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Woman beats up man accused of sexually abusing her niece after luring him with fake job

J. CANO / Á. Frías

A man has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse and a woman for assault after an incident in Malaga city last week. The woman, 52, had asked the builder to go to her home as she needed some work doing to the bathroom. Once there, she attacked him ... with a chair leg for allegedly sexually abusing her adolescent niece, she later told officers. A police patrol in the neighbourhood, answering a call from a woman in the apartment where the incident took place, stopped first to assist the injured man, ... 53, who was on a bench in the street. He told officers that he had been mugged and was taken to hospital. Meanwhile at the apartment, the woman told police she had attacked the man. She said she had invented the story of needing work doing when her



Rincón skate park named after London terrorist attack hero

Eugenio Cabezas

June 2017. Echeverría was hailed the "skate board hero" after trying to save a woman who was being stabbed by one of the terrorists. Tragically Ignacio was killed during the attack. Ignacio's parents, Joaquín and Ana, unveiled a plaque bearing their



British man living in Mallorca goes down with coronavirus


...widely featured in the UK media this week as having brought back coronavirus from Singapore via his ski holiday. A Chinese woman in Valladolid, northern Spain, tested negative for the virus after starting to vomit in a pub. Other drinkers became alarmed


What to do

Helen Mirren, Gustav Klimt and an international war correspondent

Jennie Rhodes

Nerja Cultural Centre, Calle Granada More information. O'Connor will be introducing the film, Woman in Gold, which was released in 2015 and stars Helen Mirren. It is based on the true story of Maria Altmann, an elderly



A singular dilemma


...see a man or woman occupying a lonely table. There is possibly a difference between eating alone at lunchtime and eating alone at dinner, and oddly enough, faced with a choice between eating alone in a hotel restaurant and eating in a bedroom, single



A black Wednesday on Malaga's roads

A. F. / J. C.

It was a black day on the province's roads on Wednesday. The accident scene on the A-355.MANUEL GERMÁN At midday, in an accident on the A-355 near Coín, a man and woman died and two were seriously injured in a multiple pile-up after one



Unseeded Garbiñe Muguruza into the final of the Australian Open

Daryl Finch

Garbiñe Muguruza continues to makes history this week. After becoming the first Spanish woman in twenty years to reach the semi-finals of the Australian Open, the 26-year-old sealed her place in Saturday's final with a tense 7-6 (10-8) 7-5 over



London's view of Picasso through paper


Bust of a Woman or Sailor.Sucesión Pablo Picasso, VEGAP, Málaga, 2020 For his portrait of Josefa Sabastia in Horta de San Juán, in 1898, he used Conté pencil on parchment, which gave it density and definition. When he went to the small village of Gósol



Clean-up continues after floods in Campanillas

IGNACIO LILLO / JUAN SOTO broke its banks. SALVADOR SALAS Downpours left dozens of homes, business and garages flooded, trapping residents inside. One woman was injured in a fall caused by the collapse of a drain and numerous vehicles were damaged after being dragged



Where's the sensitivity?


...middle-aged woman with haggard features and even a gaunt look in her eyes, froze the spirits of the group on that chilly January evening, in a city that was still recovering from the excesses of the Christmas season. Her high tone of voice caught the



Danish woman saved by Local Police officers in Torrox

E. C.

A Local Police officer who saved the life of an 81-year-old British man when he suffered a heart attack in Torrox town centre in December 2018, came to the rescue of a 65-year-old Danish woman also having a heart attack last Sunday. The woman ... asked for help when she was unable to breathe, and a neighbour called the emergency services. Alejandro Ortiz and his colleague Román Eloy were the first to arrive at the woman's house in the Peñoncillo area of Torrox where they performed CPR until



María Gámez, local PSOE high-flyer, becomes the first woman to head the Guardia Civil


With a new government come fresh faces appointed to run the country's top instititions. On Wednesday, history was made when the first woman director general took over the Guardia Civil. María Gámez is a well-known public official and former ... the Defence ministry, as the Guardia Civil is also classed as being part of the military. On hearing the news, Gámez said last week, "The important thing isn't being the first [woman], what's perhaps more important is not being the only one or the



Brit who killed woman in hit-and-run gets two-year sentence

Álvaro Frías / Juan Cano

A British man who failed to stop after running a woman over in San Pedro on 9 May 2016 has been sentenced to two years in prison for manslaughter through negligence and a road safety offence. Westley Capper, the son of millionaire John Capper, ... coercion in the high-profile Agnese Klavina case. After detailed analysis of CCTV footage, the court decided that the young Latvian woman had been forced into a vehicle byCapper against her will outside the Marbella nightclub Aqwa Mist in September 2014.



The inbetweeners

Peter Edgerton house where it belongs, I'd have taken a snap. There happened to be an old woman shuffling across the captivating scene with an empty shopping trolley and an even emptier gaze. It would have been a clumsily cliched 'when the party's over' kind of



Police in Malaga investigate sex video blackmail at a rate of one case a week

JUAN CANO / ÁLVARO FRÍAS of Víctor Sánchez was obtained, but in many cases the victim - generally men - receives a friend request from a woman on social media or messenger service. This is the start of the trap. After a couple of conversations, the woman suggests ... that's all the criminals need. Often, the woman isn't part of the gang; she is another victim. It is almost certainly another video obtained from the internet of a woman who has no idea she is being used to commit extortion. (The cybercriminals are able



Marathon effort raises £1,611 for Gibraltar charity

Ash Bolton

A Gibraltar woman is celebrating after raising £1,611 for charity in memory of her grandfather. Abigail Evans raised the money by running every single day of 2019 in aid of the Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society. The 29-year-old decided to



Body of Chinese tourist found floating near Benalmádena beach

J. C. / Á. F.

The National Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of a woman whose body was found floating near the beach in Benalmádena on Monday. A fisherman at the jetty in front of the Torrequebrada casino reported seeing the lifeless body ... of a fully dressed woman at 9.10am. It appears that the deceased was a 51-year-old tourist, of Chinese origin, who had been reported missing on Sunday. According to sources consulted, the woman was staying with her family in a hotel in



Birth rate in Malaga province at its lowest since records began in 1941


...contrary. Every year the fecundity index (the average number of children per woman of fertile age) falls and the average age of motherhood rises. Ageing and the fall in the birth rate feed each other. They are two sides of the same phenomenon, the so-called



Man accused of sex attack had police record


A 46-year-old man from Vélez-Málaga was arrested last weekend for an alleged sex attack on a woman as she walked home from work on 16 December. The man had allegedly gone to the woman's place of work earlier that day and offered money in exchange



A miracle in the mountains


Audrey has been born again. Or, rather, she was resuscitated thanks to a pioneering revival technique. "It's a miracle," was all she could say at a press conference held recently with her doctors, to explain her experience. On 3 November, the fire



"We go to bed with someone as if we were about to sit an exam"

Ángel Escalera

...generated. If it is hard for a man to be with one woman, you only have to imagine what it would be like for him to be surrounded by five. Are there key stimuli? There are those stimuli, as I said, that we link to our memory of pleasure. They enter



Ambassador's search ends with a sad discovery


British ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott could not have predicted the outcome of his search for a woman who helped him 35 years ago in Burgos. Last week, coinciding with his visit to northern Spain, the ambassador posted a video on social media ... explaining how he wanted to find a woman from Burgos, Lourdes Arnaiz, who took him into her home 35 years ago when he had nowhere to stay en route to Santiago de Compostela. Now, as British ambassador in her country, he wanted to thank her again for her



DNA tests show bones found during search are not Dana's

E. C. / A. F.

Forensic tests have shown that bones found during last Saturday's search for Dana Leonte's body do not belong to the missing Romanian woman. More than 300 people participated in the search in the mountains around Arenas, Sedella and Salaraes,



Experienced mountaineers and hunters asked to join search for Dana


The Guardia Civil along with the Andalusian mountaineering federation (FAM) are calling for experienced mountaineers and hunters to help in a search for any traces of the missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte. The search will take place on Saturday ... Arenas, where she lived with her partner, Sergio Ruiz, found a femur which DNA tests have proved belonged to the woman. However, no other traces have been found since then. FAM stressed that anyone who wishes to take part in the search must be



More than 4,000 protesters "give voices to murdered women" in Malaga march


The first woman to be officially counted as a fatal victim of domestic or gender violence, after the statistic was introduced in 2003, was Yaneth Vargas. Her partner killed her in Fuengirola on 7 January 2003. Since then more than a thousand women



Jury finds victim's former partner guilty of "merciless" La Viñuela murder

Eugenio Cabezas

The jury in the trial of José O. T., the man accused of stabbing his partner and La Viñuela resident María "Adela" Fortes Molina more than 30 times on 13 February 2018, delivered its verdict on Friday. The woman's former partner, something he ... denied, was unanimously found guilty of "mercilessly" stabbing her to death without giving her any chance to defend herself. He is now awaiting sentencing and is facing up to 25 years behind bars. Judges had heard on Wednesday that the murdered woman



"Just because we walk, it doesn't mean we're not competitive"


Viñuela woman with cancer last month, is just one example. This is not surprising for a sport where the emphasis is on community and participation. When walking football was set up in the UK around a decade ago, one of the main objectives was to tackle ... one woman currently plays in the tournament, for Aston Viñuela, but this is a figure the organisers will be looking to boost. Ronnie is confident that greater female participation will come naturally, especially with the increasing focus on women's



Costa town halls support fight for elimination of gender violence

Tony Bryant

...will take place in Benalmádena and Torremolinos, where, collectively, 338 women are currently under police protection: 68 of these are considered to be living under a high risk of further aggression. The Municipal Information Center for Woman (CMIM) ... gather in Plaza Blas Infante for a minute's silence in honour of the victims of gender violence. This will be followed by a flash mob performed by students of IES Playamar. The song chosen for the occasion is Manuel Carrasco's Woman of a Thousand Battles.



Three arrested in connection with Algarrobo mugging and sexual assault


Three men have been arrested following an incident in August in Algarrobo when a woman was mugged and sexually assaulted by three men while putting her three-month-old baby in his car seat. The attack happened on an area of wasteland which is used ... as a car park. One of the men allegedly held a revolver to the woman while he touched her and another took two bags containing money, documents and other personal items. They are believed to have told the woman that they would kill her and her family



Brolly good show

Peter Edgerton

Thwack! The old woman's umbrella hit the rain-sodden pavement with a light splash and immediately cast me onto the horns of a dilemma. The scene unfolded thus: a strikingly tall lady about eighty years old was walking towards me on an otherwise ... frail grasp of the poor despondent woman and risk the bother of being challenged to a terribly inconvenient pistols-at-dawn duel the following morning for my impertinence. I was bracing myself to lurch downwards and incur the young man's wrath when ... something quite extraordinary occurred. The woman swung out one leg horizontally behind her, leaning forward with one of her arms outstretched while the other hand homed in on the brolly which she duly swept up with an elegance not seen since Margot Fonteyn



Athletes out in their numbers in Torremolinos

Tony Bryant

(Club de Atletismo de Nerja) with a time of 00.21.27. María Bravo (Club de Atletismo Rincón de la Victoria) came in first place in the woman's category with a time of 00.26.16.



15 November 2005 | Tony King sentenced to 36 years in prison

Jennie Rhodes

This sentence was not King's last. On 11 May 2006 he was given a further 19 years in jail for the murder of Rocío Wanninkhof in 1999, and was handed seven years that same year for the attempted rape of a woman in Benalmádena in 2001. It was the



Malaga's Carol named world's best beach soccer player


...leading organisation in this sport, recognised by FIFA, was the only one to be awarded to a woman. Before joining Malaga, Carol's list of achievements included gold and two silver medals in the European beach soccer championships with Spain and also won



Belgian man arrested on suspicion of Tolox murder

alvaro frías / FERNANDO TORRES

A Belgian man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a woman in Tolox on Tuesday. He was detained in Belgium under a European Arrest Warrant put out by the Guardia Civil. The victim's body was discovered by her brother, who ... lives in Coín. He became concerned when the woman, named as Ana, did not answer his calls on Tuesday, as they would usually speak on the phone every day. He drove to her house, which is located in a remote rural area in Tolox municipality, home to many ... 112, and the Guardia Civil and an ambulance were dispatched to the location, but were only able to confirm the woman's death. The prime suspect from the start was the now-detainee, a Belgian man with whom Ana had been friends for several months. It



Guardia Civil investigating the death of a Belgian woman in Tolox

fernando torres

A Belgian woman was found dead in her country house in Tolox on Tuesday. Her body was discovered by her brother, who lives in Coín. He became concerned when the woman, named as Ana, did not answer his calls on Tuesday, since they would usually ... reply. When he reached her bedroom, he found her lifeless body under the covers in bed with signs of violence. He immediately called 112, and the Guardia Civil and an ambulance were dispatched to the location, but were only able to confirm the woman ... said that he came and went from Belgium but did not have a permanent residence in the Malaga province. Preliminary investigations suggest that the woman died in the early hours of the morning. Neighbours said they heard a vehicle at around five in the



A lifelong passion for music

Ash Bolton

Sing. Shirley and her partner started attending the expat social club Let's Meet Manilva, as they didn't know anyone in the area when they first arrived. She explained: "A woman called Deborah Young said it would be great to have a local community