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UK confirms support for Gibraltar as Spain pushes for further veto

Debbie Bartlett

...question put to her by the DUP's Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, May reiterated comments she had made on Monday regarding Gibraltar and the Brexit negotiations. “We and the EU have been clear that Gibraltar is covered by the withdrawal agreement and our Article



Míchel out of ideas as Malaga's slide to Segunda continues

Daryl Finch

...debut on a cold winter night on the south coast and was perhaps the only bright spark for Míchel's team which struggled for quality possession in dangerous areas. Adalberto Peñaranda toiled until his withdrawal after 60 minutes, but could only draw the



Gibraltar government reacts strongly to post-Brexit proposals

Debbie Bartlett

...draft legal text on the Withdrawal Arrangement proposed that Spain's extra veto under Clause 24 should also be applied to any transition period relating to Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. The Gibraltar government was quick to respond on



An ongoing dispute

Mark Nayler

Linea de la Concepción every day to work there. That's not how Dastis' proposals will go down in London, though. May's (completely hopeless) government is likely to maintain that Britain's withdrawal from the EU won't make Gibraltar any less part of



Changing place


...latter's withdrawal from the EU. And that's not all. The Zaragoza-born economist will take up a position in a minority government for which the passing of legislation is proving unprecedentedly difficult. No wonder De Guindos can't wait to get on the



German MPs on fact-finding visit to Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

...and constitutional relationship with the UK and the EU, Gibraltar's economy and the implications of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. The MPs were from the Saxony-Anhalt parliamentary committee on Federal Affairs, European Affairs and the



Gibraltar could still be left out of Brexit transition period, says Barnier

Debbie Bartlett

...arrangements for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union if the UK and Spain are unable to reach agreement over matters such as joint control of Gibraltar airport, taxation, contraband and the environment. As far as the UK and Gibraltar governments are ... concerned, Gibraltar was included in the provisional withdrawal deal, but Barnier's remarks highlighted the possibility of Spain using the “lever” it insisted upon and having the power to make Gibraltar leave the EU in March next year without the cushioning



Infant screen addiction


...amount of sleep. “The symptoms start with a lack of interest in everything outside of the screen,” explains Barraca. “They will show anxiety and withdrawal symptoms if they're not connected. As with drug use, the addiction to online gambling brings with ... for the use of these technologies, meaning that, when you stop using, you experience withdrawal symptoms.” Children, regardless of gender, are all vulnerable to this addictive digital content. It is especially common if the child is shy or finds it



Andalusian MEP warns of "difficult and dangerous" times ahead for the Costa tourism industry

Tony Bryant

Member of the European Parliament, Clara Aguilera García, visited the Costa del Sol last week to participate in a conference concerning the UK's troubled withdrawal agreement from the EU. The conference was held at the Palacio de Congresos in ... "At the moment the situation is complicated and the ambience is not very good"Highlighting the current problems the British government is facing with regards to its withdrawal policy, she went on to say that there were "difficult and dangerous" times



Chief minister speaks about Brexit and the Campo de Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

Brexit in San Roque (Cadiz) this week and, especially, yesterday when Fabian Picardo, the chief minister, gave a talk on how Britain's withdrawal from the EU would affect not only Gibraltar but the Campo de Gibraltar area as well. The large room was



Crowdfunding to pay for Genalguacil art festival


A well-known art festival in the mountain village of Genalguacil, near Ronda, is using crowdfunding to save the annual event which should have started on Wednesday. Following the withdrawal of funding by the Diputacíon provincial authority over a



MEPs updated on Brexit progress at the European Parliament

Debbie Bartlett

...had voted to remain in the EU it is likely that people would want a closer relationship going forward. The MEPs showed considerable interest in the details of the Gibraltar Protocol which will be attached to the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK



No sovereignty issues for Gibraltar in EU draft Withdrawal Agreement, says government

Debbie Bartlett

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo issued reassuring statements for the people of Gibraltar on Thursday, following the publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU. ·Brexit draft deal angers Brits in Europe : Page 22 With ... and the definition of the United Kingdom in the Withdrawal Agreement. There are no matters which in any way challenge our fundamental positions on any key issues. I expect to make a ministerial statement explaining the details of the Protocol and the ... Memoranda of Understanding next week. I am satisfied that the aspects of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement which relate to Gibraltar work for Gibraltar. There are many more documents to be published so that every part of the Protocol and its effect on



Gibraltar a sticking point for Spain in run-up to Brexit deal ratification

Debbie Bartlett

Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar's chief minister, warned a few weeks ago that there would be a period of "peaks and troughs" ahead before the withdrawal agreement between the UK and EU over Brexit was sealed. This week his words have proven to be almost ... over the Gibraltar Protocol which has to be attached to the UK/EU withdrawal agreement. The Gibraltar government, which has been negotiating Brexit directly with Spain and with the UK, also explained that work was continuing on several Memoranda of ... Understanding and these had almost been agreed, but pointed out that, in any case, they are separate from the withdrawal agreement and neither depended on the other. Meanwhile, Theresa May appeared to have backing for the UK's withdrawal agreement, and it was



Brexit agreement signed, but the political wrangling continues in Spain and UK

Debbie Bartlett

The EU Council signed the Withdrawal Agreement and approved the Political Declaration on Sunday despite earlier threats by Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez that he would not even attend the meeting unless his concerns about the Gibraltar aspect ... were resolved. The situation was finally sorted out when the UK provided additional declarations regarding the interpretation of Article 184 in the Withdrawal Agreement. They followed these up immediately after the signing with letters from ... to the territorial scope of the Withdrawal Agreement, he stressed that: "the Government of the United Kingdom further restates that it will negotiate the future agreements implementing the Joint Political Declaration on behalf of all territories for



Open letter from the ambassador to British nationals living in Spain


I wanted to update you on the recent developments on our exit from the EU. As many of you are no doubt aware, on Sunday 25 November, there was a special European Council on Brexit. EU leaders agreed the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration ... agreement. If approved, the Withdrawal Agreement will secure the rights of one million UK nationals living in the EU. It means that the 300,000 British people who have chosen to make Spain their home have a legal guarantee that they will be allowed to stay ... Withdrawal Agreement. Under the current rules, UK nationals living in Spain must register with the Spanish authorities (at the Oficina de Extranjeros or at a designated local police station) to be legally resident here. Therefore, I and the team strongly



A further week of Brexit turmoil sees pound fall sharply against the euro

Jennie Rhodes

...the Withdrawal Agreement would be delayed until "before 21 January", causing the pound to drop sharply against the euro. The effects were felt strongly among pensioners on the Costa del Sol and those transferring money, who saw less money going into ... Vince Cable said that the prime minister "must change course" over her Withdrawal Agreement. Meanwhile DUP leader, Arlene Foster, had already made it clear that her party, which reached a deal with the Conservatives to keep May in power after the last



Blow for Gibraltar as EU excludes it from no-deal contingency plans


...therefore Gibraltar, leaves without a deal - although this has always been seen as the worst scenario for the Rock. Chief minister Fabian Picardo and his team, who negotiated the Gibraltar Protocol and Memoranda of Understanding, insist that the Withdrawal



Prepared for the worst

Mark Nayler

...agreed deal on its withdrawal terms - Pedro Sánchez's administration is working on measures to protect the rights of British citizens living in Spain and Spaniards based in the UK. Appallingly, two and a half years after the Brexit referendum, this is ... consistently disappointing as regards Britain's withdrawal from the EU. Cast your mind back to beginning of December, when Simon Manley, the UK's Ambassador to Spain, sent out an open letter designed to assure British residents living over here. Published in ... SUR in English on December 7th, the letter cited the Withdrawal Agreement due to be voted on in UK parliament on December 11th: if approved, said Manley, the deal would mean "that the 300,000 British people who have chosen to make Spain their home have



Picardo and Garcia in London Brexit talks

Debbie Bartlett

Chief minister Fabian Picardo and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia spent two days in London this week for meetings related to Brexit. The discussions included preparations for a no-deal Brexit in the event that the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement ... is not approved by the UK Parliament. The Gibraltar government has already made it clear that it is planning for all outcomes, and has begun issuing information about how Gibraltar would be affected both in the event of the Withdrawal Agreement



Brits in Spain more concerned about future after the rejection of Brexit deal prolongs uncertainty


...residents Spanish government reiterates message of reassurance in new Brexit web resource The 19-vote difference means that Theresa May's Conservative party was given a mandate by Parliament to continue to negotiate some sort of withdrawal deal. ... rejection of May's deal means that the "anguish" felt by Britons is being extended and that people she talks to are "more worried than ever". For Sue Wilson, chair of anti-Brexit group, Bremain in Spain, the collapse of the Withdrawal Deal was as welcome ... local elections regardless of the outcome of Brexit. Theresa May now has until Monday to come up with a new plan for EU withdrawal, which has been dubbed 'Brexit Plan B', with a debate in the House of Commons likely on Tuesday 29 January. She called



Consul and town halls continue to stress the importance of registering as residents


This week's vote against the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons has not affected the ongoing campaign by Brexpats and the British consulate to encourage people to make their residency in Spain official in preparation for Brexit. NEXT ... reality any British citizen who spends more than three months in Spain in the space of six months will be here illegally," said Arbouin after the Marbella meeting. The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, stated after the Withdrawal Agreement was



Spanish government reiterates message of reassurance in new Brexit web resource


...official Moncloa website. Published in English and Spanish, the information states: "In the case of withdrawal without an agreement, the contingency measures the Government of Spain is working on seek to safeguard the interests of British citizens who, ... prior to the date on which the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union takes place, exercised their right to free movement and reside in Spain." British Ambassador Simon Manley said this week: "Whatever happens in the days and weeks to



Tory humiliation


...gave a resounding 'no' to her Withdrawal Agreement from the EU, while 212 who voted in favour. May quickly announced the start of another negotiation which, as the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, she can no longer lead, because even a large part of



Minority status

Mark Nayler

...with the PSOE last October. The fact that Sánchez's budget negotiations are beginning several months later than they should have done also means that they will run parallel to final preparations for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. Both processes



Figuring it out

Mark Nayler

withdrawal from the EU makes it difficult to predict how Spanish exports to the UK will perform in the medium-term future. No "you-know-what", Sherlock. Despite a dip in Spanish exports to the UK, though, the relationship between Madrid and London is as



Experts from UK and Spain call for positive approach to Brexit at top-level forum in Malaga

Rachel Haynes

...on the Costa discussing the local impact of Brexit, the main show continued in Brussels on Thursday. Theresa May was meeting with the European Commission to try to find a way to get the Irish border backstop removed from the Withdrawal Agreement in ... deliver a Brexit deal on time as the clock ticks towards a current exit date of 29 March. While the EU said on Thursday that the Withdrawal Agreement was untouchable, it did stress the importance of continuing to keep dialogue open and that talks could ... stumbling block. He said that if the EU did agree to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, which so far is not the case, any new deal would have to be on the table by 23 February for its to go through parliament in time. While he agreed that the



Spanish government approves contingency plans for no-deal Brexit

EFE acceptable, he said, if there were a real chance of it being used to get the withdrawal agreement passed by the British parliament, or if the parliament deciding to stay in the customs union or to hold a second referendum.



UK parliament votes to ringfence citizens' rights, regardless of deal

Jennie Rhodes

The House of Commons has passed the amendment to the UK Withdrawal Agreement that seeks to ringfence rights for Britons living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK, regardless of the circumstances under which the exit eventually occurs. The ... withdrawal agreement that includes citizens' rights to be implemented at "the earliest opportunity", regardless of the outcome of negotiations, gained cross-party support. Costa thanked the umbrella group British in Europe, which represents Britons living



What will happen if there is no deal or a hard Brexit?


The Spanish government's contingency measures to protect British residents' rights issued last week would only come into effect if Britain did not reach a broader Brexit deal with the EU in the Withdrawal Agreement that UK MPs will vote on next



Spanish government approves decree giving rights to British residents in a no-deal Brexit

SUR IN ENGLISH to back the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement in a vote on 12 March, Prime Minister Theresa May has agreed to asking them to decide whether Britain should go for no-deal with the EU and leave on 29 March, or ask for an extension, keeping Britain in the EU ... resident in Spain would be broadly kept the same as now in the extreme case of no deal with the EU. This vote of confidence from Spain, along with the EU's draft Withdrawal Agreement confirming citizens' rights if there is the opposite outcome and an exit



Mijas is to open the first Brexit information office in Malaga province

Ivan Gelibter

withdrawal from the European Union. He explained that the Junta de Andalucía is drawing up a programme of measures to prepare for Brexit, and the council is setting up a working group to look at all the questions that should be covered in the document, so the



EU agrees to Brexit delay but length depends on May's deal vote

Jennie Rhodes

After MPs voted overwhelmingly for an extension to article 50 last week, on Monday, House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, rejected a third meaningful vote on Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement, stating that the deal had to be "fundamentally different -