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Local athletes take a new road to the Olympics


Today, 80 years later, it is another kind of conflict that has thousands of sportsmen and women around the world on edge, as they wait to see how the Covid-19 pandemic runs its course. Last Tuesday, however, brought an end to at least some of the ... Olympic Games and the international community." Of all the athletes affected, Damián Quintero, world number one in kata, is one of Malaga's most confident of a place in the next Games, although the Tokyo event will be his only chance to win an Olympic



Women who wear grey hair and wrinkles with pride


...the case, then I’m satisfied,” she says. She is nearly 58. ”She’s not that old!” I hear you say, and you’re right. She isn’t, in general terms, but in the world of fashion and advertising in which she moves, where the tyranny of youth used to force



Ideas come from isolation

jennie rhodes / tony bryant

We're now into week three of the coronavirus lockdown in Spain. While frustrating and lonely, the experience is leading confined residents to new ideas and inspiration. More time to learn, to study, to explore the world through a computer screen and ... to take place in Malaga in May. However, Helen is making sure that members get access to culture via the internet by sharing links to museums around the world that offer virtual tours. Helen is also able to keep up with her Arabic classes through


What to do

Art, music and culture during the lockdown

Denise Bush

...ballets. Marie Antoinette. The ballet company’s most recent success was Marie Antoinette with music by composers Hadyn and Glück of which a 14 minute fragment is now available on Vimeo. Finf Ballet Malandain de Biarritz on YouTube and Vimeo. World ... Ballet Day The Bolshoi Ballet. The World Ballet Day filmed live from Moscow can be seen on YouTube. The Bolshoi Ballet are shown in the video during rehearsals with interviews with some of the teachers and dancers translated into English. There are ... Collections and Louvre Palace Louvre. Visit the museum’s rooms and galleries and discover how the palace was built and for whom. The Louvre is famous world wide as an art gallery but few know it was originally built as a fortress complete



Keeping spirits up, at a safe distance


Applause at 8pm for health workers during this global pandemic is now a regular occurrence across the nation. But some communities are taking it one step further and are making good use of their only connection to their outdoor world: their



What dreams are made of

Rob Palmer

Mourinho's whipping boy, but Iker Casillas gets the goalkeeping gloves. There are plenty of challengers, but this is the man who lifted the World Cup and won everything going in his career. The full backs must be the Brazilian pair of Dani Alves and Roberto ... back on Barcelona for Real Madrid, it's just that there are three other World Footballers of the Year to accommodate. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo walk into any 'greatest of...' team without any argument. Splitting the pair is Ronaldo Nazário. ... Sadly, his career was curtailed by numerous injuries, but he was known as El Fenómeno particularly in his early years. He'd scored over 200 goals by the time he was twenty-three and did win the World Player of the Year three times. He can also double up



What's important now

Ángel Escalera

...illnesses, that this type of suffering only killed people in poor countries. That was a big mistake. In serious situations like those being experienced by Spain and the rest of the world right now, the first thing we need to do is join forces to beat an



Silent night

Peter Edgerton

...always quite work out like that, I'm afraid. From the incessant noise of farm machinery from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, to dog owners letting their pets bark into the wee small hours without a care in the world, to the AirBnB party ... world, genuine silence is as rare as Manchester United supporter from the city of Manchester and for that reason, I suppose, we should cherish it while we can. Trouble is I'm starting to hear voices. Oh, no - sorry, left the radio on.



Marshalling the forces

Mark Nayler

World War II, named after US Secretary of State George Marshall, Sánchez has requested that Brussels implement a "major Marshall Plan". Combined with an emergency package of €200 billion to be provided by his Socialist government, this would give



Students combine language, culture and history in one visit


...identity as a cosmopolitan, hospitable and generous city, open to the world. This was illustrated with references to the monument to victims of the Gneisenau disaster in 1900; to the tomb of Dr Joseph Noble, whose legacy to the city was a charity



Cruise liner coming to take on fuel

Debbie Bartlett

Cruise ships are no longer able to visit Gibraltar, but the World Dream will be coming on Saturday 21 March for a purely technical call. The ship is carrying no passengers and the crew will not be permitted to disembark, nor will shore-based ... staff be able to go on board. The World Dream is berthing solely to take on fuel in order to reposition to the United States.



The masterplan

Rob Palmer

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were all together on the football terraces instead of staring in isolation into the uncertain distance from the terraces of our homes? UEFA came up with a plan last week for when the world comes out of the tunnel and



Ex-Malaga coach Joaquín Peiró dies, aged 84

Daryl Finch

Torino, Inter Milan and Roma. He was one of the standout players of the period and represented Spain at two World Cups. As a coach, Peiró managed the Atlético reserve team, Granada, Figueras, Atlético's first team, Murcia, Badajoz, Malaga and,



20 March 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono wed on the Rock

Daryl Finch

The Beatle later recalled that it was sold to him as "quiet, British and friendly" and because they could go ahead at short notice. "We went there and it was beautiful," he said in a 1980 interview. "Symbolically they called it the End of the World ... at one period. [...] It was like the Gateway to the World. So we liked it in the symbolic sense." The lyrics in his song, The Ballad of John and Yoko (the Beatles' last UK number one single), captures the lead-up to the big day: Finally made the



From one day to the next

Rachel Haynes

...was, although in her case perhaps without the threat of police fines if she leaves her house. I wish the only thing that was bugging me now was how I was going to organise a summer holiday! Since that conversation, since that sunny day, the world has



Twenty years on


...invalid. Buying pets from a doubtful source means taking a chance of rabies entering Spain and no sane person wants that. I have seen rabies all over the world and have been bitten by a rabid dog and undergone fourteen days of painful injections in the



Walking in the footsteps of the Apostle of Ireland

Tony Bryant

...friendly community," he says with sincerity. "People of many faiths will come to pray. This is what St Patrick achieved fifteen hundred years ago and what the world still celebrates today. He was a man of great faith, courage and empathy who crossed many



Franco flag flies over city hall as Malaga time travels back to wartime


...the director of the World War Two-era film, cordoning off the Paseo del Parque and the roads surrounding the historic building. Instead of the usual traffic, there was a constant stream of 1940s vehicles (to the delight of passing fans of vintage cars)





I don't know when this coronavirus crisis will end but it will probably bring us - that is, the first world - down a peg or two. It might serve to humble us, teach us a thing or two about ourselves as a society. There are things that we thought we ... could control just by being a country among those that consider themselves to be rich, but now it's clear that that's only partly true. We have a lot of advantages, of course, but we're all there in the mud, with the rest of the world - viruses don't ask



It's an ill wind...


...and in hotels and restaurants, will not be consumed. International wine shows like ProWien in Germany, Vinitaly, the Grands Jours de Bourgogne and Taste Washington have been cancelled. The world’s biggest wine market, China, is a shadow of its



The perennial disruptors

Rob Palmer

...conference: "When you see a team like Atlético packed with world-class players and they play the way they play, I don't understand. They could play proper football, but they stand deep and have counter attacks." In that case Jürgen isn't the student of the ... Oblak, in my opinion, is the best goalkeeper in the world and he staked that claim with a sensational performance. At the other end, Adrián was a free signing from West Ham. Klopp had a weakness, Simeone doesn't allow weakness and he preyed on the ... frailty. I suggested in this column that Atleti are the Andy Ruiz Jr of world football. He's the unfashionable Mexican heavyweight who leaps into the ring with much more chiselled fighters and leaves them with a bloodied nose. Against Anthony Joshua he



Walking footballers to raise funds for Malaga children's home


Local Blue Sky Walking Football League team Aston Viñuela will on Saturday 21 March (kick-off 2pm) play a challenge match against the world's oldest amateur football team at the Campo Viñuela. Established in 1863, the Civil Service Tour Team



Ten artists compete to win Estepona's best new mural prize


...euros on offer for the runner-up. All of the ten artists, who were selected from 104 proposals from all over the world, will receive 1,000 euros for expenses. Entries came from a range of different countries including Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic,



Regino out of World Cup in last-16 phase

marina rivas

Nerja snowboarder Regino Hernández crashed out of the World Cup in the last-16 phase on Saturday. Having been blighted by injury during the last three months and suffering a fall, Hernández struggled to keep up with the pace set and finished third



Record numbers turn out for coastal fun run


The fifth edition of the Holiday World coastal fun run brought together a record 1,500 participants on the Benalmádena coastline on Sunday. The event, organised in collaboration with Benalmádena town hall in aid of the Fundación Proyecto Hombre ... Málaga, departed from the 'elephant roundabout' at 10am and was split into three different distances: five kilometres, ten kilometres and a half marathon (21 kilometres). After the races had concluded, Holiday World's beach club hosted a party with



A Chicago architectural river cruise

Andrew Forbes

It has one of the world's most extraordinary skylines; unsurprisingly, I suppose, since Chicago has been at the nexus of urban architectural innovation since the 1880s with the construction of the world's first skyscraper. However, the Home ... the 80s, the city was home to the world's tallest buildings, first with the 1969 John Hancock Center, and then the 1973 Willis Tower. Half a century later and these remarkable buildings look as innovative and striking as the day they were built. ... Architects and engineers from Chicago are the talent behind some of the most celebrated towers on the planet, from Dubai's Burj Khalifa to New York City's One World Trade Centre. Sightseeing cruise As such, the city has emerged as a tourist attraction



Chicago, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes

...beautiful, as you might imagine, when there are clouds in the sky. SkyDeck Chicago, Willis Tower Riverwalk. Opened as the Sears Tower some 50 years ago, it was for a while the tallest building in the world. For an adrenaline-pumping experience, try ... and galleries there are world-class options like The Art Institute of Chicago. For more inspiration of things to do, check out the city’s visitor site.



One day - different views


Not everywhere in the world women will celebrate International Women's Day by demonstrating in the streets and calling for greater equality. In some countries the day has lost its political flavour. This Sunday on the Costa del Sol, where dozens of ... female friends. Every man does his best to be extra gentle and caring." "A small token of men's love in Italy is usually a bunch of yellow mimosas: cheap but traditional," continues Martina. Actually, this tradition started after the Second World War ... Amina - Fuengirola Moroccan When speaking about women in the world, people talk especially about Arab women, says Amina, who lives in Fuengirola. "Stereotypically we are obedient or even submissive and quite far from being smart. First of all, I



A show of strength for International Women’s Day

Jennie Rhodes

Costa Women website and the event costs 59 euros. Lux Mundi in Torre del Mar is inviting women to join them for World Day of Prayer, which is today. The event will be taking place at Torre del Mar’s San Andrés church (opposite Paseo Larios) and will ... start at 5pm. Each year World Day of Prayer, which is organised by the Women’s Christian Movement, invites a different country to choose a theme and lead the activities. This year it is the turn of Zimbabwe and the theme is ‘Rise! Take Your Mat and



Living under the rule of women


...took over the control. In the end this little island in the Baltic Sea became home to one of the world's last matriarchal societies. Today all this feminism on Kihnu is more associated with folk traditions than with female dominance. Thanks to the