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A woman and her daughter lived with mother's body for nearly a year in Istán

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

Guardia Civil officers have found the body of a British woman, who apparently died nearly a year ago, hidden in the home of her daughter and granddaughter in Istán. The body, reduced to a mummified skeleton, was found late last Friday night after ... the dead woman's former son-in-law learned of the situation and encouraged his teenage daughter to go to the police. The adolescent and her mother had apparently been living in the house with the body hidden under a mattress in a spare room since ... she died. Sources told SUR that officers found the house in a dirty and untidy condition, especially the room where the body was found. The woman was born in 1946 in the UK. Her body showed no initial signs of violence however a post mortem



Brits accused of kidnapping Latvian woman tell court they don't know where she is

juan Cano / áLVARO fRÍAS

The two British men accused of the kidnapping of a Latvian woman in Marbella in 2014, told a Malaga court on Monday that they did not know where she was. Westley Capper, the son of British multimillionaire John Capper, and Craig Porter, face ... prison sentences of 12 years and damages of more than 80,000 euros for the disappearance of Agnese Klavina. The trial began on Monday in Malaga's provincial court. The young woman was last seen leaving the Aqwa Mist nightclub in Puerto Banús on 6 ... that the woman got into the car of her own accord and he had to close the door twice because the first time it didn't close properly. "Nothing unusual" On Tuesday Agnese's sister, called as a witness, told the court that there was nothing unusual



Britons accused of kidnapping Latvian woman tell court they don't know what happened to her


The two British men accused of the kidnapping of a Latvian woman in Marbella in 2014, told a Malaga court on Monday that they did not know where she was. Westley Capper, the son of British multimillionaire John Capper, and Craig Porter, face ... specialists explained their conclusions after analysing the CCTV footage showing Agnese leaving the nightclub and getting in the car with Capper and Porter. They explained that the last images of the missing woman show that she was afraid. The experts is ... analysing body language said that Capper invades the young woman's intimate space which indicates a threat and she moves backwards "to recover her space". The images show a struggle in which the woman makes defensive gestures while the defendant "holds



Fuengirola woman stabbed to death by husband in front of couple's son

Iván Gelibter / Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

The 47-year-old woman who was found stabbed to death in her home in Fuengirola on Saturday had moved out of the family home just a month and a half ago to start a new life after 30 years with the man who is now being held in connection with her



American skier Lindsey Vonn to receive Princess of Asturias award


For the first time in ten years, a woman has been awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Sports. Lindsey Vonn is the skier with the highest number of victories (82) in the history of the Alpine Ski World Cup, four wins off the absolute record of ... tibia. Theresa Zabell from Malaga, president of the Ecomar Foundation, proposed her candidacy. The skier will be only the sixth woman to win in the category in 33 editions. The last one was ten years ago, the Russian athlete Yelena Isinbáyeva, while the ... before her came Steffi Graff in 1999, just one year after Arantxa Sánchez Vicario had won it. The first woman to open the list of winners was Martina Navratilova in 1994, 365 days before the Algerian athlete Hassiba Boulmerka.



Local and regional politicians revisit Río Chíllar control plans after latest rescue

Eugenio Cabezas

Last Sunday's rescue of a 34-year-old woman, along with her three daughters and two nieces, from the Río Chíllar in Nerja has once again brought to the fore the lack of control or safety measures at the popular beauty spot. Swedish tourist, ... the river by the woman's brother. At around 9pm the group decided to head back as it was getting dark. However, they were unable to find the path they had taken and, wearing flip-flops, it became too difficult for them to walk. Despite poor



Woman held over brutal moped attack in Malaga

J. C. / Á. F.

A woman has been arrested in Malaga following an attack on another woman, 31, in which she beat her repeatedly until she was unconscious and then ran over her upper body with a moped. She fled the scene before multiple witness statements helped



False cosmetic surgery doctor "practised from home for ten years"

Álvaro frías \ Juan Cano

A court has been hearing how a woman carried out minor plastic surgery operations for almost 10 years without being a qualified doctor or having a proper consulting surgery. The accusation of a customer who claims her face was disfigured has now ... been brought to trial and prosecutors are asking for a seven-year prison sentence. From 1999 to 2008 the woman supposedly promoted her services and invited customers to her home where she operated on them in poor hygienic conditions. According to



Woman accused of offering fake gigolo jobs

Juan Cano / Álavaro Frías

A woman is on trial at Malaga's criminal court for scamming men with the false offer of gigolo work, by making them pay a sign-up fee to access a nonexistent work pool. It is thought that the woman has tricked 310 people since 2011 and defrauded


What to do

An exhibition highlighting ethnic and cultural inequalities

Tony Bryant

...awareness and change, the contemporary art gallery is hosting a special exhibition called 'Be a Woman and Smile', a group exhibition with a common message: "Fight for a change in order to give women the power to express themselves with art". INFORMATION ... What. Exhibition called 'Be a Woman and Smile'. Where. es.Arte Gallery, Av. del Mediterráneo, 20, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara. When. Until Friday 29 March. A total of 15 national and international artists have come together to exhibit their work, ... respect and equality. The collection will be inaugurated at 7pm on Friday (today) to coincide with International Woman's Day. The artists will be on hand to discuss their work and answer any questions regarding their inspiration, style and technique.



Pastures new for abandoned animals

Tony Bryant

After much deliberation concerning the future of her country house set in four acres of land in the Montes de Málaga, an Irish woman with a heart of gold has decided to donate the property to be used as an animal sanctuary. Gráinne O'Carroll, ... lucky. "Grace is an incredible woman, she has a heart of gold and she will always have a special place in our hearts. She will always have true friends here and we will always be thankful to her," Fran said .



Woman dies near Vélez trying to cross a swollen river after Tuesday's rain


A 50-year-old woman was killed on Tuesday evening in the Vélez-Málaga municipality when she was swept away while trying to cross a swollen stream with her husband. The tragedy happened at 8.30pm in a rural area towards the village of Arenas known ... as Hacienda Macarena. Her husband called emergency services as soon as the accident but it was too late to save her. The woman's body was found later the same evening some two kilometres further downstream. At the time that the woman was swept


What to do

The art that saw women as perverse

regina sotorrío

...someone characterised by determination or willfulness. In the mid-19th century, art tended towards the first definition, portraying the cursed beauty of the woman who leads to the destruction of the man. But by the 20th century there had been a ... new woman. "I find it very interesting and relevant at the present time, when women are often in the news. This exhibition will have an effect," said Baroness Carmen Thyssen, president of the Palacio Villalón Foundation at the launch of the ... strong red colour of the walls is a warning that this is an "intense" exhbition. The first picture is a woman in an attitude of waiting, sensual, with a see-through blouse and, of course, she is a red-head, the colour of danger. In 1880 Georges Clairin



Adiós to the woman behind the Superman suit


Superman suit in honour of Blake, then the president of the Spanish Film Academy, who created the original costume worn by Christopher Reeve four decades ago. Being at the helm of Spanish film was the British woman's last but one role - she later became ... paella lunch and a conversation with the only member of the Spanish team who spoke English led the young woman to stay in this country, where she was to continue with her career in the film industry for the next five decades. Her work won her an Oscar



"Just because we walk, it doesn't mean we're not competitive"


Viñuela woman with cancer last month, is just one example. This is not surprising for a sport where the emphasis is on community and participation. When walking football was set up in the UK around a decade ago, one of the main objectives was to tackle ... one woman currently plays in the tournament, for Aston Viñuela, but this is a figure the organisers will be looking to boost. Ronnie is confident that greater female participation will come naturally, especially with the increasing focus on women's



15 November 2005 | Tony King sentenced to 36 years in prison

Jennie Rhodes

This sentence was not King's last. On 11 May 2006 he was given a further 19 years in jail for the murder of Rocío Wanninkhof in 1999, and was handed seven years that same year for the attempted rape of a woman in Benalmádena in 2001. It was the



A woman finds bullet holes in her car in Malaga city


The police are investigating a case in Las Flores district of Malaga, where a woman who had parked her car in the street overnight returned to it the next morning and found several bullet holes in the bodywork. When questioned, it appears that