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Body of Chinese tourist found floating near Benalmádena beach

J. C. / Á. F.

The National Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of a woman whose body was found floating near the beach in Benalmádena on Monday. A fisherman at the jetty in front of the Torrequebrada casino reported seeing the lifeless body ... of a fully dressed woman at 9.10am. It appears that the deceased was a 51-year-old tourist, of Chinese origin, who had been reported missing on Sunday. According to sources consulted, the woman was staying with her family in a hotel in



Police in Malaga investigate sex video blackmail at a rate of one case a week

JUAN CANO / ÁLVARO FRÍAS of Víctor Sánchez was obtained, but in many cases the victim - generally men - receives a friend request from a woman on social media or messenger service. This is the start of the trap. After a couple of conversations, the woman suggests ... that's all the criminals need. Often, the woman isn't part of the gang; she is another victim. It is almost certainly another video obtained from the internet of a woman who has no idea she is being used to commit extortion. (The cybercriminals are able



Man accused of sex attack had police record


A 46-year-old man from Vélez-Málaga was arrested last weekend for an alleged sex attack on a woman as she walked home from work on 16 December. The man had allegedly gone to the woman's place of work earlier that day and offered money in exchange



The inbetweeners

Peter Edgerton house where it belongs, I'd have taken a snap. There happened to be an old woman shuffling across the captivating scene with an empty shopping trolley and an even emptier gaze. It would have been a clumsily cliched 'when the party's over' kind of



A miracle in the mountains


Audrey has been born again. Or, rather, she was resuscitated thanks to a pioneering revival technique. "It's a miracle," was all she could say at a press conference held recently with her doctors, to explain her experience. On 3 November, the fire



DNA tests show bones found during search are not Dana's

E. C. / A. F.

Forensic tests have shown that bones found during last Saturday's search for Dana Leonte's body do not belong to the missing Romanian woman. More than 300 people participated in the search in the mountains around Arenas, Sedella and Salaraes,



Guardia Civil investigating the death of a Belgian woman in Tolox

fernando torres

A Belgian woman was found dead in her country house in Tolox on Tuesday. Her body was discovered by her brother, who lives in Coín. He became concerned when the woman, named as Ana, did not answer his calls on Tuesday, since they would usually ... reply. When he reached her bedroom, he found her lifeless body under the covers in bed with signs of violence. He immediately called 112, and the Guardia Civil and an ambulance were dispatched to the location, but were only able to confirm the woman ... said that he came and went from Belgium but did not have a permanent residence in the Malaga province. Preliminary investigations suggest that the woman died in the early hours of the morning. Neighbours said they heard a vehicle at around five in the



Experienced mountaineers and hunters asked to join search for Dana


The Guardia Civil along with the Andalusian mountaineering federation (FAM) are calling for experienced mountaineers and hunters to help in a search for any traces of the missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte. The search will take place on Saturday ... Arenas, where she lived with her partner, Sergio Ruiz, found a femur which DNA tests have proved belonged to the woman. However, no other traces have been found since then. FAM stressed that anyone who wishes to take part in the search must be



Dutch woman dies after falling overboard from a cruise ship


A 75-year-old Dutch woman died after falling into the ocean from the Costa Pacífica cruise ship last Friday night. It is reported that the woman fell overboard from deck eight, plunging 15 metres into the water, while the ship was approaching the ... Mediterranean from the Atlantic. Maritime Rescue received an emergency call at 10.43pm last Friday night and immediately initiated a search and rescue operation for the missing woman. The María Zambrano rescue boat and the Helimer 207 helicopter were ... dispatched to the area which also received assistance from NATO units which were in the area at the time. Eventually, the woman's body was recovered by the María Zambrano rescue boat at 8.58am the next day, 45 miles south-east of Trafalgar in Cadiz



Three arrested in connection with Algarrobo mugging and sexual assault


Three men have been arrested following an incident in August in Algarrobo when a woman was mugged and sexually assaulted by three men while putting her three-month-old baby in his car seat. The attack happened on an area of wasteland which is used ... as a car park. One of the men allegedly held a revolver to the woman while he touched her and another took two bags containing money, documents and other personal items. They are believed to have told the woman that they would kill her and her family



Belgian man arrested on suspicion of Tolox murder

alvaro frías / FERNANDO TORRES

A Belgian man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a woman in Tolox on Tuesday. He was detained in Belgium under a European Arrest Warrant put out by the Guardia Civil. The victim's body was discovered by her brother, who ... lives in Coín. He became concerned when the woman, named as Ana, did not answer his calls on Tuesday, as they would usually speak on the phone every day. He drove to her house, which is located in a remote rural area in Tolox municipality, home to many ... 112, and the Guardia Civil and an ambulance were dispatched to the location, but were only able to confirm the woman's death. The prime suspect from the start was the now-detainee, a Belgian man with whom Ana had been friends for several months. It



The only woman at the sardine fire

SUSANA ZAMORA 'espetera'. She is one of the select group of professionals responsible for the skewers of sardines ('espetos')cooked on the open wood fires at beach restaurants. And she is the only woman in Malaga province in this traditionally male role. But ... how exactly did a woman from the coastless province of Cáceres end up cooking what is the Costa del Sol's most traditional seaside dish? "When I arrived in Malaga, I'd never seen an espeto before and I was fascinated by this way of cooking sardines ... feel about being the only woman in a typically male profession? "I don't understand it because women are now in all professions. A woman can do the job as well as a man, if not better. In general we women are perfectionists, organised, disciplined,



Dana's partner arrested after a woman's bone is found near Arenas

A. P. / J. C. / E. C

The partner of missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, was arrested on Wednesday after a bone, which preliminary DNA checks have revealed belong to a woman, were found near the village of Arenas, where the couple lived with their baby daughter. ... The bone has been sent off for urgent forensic test to ascertain if it belonged to the missing woman. Sergio Ruiz's arrest comes after police stepped up the investigation into Leonte's disappearance in June following the discovery of the bone as well ... brother, Florín Leonte, has maintained that the woman would never leave her baby daughter and that her partner was behind her disappearance. Ruiz's lawyer, Juanjo Moreno, said on Thursday that his client maintains he is innocent and "is very calm".



Spain's first woman general is appointed


Patricia Ortega has been appointed the first woman general at a ceremony in Madrid. The 56-year-old was among the first intake of women into the army in 1988 after graduating as an agronomist. She is now director of the national institute of



Woman on trial for causing death of chihuahua in Malaga


A woman, charged with causing the death of a chihuahua, will appear in court on 28 October. The public prosecutor's office is calling for a 12-month prison sentence for the accused. The alleged crime took place over the Christmas of 2015, when the ... woman left the chihuahua and another mixed-breed dog in her locked house in Alhaurín el Grande, "without food, water, ventilation or even sunlight". It was the woman's neighbour who alerted officers in January 2016, after hearing constant barking and ... dehydration caused by the accused, who, knowing that the animals were in the house, left them in those conditions". In addition to the possible 12-month prison sentence, the prosecutor is calling for a three-year ban on the woman working with or owning



Cristina isn't giving in

Ángel Escalera

So far this year Cristina Cosano has been in hospital several times, including in the intensive care unit (UCI). In total, she has spent six months and nine days in the Regional Hospital (formerly the Carlos Haya hospital) during 2019. The reason she



Woman is suspected of causing series of fires in the Bello Horizonte and Los Monteros areas


A 60-year-old Spanish woman from Marbella was arrested on Monday on suspicion of causing three recent fires in the Bello Horizonte and Los Monteros areas, the third on Monday this week. Police suspicions were raised following reports of a woman ... in a red car in the area of each of the fires, which were started around the same time on each date. Flammable material and several lighters were found in the vehicle upon the woman's arrest.



Chief suspect in Dana Leonte case prevents suicide of fellow inmate

J. C. / A. F. / F. T. be bones of animals that live in the area, sources close to the investigation have said that some appear to be human remains. The bones have been sent off for testing to see if they correspond to the woman's DNA. Police have said that they could



Marathon effort raises £1,611 for Gibraltar charity

Ash Bolton

A Gibraltar woman is celebrating after raising £1,611 for charity in memory of her grandfather. Abigail Evans raised the money by running every single day of 2019 in aid of the Gibraltar Alzheimer's & Dementia Society. The 29-year-old decided to



A facial reconstruction is made of a Neolithic woman from Gibraltar 7,500 years ago

Debbie Bartlett

We now know what a Neolithic woman who lived in Gibraltar 7,500 years ago looked like, thanks to the facial reconstruction of a skull found in a burial site inside a cave near Europa Point in 1996. Using DNA technology, archaeologists and experts ... at The Gibraltar Museum have painstakingly reproduced the facial characteristics of the dark-haired, dark-eyed woman. It has been named 'Calpeia', and was unveiled this week by Heritage Minister, Dr John Cortes.



Woman held over killing of father and stabbing of mother

J. C. / Á. F.

A 45-year-old woman has been arrested in Malaga, accused of beating her father to death and stabbing her mother, who required hospital treatment. The alarm was raised at 6am on Tuesday morning by the victims' grandchildren (the children of the ... alleged attacker) who were woken by the strong smell of gas coming from the gas tap in the kitchen that had been left open by the alleged assailant. They then discovered the scene and alerted the emergency services. Upon arrival, they treated the woman ... psychiatric ward of the Hospital Clínico for an examination. The police believe that by leaving the gas tap open, the woman was also trying to end the life of her children.



Policeman saves woman choking on a grape

C. M.

A Local Police officer in Marbella saved a women who almost choked to death at the town's market on Tuesday. Having received a radio call, he rode his motorcycle to where the woman was being treated for what was thought to be a collapse. "But



Judge in Dana Leonte case maintains partner hit her with bat


The judge leading the investigation into the disappearance and suspected murder of missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, has maintained that evidence shows that Leonte's partner, Sergio Ruiz, hit her on the head with a bat, leaving her ... daughter. Police using sniffer dogs, drones and satellites continue their search for the missing woman's body in the area where a thigh bone, which has been linked to her through DNA tests, was found last week. Geolocation tests carried out on the



Woman held over cocaine-lined anoraks


A 21-year-old Brazilian woman was detained on arrival at Malaga Airport after police inspected her luggage and found four anoraks with around a kilo of a white powdery substance in the lining of each. Later tests showed positive for cocaine. The ... woman, who arrived from her home country, had taken a flight via Zurich supposedly in order to avoid detection.



20-year-old woman rescued from fire

Eugenio Cabezas

A 20-year-old woman was rescued from a fire in her home in the village of Canillas de Albaida last Sunday. Neighbours noticed flames coming from the first floor of the building where the woman was asleep. The other three homes in the building ... were empty at the time. Rescuers, who included the village's mayor, Jorge Martín, managed to wake the woman and bring her to safety.



Brits Capper and Porter found guilty of coercion, but not of kidnapping Latvian woman

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

The two British men on trial in Malaga in March in connection with the disappearance of Latvian woman Agnese Klavina have been found guilty of coercion and not of kidnapping as the Prosecution Department had called for. The court has sentenced ... one day) sentence for his role as Capper's accomplice. Agnese Klavina.SUR The young Latvian woman has not been seen since, however the court did not find that the evidence, in the form of CCTV footage, proved that the British pair had kidnapped



“I killed the woman I loved out of love”

Tony Bryant

...he feels that he made the correct decision to let Charlee die. “She was an incredibly brave woman and I am responsible for her death, but I know I have given her the ultimate gift. I killed the one I loved out of love. I gave her what she wanted.



Venus of Marbella to get new eye-catching home off the paseo

Nieves Castro

...yes, the council needs to wait for the regional ministry for the Environment's approval for the move, which is expected shortly. The sculpture is of a woman waterskiing and the plan is to place it in a 53-square-metre ellipse of water, at an angle to



"Every successful woman must clear the path for other women to do the same"


...women achieve these same goals. The responsibility of every woman climbing the career ladder is to let others climb it too. Sometimes we are worried that, after all the hard work it took, another woman may take our place. That can sometimes be the reason ... respected. Work environments are more positive when we value empathy and collaboration. Do you consider yourself an inspiration for other women? Any woman who has climbed the ladder is an inspiration for other women. Many women have inspired me and if ... I can do that for others, that's great. That's why I think I have a certain degree of responsibility to help others. Your father told you that there will be two problems in your career: "being a woman and being black". Has that been the case? I



Birth rate in Malaga province at its lowest since records began in 1941


...contrary. Every year the fecundity index (the average number of children per woman of fertile age) falls and the average age of motherhood rises. Ageing and the fall in the birth rate feed each other. They are two sides of the same phenomenon, the so-called



Woman held over fake rape claim allegation

Juan cano / Alvaro frías

A woman has been held on suspicion of making up that she was kidnapped and gang-raped in order to hide a sexual liaison. The incident was reported in June, when the accused said she was taken by car from a bus stop and attacked. A neighbour has



Man arrested over alleged rape of British tourist in Marbella apartment


A British man has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 19-year-old British woman during her holiday in Marbella. Reports of the crime were made by the woman herself, who appeared at Hospital Costa del Sol, claiming that she had been the victim ... of sexual assault. The alleged attack occurred during a night out drinking, when the woman, accompanied by her female friend, went out into town, having consumed a large quantity of alcohol. It was in the streets of Marbella that the two women ... into the bathroom and closing the door behind him. The young woman recalls being raped by the British man, who, according to the 19-year-old's accusations, continued despite her asking him to stop. She claims that her drunken state was what inhibited



Woman killed in Estepona had been planning to split up with her husband


The death of 58-year-old Gloria on Saturday night left her local community in shock. She was an independent and sociable woman who was very active in her local community. Her friends described her as a "determined and enterprising" woman who was