Public prosecutors in Malaga are calling for three and a half years in prison for a man accused of threatening road safety and bribery. According to reports from the Guardia Civil, a 65-year-old Hungarian man was spotted driving “erratically” at ... offered the officers twenty euros so they would drop the case. The prosecution is calling for fines totalling 14,400 euros, for his driving licence to be revoked for two years, and for him to serve a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for attempted



Ten years protecting the Costa from the sun


...decades after the first awareness and prevention campaigns were carried out. On the Costa del Sol the first steps were taken ten years ago on a mammoth task: making people realise that the climate we so enjoyed posed a risk to our skin if we didn't use our ... skin cancer cases has not stopped increasing in recent years. Fifteen years ago our Dermatology department detected 30, now we have 130 patients with melanoma. The numbers keep growing, but that is partly because the campaigns are having an effect,” ... says Magdalena de Troya, the head of the hospital's Dermatology department and alma mater of the protection campaign. Her message today is the same as it was ten years ago: “We are not trying to scare or alarm anybody, we just want them to be aware of



The reservoirs have enough water for two years but better infrastructure is badly needed


...area was on the boundary between Malaga and Cadiz provinces. For example, around the Guadiaro river and Gaucín area there were nearly 650 litres per square metre. The water reserves have almost doubled in a month and there is enough for two yearsAt a ... general level, the rainfall was between 205 and 386 hm3, according to the Red Hidrosur, which is part of the Junta de Andalucía's Environmental Department. That is enough water to last for two years, even if it doesn't rain again. However, although the ... will be enough water for 24 months. In Malaga city and the Guadalhorce valley there is enough water for more than two years and no restrictions are planned for irrigation this summer. The Conde de Guadalhorce, Guadalhorce and Guadalteba reservoirs



12 years

Héctor Barbotta

Events in recent years have given us reason to agree with those who say that very few politicians are ever put behind bars. Twelve years ago however, when Juan Antonio Roca and a large number of Marbella councillors were sent to prison, the scene ... was practically unheard-of. One question will always remain: would the ice block of impunity for offences committed within institutions have broken in such a way if those who looted Marbella town hall for 15 years had been under the protective umbrella ... weakest link in the chain of institutional corruption. The years of immunity, judicial apathy and policitical collusion were gone and the heirs of Jesús Gil couldn't see it. We'll never know if 'Operación Malaya' really took those big fish by surprise,



Twelve years later, only four of those found guilty of looting funds from Marbella remain behind bars


Twelve years after the start of the 'Malaya case', the operation which uncovered the biggest network of corruption at a town hall in the history of Spain, only four of the 46 people found guilty are still in prison. Most of those who were sent to ... justice for a while) and former councillors Rafael González and Javier Lendínez. The latter escaped justice for five years and his trial took place later than the others. The brain behind the Malaya case, the former town planning advisor at Marbella


What to do

Celebrating 10 years of Cómpeta art walk

Jennie Rhodes

The village of Cómpeta will be celebrating its 10th art walk over the Easter weekend. F 31 March, and 1, 3 and 4 April, the doors of the village's art studios and galleries will be open. Thirty-five international artists, representing ten national



Construction recovery leads to birth of new companies


Ten years after the property bubble burst, the Malaga economy is back on track. Construction, property development and sales have once again become the leading sectors in which to set up in business in the province, according to the report ... of construction, the general secretary of the Association of Constructors and Developers of Malaga (ACP), Violeta Aragón, is clear: “Bearing in mind the huge numbers of construction companies that have disappeared in the past ten years, there is still



6 April 1968: Spain triumphs at the Eurovision Song Contest in London

Tony Bryant What Happened today?

Eurovision jury, a programme to select the song to represent the country in the contest. However, her victory in Eurovision was to hit the headlines again 40 years later, when a documentary alleged that the competition had been rigged by General Franco.



City tripping and toe dipping

Daryl Finch

There are very few cities in the world as recognisable from the air. Flying into Lisbon's Humberto Delgado Airport, if you're lucky enough to do so during the day, you can already get a glimpse of the city's defining monuments: the 25 de Abril bridge



Caminito reaches one-million milestone but work to be done to attract overnight visitors


It has been three years since the Caminito del Rey became a top-level tourist attraction following a huge architectural redevelopment. On the third anniversary of the reopening of the walkway, the provincial government and local mayors have taken ... Campillos on Monday to give a speech about the results of the first three years of the new Caminito. Bendodo said that the greatest success of the Caminito is “that it has become a brand, something very difficult to achieve”. For him, this “international ... among others) have seen an increasing number of visitors in the last three years, as a result of the popularity of the Caminito. The mayor of Álora, José Sánchez, added that since the Caminito opened, the number of hotel beds available for visitors to



Four years sought for Guardia Civil A-7 driver

Á. F. / J. C.

The prosecutors' office in Malaga is asking for four years in the forthcoming trial of the off-duty Guardia Civil officer who is alleged to have caused a fatal pile up on the A-7 motorway near Torremolinos on 28 June last year. Investigators say ... that the sergeant tested positive for alcohol and drugs and was driving at 149 km/h in a 100 km/h area. Despite the severity of the alleged offence, prosecutors say that the current law only allows them to ask for four years. Three tourists died in the



International football returns to Gibraltar

sur in english

Gibraltar's first full international on home soil for two years is close to a sell-out. It sees the national team take on Latvia in a friendly at Victoria Stadium this Sunday at 4pm. The team from the Rock, whose stadium cannot host



Las Lagunas squatters removed after two years

Ivan Gelibter

...entered the building and asked the occupiers if they would leave voluntarily after causing two years of “uncertainty” in the area. After they left, the doors and windows were bricked up.



“Even the air that touches my face hurts; it's an infernal pain”


...pain on the left side of his face and head eight years ago, after undergoing an endodontic procedure. “I'm like this because the dentist went too far with the drill,” said this 38-year-old from Malaga, whose trigeminal, a craneal nerve, was damaged ... during the procedure. It has left him with episodes of intense pain over half his head and his eyes, ears, lips, nose, mouth... “They are like electric shocks; the pain is infernal, even the air which touches my face hurts,” he explained. Five years



Mijas council to legalise homes in Pueblo Don Silverio

Ivan Gelibter

...finally to have their homes integrated into the municipality's urban plan and therefore legalised. For almost 20 years these residences have been in legal limbo as the area wasn't laid out in accordance with urban plans at the time. The council will


What to do

Twenty years on, remembering the old Malaga Museum


Pedro Alarcón has waited nearly twenty years for the Museum of Fine Arts to return to Malaga. The last time he visited it, he was accompanied by his mother and sister and it was housed in the Palacio de Buenavista, now the home of the Museo Picasso.



Malaga province, where competition between taxis and private hire vehicles is fiercest


...similar to a normal taxi in appearance, and are often used by companies such as Cabify. In Malaga province VTC licences have tripled in the past four years and there are now 683, according to a report published by the Ministry of Transport last month. ... law, but it took two years for the new regulations to come into force and the 1:30 ratio did not take effect until November 2015. Legal vacuum Because so many licences had been granted (1,881 were issued between December 2009 and November 2015), ... VTC licences by asking councils for a report about demand for the service in their area. A new regulation will also prevent licences being transferred to anyone else for a period of two years after issue.



Teacher arrested accused of abusing a student for three years since she was 12


A teacher has been arrested for abuse allegedly suffered by a pupil at the school he used to work at. Guardia Civil sources have said that the victim, who was 12 when the events began, had allegedly suffered repeated sexual abuse for three years ... temporary placement and is no longer teaching there. The man allegedly abused the trust of the girl and his superiority - in the teacher-pupil relationship - to achieve his aims for three years. Sources said that the relationship between teacher and pupil



Dignity forty years on

manuel castillo

We Andalusians have to get out that sense of insistence that we've had hanging up in the wardrobe for the last forty years, since the time two million people took to the streets with the simple objective of not being treated as lesser citizens than ... pretension. Andalucía is Spain's huge reading room, where the greatest civilisations left their mark over thousands of years and whose legacies can been seen in any part of the region and in our DNA. The passage of Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths and ... organisation based on solidarity and where all Spaniards are equal. And it's this task that we Andalusians need to turn our attention to just like we did forty years ago. Andalucía can be trusted and shouldn't let Catalonia or the Basque Country, or paranoid



Hipódromo Costa del Sol to be equipped for equine therapy

Ivan Gelibter

The legal situation with the Costa del Sol racecourse in Mijas, which has not hosted any horse races for some years, is complicated and still ongoing. However, Mijas councillors José Carlos Martín and Nuria Rodríguez hope to bring new life to the



Ten years with no news of Amy


Fitzpatrick said good- bye to her friend and set off for her home in Riviera del Sol, a walk of around two kilometres on a tarmacked path (except for a 50-metre unsurfaced stretch) but that was little-used. No one has seen her since. And that was ten years ... ago. The Irish teenager, who was then 15 years old, disappeared on that walk home without a trace. The Guardia Civil, who inspected the route she should have taken, found no evidence of an abduction, which is what her mother Audrey had feared had ... youth had stabbed himself. The jury cleared him of murder but found him guilty of manslaughter. In June 2016 he was sentenced to seven years in prison. His appeal was rejected. On the tenth anniversary of Amy's disappearance, her biological father,



Relegation, with financial consequences for the area too


It's difficult to put an exact figure on how much Malaga and its province are set to lose if, or rather when, the club loses its top-flight status. There are many studies from a few years ago which demonstrate the economic value of having a La Liga ... reference to the club was presented a few years ago and featured contributions from former Malaga marketing director, and current country manager for La Liga in India, Antonio Cachaza. Since then, however, the figures will have increased significantly given ... the most recent expansion of La Liga into international markets through new television rights deals which are set to increase further, even up to 40 per cent in some cases, in the coming years. The direct losses are already known, or at least can be


What to do

Secundino Hernández breaks barriers


...alike, is exhibiting his works from the past five years: there are 38 of them, many in large format. The display demonstrates the freedom with which Hernández conceives his work. “I have explored various possibilities. I'm not afraid to keep evolving,” he



Malaga woman accused of pension fraud

J. C. / Á. F.

A woman who shared a bank account with her mother and father has been accused of collecting 130,000 euros of her father's pension, despite the fact that he died 23 years ago. Her mother has also been dead for several years. The Malaga ... prosecutors' office has stated that she could face six years in prison on a fraud charge and will have to return all of the money. The woman is currently only able to pay back around 30,000 euros, so will likely have a substantial debt when she is released



Malaga goats exported to Russia for cheese

A. P.

Russian company, Innovation and Technology in Livestock, has announced that it is exporting live goats to Russia to develop the goat's cheese market there. While Russia prohibited imports of European Union food products three years ago, the ruling



Adios to another wine dynasty


...hands of the German drinks multinational Henkell, for a sum rumoured to be around 300 million. The story behind what over the years developed from a family spat into a battle - shows how internecine differences can threaten the base of any business. ... produced in Cataluña early in the last century, the firm produced its famous Carta Nevada in 1941. Spanish New Year's Eve TV would not be the same without Freixenet's iconic midnight spot that has over the years featured Liza Minnelli, Raquel Welch, Paul ... Newman, Sharon Stone and Shakira, to name but a few. Nevertheless in the early years of this century cracks appeared in the facade, and the three shareholding families, the Ferrer Noguer (42%), Hevia Ferrer (29%) and Bonet Ferrer(29%) started to fall


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Marking 100 years of independence

Tony Bryant

...organised all over the world to mark the occasion. One of the approved projects has been 'Finland: 100 years on the Costa del Sol of Spain', the grand finale of which will take place during the first week of December. The first event in the final week of



Ardales, the birthplace of cave art


years ago, has been the subject of a new international study and the results have just been published in the prestigious journal, Science. According to datings from the precise uranium-thorium technique, the wall paintings in the cave are 20,000 years ... Head of the Ardales Cave “We can certify that the origin of cave art dates back at least 65 years, not 40,000” Gerd-Christian Weniger Neanderthal Museum “It is the end of a process which will change the way in which we study history in the ... 65,000 years, not 40,000,” concludes the study. The dating shows that a red line in La Pasiega cave was painted at least 64,800 years ago, that a negative red hand in Maltravieso cave was drawn at least 66,700 years ago and a formation of speleothems in


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36 years of migas in Torrox

Jennie Rhodes

As has been the tradition for 36 years, this Sunday Torrox Pueblo will be holding its Fiesta de las Migas. Every year, on the Sunday before Christmas, the town shares one of its traditional recipes with residents and visitors. INFORMATION When:



“Cecilia's murder shook the town”

sur in english

Her attacker was her ex-partner, Hicham B., originally from Morocco, who had previously been issued with a restraining order and should not have been in contact with Cecilia. They had been in a relationship for two years but had broken up six months



Is this time different?


(surging market prices) ran 10 years, and this bull market is already in its 10th year. Bull markets do not die of old age and when they do, it's hardly ever with a whimper. They die when hit by a “shock” event, and they are particularly vulnerable in



The Pompidou and Malaga city hall formalise new agreement


There are several crucial milestones in the development of any project, and for the Centre Pompidou in Malaga one was reached this week; the famous French museum will retain its presence in the city for a further five years after an agreement to



Top local speciality olive oil maker starts selling in Middle East


...four consecutive years at national awards for food produce organised by the Spanish government and already sells its extra virgin oil label to 25 countries, including Britain, Germany and the United States. The move into the UAE is seen as significant