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Andalusian MEP warns of "difficult and dangerous" times ahead for the Costa tourism industry

Tony Bryant

Member of the European Parliament, Clara Aguilera García, visited the Costa del Sol last week to participate in a conference concerning the UK's troubled withdrawal agreement from the EU. The conference was held at the Palacio de Congresos in ... "At the moment the situation is complicated and the ambience is not very good"Highlighting the current problems the British government is facing with regards to its withdrawal policy, she went on to say that there were "difficult and dangerous" times



Chief minister speaks about Brexit and the Campo de Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

Brexit in San Roque (Cadiz) this week and, especially, yesterday when Fabian Picardo, the chief minister, gave a talk on how Britain's withdrawal from the EU would affect not only Gibraltar but the Campo de Gibraltar area as well. The large room was



Crowdfunding to pay for Genalguacil art festival


A well-known art festival in the mountain village of Genalguacil, near Ronda, is using crowdfunding to save the annual event which should have started on Wednesday. Following the withdrawal of funding by the Diputacíon provincial authority over a



MEPs updated on Brexit progress at the European Parliament

Debbie Bartlett

...had voted to remain in the EU it is likely that people would want a closer relationship going forward. The MEPs showed considerable interest in the details of the Gibraltar Protocol which will be attached to the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK



No sovereignty issues for Gibraltar in EU draft Withdrawal Agreement, says government

Debbie Bartlett

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo issued reassuring statements for the people of Gibraltar on Thursday, following the publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU. ·Brexit draft deal angers Brits in Europe : Page 22 With ... and the definition of the United Kingdom in the Withdrawal Agreement. There are no matters which in any way challenge our fundamental positions on any key issues. I expect to make a ministerial statement explaining the details of the Protocol and the ... Memoranda of Understanding next week. I am satisfied that the aspects of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement which relate to Gibraltar work for Gibraltar. There are many more documents to be published so that every part of the Protocol and its effect on



Gibraltar a sticking point for Spain in run-up to Brexit deal ratification

Debbie Bartlett

Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar's chief minister, warned a few weeks ago that there would be a period of "peaks and troughs" ahead before the withdrawal agreement between the UK and EU over Brexit was sealed. This week his words have proven to be almost ... over the Gibraltar Protocol which has to be attached to the UK/EU withdrawal agreement. The Gibraltar government, which has been negotiating Brexit directly with Spain and with the UK, also explained that work was continuing on several Memoranda of ... Understanding and these had almost been agreed, but pointed out that, in any case, they are separate from the withdrawal agreement and neither depended on the other. Meanwhile, Theresa May appeared to have backing for the UK's withdrawal agreement, and it was