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Man gunned down in central Marbella in broad daylight


The National Police are investigating after a 40-year-old Bosnian man was shot dead in broad daylight in central Marbella on Tuesday afternoon. The incident occurred just before two o’clock on Calle Arturo Rubinstein, a road off the main Avenida



Five-year-old boy survives fall from third floor in Malaga

Fernando torres / juan cano

In what is being described locally as a 'miracle', a five-year-old boy survived a fall from a third-floor window in Malaga city on Monday. The boy, of Chinese origin, suffered several fractures in the lower limbs and in one shoulder and several



British drugs trafficking war was behind Mijas Costa murder


Two arrests last month, one in the UK and the other in Murcia, have wound up the inquiry into the murder of a British man in Mijas on 21 November last year. The 39-year-old, who had a criminal record in the UK, was shot five times while he was



The silver lining in the Covid-19 cloud

Debbie Bartlett

Coronavirus has become a dreaded word for people all over the world but, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and some good has come out of the Covid-19 crisis in the shape of eight-year-old Jake Torres from Gibraltar, who has written ... ( works to empower education in Africa. Thanks to Jake Torres, the remarkable eight-year-old from Gibraltar, their task has just become slightly easier.


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Salon Varietés offers local writers their 15 minutes of fame

Tony Bryant

...a panel of specialists, who will select six plays to be performed at the festival, which will be staged in the theatre later this year. The playwright must be a resident and the script must be in English. Organisers have stressed that staging



The Vuelta a España won't pass through Portugal either this year


Stages 15 and 16 of the Vuelta a España will not take place in Portugal as originally planned, organisers have said. Because of complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, these stages (around Porto and Viseu) will be moved to new locations in S



A year Marbella Rugby Club would prefer to forget

Pedro Luis Alonso

Despite being in the same division, the contrast between CR Málaga and Marbella RC couldn't be greater. The latter, which start this season with the name Andalucía Bulls, has this year suffered two major setbacks. The first was the loss of income ... Marbella owns its own pitch, the Bahía de Marbella, beside the Costa del Sol hospital, but this has also been problematic as the club has to pay 30,000 euros a year in IBI tax. However, the club did reach a sponsorship agreement with Marbella town hall for



New Minimum Living Income benefit likely to apply to foreign residents too


...low or no income, has long been a policy of coalition partners Unidas Podemos and the government wants it to come into force in June. Estimates are that it will cost the State three billion euros a year, and initially reach100,000 households. There ... year to the Spanish Social Security system, although it could be over various shorter periods. The beneficiary would also have to have been a resident of Spain for at least a full year immediately before applying. The benefit, to be known in Spanish



Fourteen-year-olds excluded in the end from children's walk permission


The Spanish government has decided in the end to exclude 14-year-olds from the coroanvirus lockdown rule modification that allows children to go for walks in the company of an adult from Sunday. previous story Children can go out for walks ... new rules applied to the under-14s. On the grounds that 14-year-olds and above do not need to be accompanied by adults when they go out, they are included in the general lockdown regulations that stipulate only essential outings, to the supermarket, ... "up to 14" and Health ministry sources aid earlier this week that 14-year-olds would be included. Finally however the wording of the regulations published in the official state gazette (BOE) on Saturday was "under-14s". The other conditions



Rural tourism set to lead the recovery of the industry as lockdown is eased

Héctor Barbotta

...brighter. Inland Malaga province alone has 41,000 beds available and last year was the best ever for this type of tourism, with an economic impact that is estimated by the Costa del Sol Tourist Board to be 935 million euros. Of course, things are very ... different this year. The crisis caused by the pandemic will have a major impact on foreign source markets, which provide around 55 per cent of clients during the whole year. They probably won't be coming to tourist destinations in this region now, unless ... Last year 134,014 travellers stayed in inland accommodation in Malaga province, of whom around 60,000 were Spanish, according to tourism data. The national market increased by over 30 per cent, while there was a reduction of around ten per cent in



Shortened Vuelta a España to begin in Irún


The 75th edition of the Vuelta a España will have only eighteen stages, it has been announced, after organisers Unipublic reconfigured the event in light of the disruption caused by the pandemic. The starting point for La Vuelta, originally set to



Tourism industry in Spain not expected to be back to normal before the end of the year


"We are working on two phases of de-escalation [of restrictions], one for the summer and another for the end of the year," said the Employment minister, Yolanda Díaz, on Friday. The first milestone, earmarked for June, envisages a return of ... productive sectors of the economy. The second stage, in the final quarter of the year, will include industries such as tourism, culture and leisure, as well as air and sea transport. The minister admitted that these sectors would have "enormous



Shopping centres in Andalucía will be able to open up to 16 Sundays and holidays a year


Sundays and public holidays a year. It means that shopping centres which are over 300 square metres in size will be able to open on six Sundays more than at present. Comercio Andalucía fears for the future of small shops The change in legislation ... last week and will come into force gradually over the next three years. Eligible stores will be able to open on 12 Sundays or holidays this year, 14 in 2021 and 16 in 2022. Shops which are smaller than 300 square metres will continue to be able to open ... operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From now on, to determine which Sundays and public holidays they will open, they will need to prioritorise which days will be most attractive to consumers. The regional government suggests opening on at least


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St Patrick's Day celebrations curtailed this year

Tony Bryant

Irish communities along the coast have been preparing for four days of celebrations in honour of Ireland's patron, St Patrick. However, some of the official events have been cancelled amid fears concerning the coronavirus (Covid-19). The two biggest



Seventy-year-old man with coronavirus dies in Benalmádena hospital

Ángel Escalera

A 70-year-old man who was being treated in the Hospital Xanit Internacional has been confirmed as the first person with coronavirus to die in the province of Malaga. The patient had multiple underlying health problems, and his condition was



Local crime was up last year, official police data shows


The province of Malaga, including the Costa del Sol, saw 80,174 crimes recorded in 2019, compared to 79,225 the year before, in figures recently released by the ministry of the Interior. By different category of offence, the number of burglaries, ... total of 11 kidnappings, with Marbella again being top of the list, registering four cases last year compared to just one in 2018. Estepona recorded two instances of kidnapping and Malaga, Mijas, Fuengirola and Vélez all had one. Many of these cases



Public prosecutor requests two-year jail term for Nerja mayor

Eugenio Cabezas / álvaro frías / Juan Cano

The public prosecutor in Malaga has requested a two-year jail term for Nerja mayor José Alberto Armijo and Urban Development and Housing councillor Mari Nieves Atencia for their involvement in the Río de la Miel illegal dump. In addition to the ... says there is lack of evidence to suggest they took part voluntarily in the operation. The Río de la Miel illegal dump was authorised by Nerja town hall and started operating in June 1998, a year after the Cantera de Áridos dump was closed and shortly



2017: a rollercoaster year

Rachel Haynes

...after plans were first announced. The outpatient services began to function in a week when the area was hit by the first cold snap of the year. Two days after the opening, road access to Ronda was cut off due to the first snowfall of the year ... . Multimedia New SUR in English web site goes live SUR in English took a step forward in January 2017 with the launch of the newspaper's updated web site. While has existed since 1996, this year the web site underwent a major facelift ... the negotiations. Culture Antonio Banderas collects honorary 'biznaga' The international career of Malaga-born actor Antonio Banderas was honoured in his home city at the end of this year's Malaga Film Festival. The actor collected his honorary



Catalan election due this year as ruling separatist coalition splits


...political ideas. Torra said that if they couldn't work together on the common project of a separate Catalan state, then the voters had to be asked to decide. He added that he wanted to see through the approval of the regional budgets (for this year) before


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Marbella starts new year with contemporary art

Tony Bryant

The Excellence Art Gallery in Marbella will host the first of a series of international exhibitions planned for the new year on Saturday 4 January. Under the banner of Painting and Connecting the Global Mind, the exhibition will feature the works



Orthodox Christians plan Easter in isolation


Catholic Easter. This year the difference between them is one week and only this year there is one extra thing in common - celebrations will be indoors. Four Costa del Sol residents talk about the peculiarities of Orthodox Easter in their countries and how ... Torremolinos Back to the oven "For Ukrainians, who are primarily Orthodox Christians, Easter is the most important religious holiday of the year. This holiday came to Ukraine from Byzantium together with christening at the end of the 10th century.



Destination 2020

Andrew Forbes

The New Year is upon us - a nostalgic time when we are also full of ideas, hopes and wishes for what's ahead. Probably you've decided you want to travel more in 2020; so here's a little inspiration for planning that trip you've always promised ... Towards sustainable travel January is 'summer' across the Great White Continent, when waterways open up to specialist cruises (typically departing from Argentina). Temperatures can average around 15 degrees centigrade at this time of year, and it's one ... renaissance with new hotels and improved infrastructure including a new port and the high-speed train service to Casablanca. DECEMBER Canary Islands The islands of eternal spring are a pleasure to visit throughout the year, although Tenerife and Gran



Walking footballers send New Year wishes to Sarah Almagro


Walking Football Spain members this week sent a New Year greeting to Sarah Almagro, the local girl who lost her limbs to sepsis. This Sunday she will travel to Madrid for the fitting of her new prosthetic limbs for which, through various



Local jobless total at end of 2019 was higher than a year ago, quarterly official data shows


The province of Malaga, including the Costa del Sol, bucked the national downward trend in the last quarter of 2019 with a rise in jobless figures compared to a year earlier. While in Spain overall there were 112,400 fewer out of work in 2019, a ... of work, a rate of 17.75%. Malaga's poor performance is being blamed primarily on a drop in workers in the construction sector as well as, to a lesser extent, in the service sector. In contrast, employment in agriculture grew during the year. On a



Hitman gang responsible for killing Marbella nightclub owner brought down with ten arrests


Ten members of a criminal gang have been arrested as a result of investigations into the fatal shooting of a 49-year-old bar and nightclub owner in Marbella at the end of January 2019. The man, who was Spanish but of Moroccan descent, was taken by ... surprise on his return to his San Pedro home. He was shot 14 times. The arrests, including of the two men thought to be responsible for this attack, came after a year of investigations carried out jointly by the Spanish police and forces in the



Torremolinos ends year with San Silvestre fun run

Tony Bryant

More than 500 runners took part in the fifth edition of the San Silvestre fun race in Torremolinos on New Year's Eve. The popular, non-competitive street race was organised by Torremolinos town hall, who requested that those taking part, whether ... part dressed in top hat and tails. "This is the second year we have participated. Its fun, but more importantly, it will help people in need," Maria, one of the group told SUR in English. The four-kilometre route took the runners through the centre



Silent Friday in silent Malaga


Malaga is famous for its Semana Santa religious celebrations. This year its streets are silent. Silence is usual on Good Friday when the last procession of the day passes by. The owner of the Glass and Crystal Museum, Gonzalo Fernández-Prieto, has ... at this moment that we have the Stabat Mater sung in tribute. This year due to the Covid-19 war there will, unfortunately, be no dinner or processions. The silence of the day will be broken up at eight o'clock in the evening as many people in Spain



American tourist, 70, with coronavirus dies in Ronda hospital

Vanessa Melgar / Ángel Escalera

Costa del Sol hotel earlier this month. This is the second fatality in Ronda related to the outbreak. On Thursday an 84-year-old woman died; she was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke and tested positive for coronavirus. Four more people ... with coronavirus are currently being treated at the Ronda hospital. All are stable. Malaga doctor In Malaga, a 73-year-old retired doctor who had been in the Clínico hospital with coronavirus, has died. He had been in intensive care for more than



Malaga, a ghost airport


...stationary, because Terminal 3 is not in operation. Malaga airport, which handled about 20 million passengers last year, suddenly seems huge. On Tuesday, looking at the information panels, you could see why it has become a ghost airport. Only 16 flights due



Brit who killed woman in hit-and-run gets two-year sentence

Álvaro Frías / Juan Cano

...was driving his father’s 500-horsepower Bentley at full speed along the boulevard in San Pedro Alcántara when he hit 40-year-old Bolivian chef Fátima Dorada who was on a pedestrian crossing. According to the sentence, Capper, who was accompanied by ... month since June and previously deposited 300,000 euros with the court to cover civil liability. Previous conviction This is not the first time Capper has been convicted in a Malaga court. In May last year Capper and Porter were found guilty of



The Rock to see in the New Year in style

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar will be seeing in the New Year in style, with live music starting at 10.30pm in Casemates Square on Tuesday 31 December and continuing until 3am on New Year's Day. The entertainment includes a spectacular firework display at midnight,



Guided tours of Alameda Gardens to continue next year

Debbie Bartlett

The Alameda Gardens tours will continue on the last Saturday of each month (except December) next year, starting at 10.30am from the George Don Gates. The guided tours of these fascinating botanical gardens, which also have an interesting


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Popular Rockin' Race festival returns to Torremolinos for 26th consecutive year

Tony Bryant

Rock 'n' roll fans from all over Europe, the USA and Latin America will gather in Torremolinos to celebrate the Rockin' Race Jamboree, the most important rockabilly gathering in Europe. The festival, which is celebrating its 26th edition this year ... Saturday night, where the festivities will continue until 5am. The festival will finish on Sunday with an open-air concert staged in the Plaza del Remo, followed by a poolside party in the Hotel Barracuda. This year's line-up will include American



Construction of Antequera dry port will begin next year


The Junta de Andalucía plans to start building the first phase of the dry port in Antequera next summer and says the construction will take two years to complete. This phase will cover 102.26 of the total of 392 hectares, strategically located near B



More than 5,600 people in Andalucía began treatment for alcoholism last year


Ministry of Health and Families. The figures were released to coincide with World No-Alcohol Day in October last year. It tends to be older people who attend the regional government's Outpatient Treatment Centres In fact, very few young people receive ... per cent of people in the region who began treatment last year did so for alcohol addiction. About 40 per cent of those who start treatment do so voluntarily; 30 per cent are referred from GPs or health service staff and 17.5 per cent through ... recommendation and support from families and friends. World No-Alcohol Day World No-Alcohol Day takes place on 2 October each year, and the slogan for the most recent one was 'Today I'm not drinking, I'm proving my freedom'. The Junta de Andalucía organises



Man found dead in car in Mijas died of natural causes

Fernando Torres / álvaro frías

The 38-year-old man found lifeless inside his car last Saturday in Mijas died of natural causes, the autopsy has confirmed. According to SUR sources, the man suffered a heart attack. The Guardia Civil were alerted to the vehicle by a resident of



Anne Van Dam wins Open de España for second year running

alejandro díaz

Dutch golfer Anne Van Dam left it late but ultimately came out on top in this year's Open de España, hosted by Aloha Golf in Marbella, winning on Sunday in a tournament in which the Malaga-born Azahara Muñoz came fourth. Van Dam won the tournament ... last year, but looked like she may well have scuppered her chances of repeating her victory coming into the last day of the Open after an 18th hole to forget the day before. This had left the Dane Nanna Madsen and the Swede Julia Engstrom three clear of



Gibraltar Attorney General appointed CMG in Queen's New Year Honours

Debbie Bartlett

The Attorney General, Michael Llamas, is among three Gibraltarians to feature on the Queen's New Year Honours List. Mr Llamas has been appointed as a CMG (Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George) for services to Gibraltar, while Debbie