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Beachgoers in Marbella witness luxury yacht being seized in drugs operation


A Guardia Civil patrol boat intercepted a luxury yacht loaded with more than 3,000 kilos of hashish in a spectacular operation which was witnessed by numerous beachgoers at El Cable beach in Marbella on Sunday. The operation took place at a busy ... time, around 6.30pm, during which the modern yacht, more than 20 metres in length, was escorted to La Bajadilla port. SUR During the summer, boats of this type are often used to move drugs around Marbella and Puerto Banús. Investigators suspected



Crew of a luxury yacht in Puerto Banús go on hunger strike over dismissal


The captain and crew member of luxury yacht My Clansea, which is berthed in Puerto Banús, are on hunger strike after claiming they were unfairly dismissed following the death of the yacht's previous owner, a British multimillionaire. José Luis ... Sánchez and Mercedes Ylenia Cárdenas began their hunger strike last Friday, and they are asking for the yacht to be embargoed as a preventive measure so it cannot be moved to another jurisdiction to avoid the legal action. They also want the owners' bank



British drug trafficking organisation is broken up at Marbella marina


Four British nationals have been arrested by national police for their alleged involvement in a drug trafficking scheme operating in Marbella. Some 1,500 kilos of hashish were seized by police, following a meticulous search of a motored yacht ... moored in Marbella's marina. More than 100,000 euros in cash was discovered, stashed away in a secret compartment on the yacht, alongside 51 bags of the drug. The ring of drug traffickers allegedly had been using the yacht to transport the illegal



The insider guide to Gran Canaria

Andrew Forbes

Jaunvi offers small group, private sailing trips aboard his luxury 46-foot yacht. Sailing from the picturesque port of Mogán, on the island’s south west coast, guests can throw their inhibitions to the wind, and enjoy a relaxed and pampered day out.



Ranking places Puerto Banús as most the expensive marina in Europe, ahead of Ibiza


Mediterranean, Ibiza Magna, which topped the rankings last year. According to the ranking, docking a yacht of more than 55 metres in length in Puerto Banús costs 4,289 euros a day. This has increased by 20 per cent on 2018 when a berth of the same dimensions ... Magna, where a berth for a 55-metre yacht costs 4,084 euros daily, up 84 euros on last year. Marina di Porto Cervo in Sardinia (Italy) is in third place (3,176 euros a day), while another Italian port, Marina Grand on the island of Capri, comes in



The Airbnb formula takes hold in the yacht rental sector, which is growing again

Mónica Pérez

...last week. After three consecutive years of growth, he added, although it is relatively minor, "we can say that we are now in a situation of consolidation". To be specific, the nautical market has seen 4,785 new leisure yacht registrations between ... and has resulted in the appearance of internet platforms for yacht hire such as Nautal, Click&Boat and Samboat, which are doing well. The yacht rental market, according to sources in the sector, is growing at an average of between 15 and 20 per cent ... sharing their yacht, which they only use for a few days a year. A survey carried out by Nautal, a portal where companies and individuals offer their yachts for rent, shows that in general the owners use them for an average of 13 days a year. If in



The megayachts of four huge international fortunes make waves in Puerto Banús

Nieves Castro

...the luxury Marbella marina from Mallorca aboard his recent purchase, Freedom. A 28-metre-long psychedelic yacht, dripping in pure luxury and capable of sailing up to 40 knots. The designer Tommaso Spadolini is responsible for this floating work of art, ... yachts were joined by Shaf London, owned by the Saudi royal family. The vessel, which is 53-metres-long and has 13 cabins, is a regular in Puerto Banús. An art theme on board Another type of boat, in this case a sailing yacht, used and enjoyed by



One of the world's most luxurious megayachts docks in Malaga port


At 116 metres in length and with a capacity for 66 people, Ulysses was an imposing figure in Malaga port on Sunday. Considered one of the most luxurious private cruisers in the world, this spectacular mega yacht, valued at more than 200 million ... website and sails the seas under the flag of the Cayman Islands. It boasts a helicopter and a 'modest' 24-metre yacht, as well as a 4x4 vehicle, several boats and a hangar where there is space for jet skis and other 'toys' to have fun at sea such as,



A-list mega yacht moors in Malaga

ignacio lillo

...shorter in length (135 metres), the Star Legend accommodates a lot more passengers than its neighbour. Malaga’s modern port is gradually becoming the place for billionaires to show off their toys. The Rising Sun is the second yacht of such grandeur to ... whole host of A-list celebrities looking to take to the seas for their summer holidays. According to the newspaper El País, Bruce Springsteen was spotted onboard the mega yacht just last week in Ibiza. What’s more, the fashion designer Calvin Klein and ... Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have also made use of Geffen’s luxury yacht over the summer, this time sharing the experience with TV host Oprah Winfrey and actor Tom Hanks, as they travelled to the tropical Bora Bora island in French Polynesia in the



'Sailing Yacht A' leaves after debt is settled

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

The multi-million pound futuristic 'Sailing Yacht A' spent longer in Gibraltar than intended this week after it was refused permission to leave because of a financial dispute between the owner and the German shipyard where it was built. The yard ... claimed its 9.8-million-euro bill had not been paid, and filed a suit in the Supreme Court to demand this and other allegedly outstanding sums. The yacht was finally permitted to sail on Wednesday after the owners paid the money into an escrow account.



Swift response to oil spill limits damage to the environment

Debbie Bartlett

A minor oil spill occurred at Western Arm in Gibraltar on Wednesday at about 1pm, but the problem was quickly resolved. The incident happened when a yacht which was refuelling suffered an overflow from the tank vent on deck. The yacht crew ... immediately deployed absorbent booms and pads into the sea and were able to contain the spill within the immediate vicinity of the yacht. Most of the oil in the water had drifted south and was contained between SKS Tanaro and the Detached mole. It is estimated



A Portugal road trip insider guide

Andrew Forbes

...contemporary Parque das Nações district of Lisbon, where one finds Europe’s largest indoor aquarium, the ‘Oceanário de Lisboa’. Sunset Yacht Cruise Enjoy Mediterranean dining on the SUD Terazza.SUR Take a sunset sailing trip with the lovely people at ... Yacht Lovers Portugal who organise small, group catered cruises on sailing yachts that give an unforgettable perspective of Lisbon. Sud Lisboa This stylish waterside dining and leisure venue is very much part of the Portuguese capital’s innovative



Two arrested over suspected money laundering

Debbie Bartlett

...arrests came after officers from the RGP's Money Laundering Unit obtained a warrant and carried out a search of a property, during which they found a very large amount of cash. They also impounded a £200,000 luxury yacht which was berthed in Gibraltar,



Spain left guessing as to whereabouts of Juan Carlos I after he leaves the country


...comes after information was revealed regarding a multimillion-euro fortune in Switzerland and tax havens The King was said to have left a yacht club in Galicia on Monday where he was staying, before crossing the nearby border to Portugal In response, ... beneficiary. Juan Carlos's wife, Queen Sofia, continues living in Spain and will carry out Royal duties. This week she was on her usual holiday at the Marivent palace in Mallorca. The King was said to have left a yacht club in Galicia on Monday where he was



Getting to know the neighbours


...reminder that this is a maritime city and the best perspective is undoubtedly from the water. So, it's time to leave the car and instead board a boat. A sunset river yacht cruise will leave you with lasting memories of this romantic capital, an



An Andalusian wellness staycation


...flamenco dance lesson to driving on a racetrack. Our retreat kicked off with sailing along Marbella's shore, aboard La Cruz, the hotel's fully crewed yacht. It was an unforgettable afternoon, watching dolphins darting and diving beside the hull, and views



Nautical tourism, a key to bringing Puerto Banús back to life

Héctor Barbotta

...together. The boats will be available for a minimum of four hours (up to several days) and packages can include crew and also catering from restaurants in the port. Depending on the length of the boat, renting a yacht for up to 12 people for eight hours



The insider guide to Venice

Andrew Forbes

...good value pop-ups in Venice, including at Hotel Pensione Wildner on Saint Mark’s Basin. DO: Edipo Re gastronomic yacht Navigate the culinary and cultural delights of Venice’s lagoon aboard Edipo Re (Oedipus Rex), the yacht that saw romance



Marina Marbella reopens Banús base


Local yacht and boat dealers, Marina Marbella has announced that it has reopened its Puerto Banús showroom following a revamp. The showroom has been renovated and restyled and includes a client hospitality lounge. The new look is part of the ... recent deal for Marina Marbella to become local distributors for Monte Carlo Yachts, a fast-growing Italian manufacturer. Marina Marbella has been operating yacht and boat services in the area for fifty years.



Murder Mystery and the Costa's good image

Soler (Game of Thrones and Warrior Nun), the controversy is unjustified as the tourist board has given only a partial view of the film. In the following scenes, the couple get on a luxury yacht that offers an idyllic view of the coast of Malaga. "I've ... the bus comes from "not having understood the character of Sandler, who is stingy and therefore hires the cheapest tourist service, but then accepts the invitation for a luxury yacht vacation which shows that impressive image of Malaga". Murder Mystery



Summer sails

Peter Edgerton

At the time of writing there's a forty-million-dollar yacht called The Gene Machine moored up in Malaga's swanky, if rather generic, port. Apparently it belongs to a scientist chap who named it after one of his most important fields of work - ... had worn off. If you fancy pinging round the Greek islands once in a while, surely you could just hire a yacht whenever the whim descended. Anyway, let's say you are, indeed, mad as a box of frogs and go ahead with the purchase, why then would you ... spend 40 million dollars on it? I mean, I don't think anyone could really tell the difference between, say, a 10-million-dollar boat and one worth four times that unless they were some kind of yacht-obsessed anorak freak, holed up in their



Success thanks to a TV presenter's wife

...posted a photo of herself on Instagram, wearing a bikini and sailing a yacht, and numerous people made insulting comments about her body. That's why Marina decided to copy that particular photo. Her copy also went viral, and several digital media



9 August 1995: ETA terrorists arrested over plot to kill king


...overlooking the harbour in Porto Pi, where the royal yacht was berthed. Late at night on 9 August, the security forces swooped on the apartment and arrested three men, who were later named as Juan José Rego Vidal, his son, Iñaki Rego, and Jorge García ... Sertucha. According to neighbours, several shots were fired during the raid. The Spanish police had been tipped off by their French counterparts, who were monitoring Rego Vidal and alerted them when he left France by yacht the previous month, and they had



Puerto Banús marina enjoys a further taste of luxury

Héctor Barbotta

Lurssen shipyard, the yacht was sold four years later for 155 million euros. Solandge is now rented out by its buyers, for a jaw-dropping rate of one million euros a week (crew included). The superyacht, which sails across the seven seas at a speed of 27



A floating palace in Puerto Banús

Héctor Barbotta MARBELLA

...speculation that one of Karapetyan’s children, Karen, who got married in London on 18 September, could be using it for a honeymoon. Although the yacht has only six suites and can therefore only carry 12 passengers, it needs a permanent crew of 28. To say ... specialist magazines, the spa on the ACE is the most luxurious to be found on any yacht in the world. This floating palace also has a beach club, gymnasium, discotheque, cinema and heliport. As if all these facilities were not enough, the ACE also travels ... with a support craft, the ‘Garçon 4 Ace’, a gigantic 67 metres long and also equipped with a heliport so that passengers can be transported by helicopter between the yacht and different airports around the world. The ACE was built by the German



A day of luxury in Malaga Port

Pilar Martínez

Melillero, was SeadreamI, a luxury yacht belonging to the SeaDream Yacht Club company. This is an exclusive boutique ship, owned by the company which was founded in 2001 and owns the only two boutique ships in the world. This type of ship, designed for



Gleaming classic cars on the Costa


Race night The evening held in the Hotel Tamisa Golf raised 1,025 euros for the 4 PAWS Adoptions charity which rehomes animals. The raffle to win a two-night-stay on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel was won by Brian Gregory.



'Puerto Banús is for fun, beautiful people who know how to enjoy life'


...the most western berth the biggest yachts belonging to his successors and other Arab sheikhs. I remember the yacht of Onassis. Last year my countryman - the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli - arrived here from Mallorca in his floating work of


What to do

A week of German film in Malaga


Toronto festivals and tells the story of the encounter out at sea of a leisure yacht with a migrant boat. The programme continues with films by directors such as Lucia Chiarla, the 'German Woody Allen' Julian Radlmaier, Irene von Alberti, David Nawrath



13 September 1961: Royal engagement announced

Debbie Bartlett

...photographed outside the home of Queen Victoria Eugenie, the wife of King Alfonso XIII, in Lausanne Switzerland. The couple had known each other for several years. They met when Sophia's mother organised a Mediterranean cruise on a yacht in 1954 and invited



Enrique Bolín, prolific former mayor of Benalmádena, dies at 78

Ivan Gelibter

...for the conservative PP. In 1989 he was found in his yacht in Gibraltar with three others with drugs and pornographic materials, which earned him a fine, a 20-day prison sentence, expulsion from the PP and retirement from politics. In 1995 he was



The Turkish Riviera

Andrew Forbes

...ultra-luxury and instead you're looking for an authentic Turkish holiday hotel then Bodrium Hotel is definitely one to consider. Found in a peaceful location, about 15 minutes' walk from Bodrum's stylish yacht club, the hotel is built around an impressive pool, ... making it ideal for families. The You Spa is one of the best wellness spas in Bodrum and has a traditional hamam. D-Resort - Göcek The Bodrium Hotel. Found close to Göcek's yacht marina, D-Resort is a luxury family resort and spa with a boutique ... on the main square in Ka? - homemade dishes with style. Marina Yacht Club - Bodrum For cocktails, live music, dining and dancing, then this is the place in Bodrum. DO: ScicSailing Cruises - Bodrum, Göcek & Marmaris Chic Mediterranean