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Withdrawal Agreement leaves plenty up in the air

Jennie Rhodes brexit

...remain unchanged up to 31 December 2020 and beyond if registered by then. That said, there are many consequences of Brexit which some argue have been overlooked in the Withdrawal Agreement, especially those affecting people of working age and with EU ... Barcelona. His work in IT means that he currently spends a lot of time in Lisbon and in the future it could take him to a number of different EU countries. He is worried that the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) does not go into enough detail about cross border ... move back for work or family reasons. "I have no clarity - despite having read the Withdrawal Agreement - if my husband and I wish to move back to the UK to care for my elderly parents, that [he] would have the right to join me and work there." The



Withdrawal Agreement eases healthcare concerns of British pensioners in Spain

Rachel Haynes

After the British government approved the Withdrawal Agreement last Friday, the final step, ratification by the European Parliament was completed on Wednesday, meaning that the UK leaves the EU at midnight tonight, Friday. A rollercoaster ... is good news for British residents in Spain. "The approval of the Withdrawal Agreement is a very important step for UK nationals living here. It provides reassurance on key rights, such as being able to continue to live and work here, and for



What impact will Brexit have on travel within the EU and to the UK?

Andrew Forbes

The Withdrawal Agreement means that until the end of this year, 2020, pretty much everything stays the same. So any travel plans or holidays you enjoy from today, Brexit Day, until 31 December 2020 will be unaffected. Whether you book a flight, ferry ... crossing, cruise, coach holiday or other vacation that involves EU travel, there will be no changes to the rules on travel during the implementation period. British consul to Andalucía Charmaine Arbouin confirms, "The Withdrawal Agreement contains some ... one. Since the Withdrawal Agreement is now in place, that deadline will be extended, so don't panic. But do visit the website, follow the instructions and start the process. If you don't speak Spanish or don't have a digital



Gibraltar isn't scared of Brexit

Héctor Barbotta

"We'll get by, we always do," Maribel answers us in perfect Spanish, after we interrupted the conversation in impeccable English she had been having with an Irish friend in Main Street, Gibraltar. She doesn't know exactly how her life will change at



Gibraltar prepares for Brexit with meetings in Madrid

Debbie Bartlett

...regard to implementing the Gibraltar Protocol which forms part of the Withdrawal Agreement and was drawn up by the Gibraltar government with the UK and Spain, and the four Memoranda of Understanding which flow from it. A number of Committees involving the



"This is, and will always be, your home," Spanish secretary of state tells Brits living in Spain

Rachel Haynes

...a new residency document for UK nationals protected by the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and some changes to the application process. With the aim or providing clarity and reassurance, the representatives of both governments acknowledged the many ... questions from UK nationals about the new system. They made it clear that the green residency certificate (whether A4 or credit card-sized) remains valid proof of residency status and rights under the Withdrawal Agreement for the UK's exit from the EU, even ... can,” said Jalloul. The ambassador has also reminded UK nationals of the rights protected by the Withdrawal Agreement: “You will be able to continue to live and work in Spain. UK state pensioners will continue to have lifelong healthcare access as long



New process launched for UK nationals registering for residency in Spain for the first time

Neil hesketh

The Spanish government has launched a new process for UK citizens who have still to register their residency in Spain to protect their rights under Britain's Withdrawal Agreement with the EU. From 6 July, instead of the green certificate or card ... that there is no obligation for those people who already hold the green residency certificate (small card or A4 version) to exchange it for the TIE. Both documents will be valid in demonstrating your residency status and rights under the Withdrawal



No sovereignty issues for Gibraltar in EU draft Withdrawal Agreement, says government

Debbie Bartlett

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo issued reassuring statements for the people of Gibraltar on Thursday, following the publication of the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU. ·Brexit draft deal angers Brits in Europe : Page 22 With ... and the definition of the United Kingdom in the Withdrawal Agreement. There are no matters which in any way challenge our fundamental positions on any key issues. I expect to make a ministerial statement explaining the details of the Protocol and the ... Memoranda of Understanding next week. I am satisfied that the aspects of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement which relate to Gibraltar work for Gibraltar. There are many more documents to be published so that every part of the Protocol and its effect on



Embassy produces short videos to help British residents in Spain prepare for Brexit

SUR in English

...would only be the case if Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement is passed by the House of Commons this week, something that on Monday seemed more and more unlikely as the prime minister accepted that she still did not have enough support. If the deal is ... not passed, the date set by the European Council for the Withdrawal is 12 April, explained the ambassador. The Council did leave the door open, however, for the UK to ask for a longer extension, but this would mean holding EU elections in May, an



Brexit rears its head again with Specialised Committee meeting


...first Specialised Committee on Gibraltar, which was established under the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, met for the first time, by videoconference This is one of six such committees that were established by the Withdrawal Treaty. The others are on



Andalusian MEP warns of "difficult and dangerous" times ahead for the Costa tourism industry

Tony Bryant

Member of the European Parliament, Clara Aguilera García, visited the Costa del Sol last week to participate in a conference concerning the UK's troubled withdrawal agreement from the EU. The conference was held at the Palacio de Congresos in ... "At the moment the situation is complicated and the ambience is not very good"Highlighting the current problems the British government is facing with regards to its withdrawal policy, she went on to say that there were "difficult and dangerous" times



Brexit brings a different flag but no immediate change for Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

...government would have preferred Brexit not to be happening. If it had to happen, however, they said that approval of the Withdrawal Agreement and associated Gibraltar Protocol was essential to ensure an orderly withdrawal. Securing Gibraltar's inclusion in ... Withdrawal Agreement and, in particular, to prepare for the first meetings of the Committees established under the MoUs. These meetings will take place in late February in Algeciras. These MoUs cover matters such as citizens' rights, police and customs



Anti-Brexit protest planned in La Línea

Debbie Bartlett

A long-planned anti-Brexit protest in La Línea is still expected to go ahead tomorrow (Saturday), even though the British government and the EU say they have reached agreement over a new withdrawal deal. British MPs will have to approve the deal if ... make its way to the Plaza de la Constitución. The organisers are extremely concerned about the effects of Brexit on Gibraltar and the nearby area, whether or not a withdrawal deal is agreed.



UK Embassy reassures Britons on Brexit paperwork requirements


...end of the month, said the Embassy. The UK parliament is currently approving the Withdrawal Agreement, which now looks virtually certain to take Britain out of the EU on 31 January, moving the country into an official transition, or implementation, ... protected if registered The Withdrawal Agreement also guarantees British residents the same rights as now in healthcare, pensions, work and residency beyond that date providing they are registered by the end of the transition, 31 December. In a message ... are, as originally there were alternative terms if the UK left without a deal with the EU. That risk subsided with the Conservatives winning a big majority in last December's British general election. The UK's Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, when



Brits in Spain still divided over Brexit and the UK's future relationship with the EU


...of citizens' rights in the Withdrawal Agreement, opinion is divided on issues such as the relationship between the UK and EU as well as future travel and working arrangements. Withdrawal Agreement eases healthcare concerns of British ... read the Withdrawal Agreement, that my Spanish partner would be able to come with me and work in the UK. Currently I have the right to move back and have my EU citizen partner join me and work." Hugh Whittam, who has lived in Malaga for 14 years, ... voted to leave. He says he is "happy with the Withdrawal Agreement" and is "positive" about Britain's future outside the EU. "We should all get behind our government now, as we should have done after the referendum, instead of being so doom-laden and



The Hokey Cokey

Jennie Rhodes leave and then not, our rights have been protected, then protected as long as everyone else reciprocated, then not protected because we were about to go crashing out without a deal and finally to the 2020 Withdrawal Act. While the act guarantees ... work? Who knows. Even the transition period remains to be seen. Boris Johnson seems determined that it will not be delayed beyond 31 December 2020, but we have little to go on when it comes to the UK government sticking to deadlines. The Withdrawal Act



A rollercoaster four years for Brits in Spain

Jennie Rhodes

...and the improbable idea that the UK would vote to leave the EU after 43 years started to look like a reality. Mijas offers support to residents Withdrawal Agreement eases healthcare concerns of British pensioners in Spain Almost immediately ... as a minister after tabling an amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement to secure citizens' rights. He may have lost allies in the political world but he gained thousands of friends across the EU who knew someone was really listening to their plight. ... those fighting for citizens' rights paid off and Brits legally resident in the EU and vice versa retain their rights to healthcare, pensions, residency and working arrangements according to the Withdrawal Act which comes into force tonight.



The emotion of Brexit


Boris Johnson has achieved this withdrawal with nationalist and populist discourse, full of emotion and optimism and ignoring statistics and forecasts. But an open economy like Britain's thrives on exporting services, being an investment platform and



Anti-Brexit demonstrations in UK and Spain

Jennie Rhodes

As the UK parliament debated Boris Johnson's withdrawal deal during a highly unusual Saturday sitting in the House of Common, protesters gathered to request a People's Vote, or second referendum, in London, following a similar event which was held



Picardo and Garcia in London Brexit talks

Debbie Bartlett

Chief minister Fabian Picardo and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia spent two days in London this week for meetings related to Brexit. The discussions included preparations for a no-deal Brexit in the event that the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement ... is not approved by the UK Parliament. The Gibraltar government has already made it clear that it is planning for all outcomes, and has begun issuing information about how Gibraltar would be affected both in the event of the Withdrawal Agreement



Mayor of La Línea and Gibraltar's chief minister hold discussions

Debbie Bartlett

...government's concerns over Brexit and its effects on both sides of the border, so this meeting was a chance to catch up after the Gibraltar elections and discuss the latest developments regarding Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. As mayor of the



UK Ambassador meets head of the Junta de Andalucía


...need to protect the rights of UK residents in the region, as well as Andalusians who live in Britain. According to Juanma Moreno, the effects of Britain's withdrawal from the EU could cost the regional economy "between 600 million and 1.8 billion



Marbella do just enough to win first home game of the season


...helped by the withdrawal of Paulo Vítor after 39 minutes. The winger left the field in tears after pulling up with what appeared to be a muscle tear. The break proved a useful opportunity to regroup and Marbella regained control of the game with half an



3 January 1974: Birth of 'housewives' favourite' matador

Tony Bryant

Blanca Martínez de Irujo, but he eventually married a 27-year-old lawyer in Ronda in 2013. Rivera announced his withdrawal from bullfighting in 2012, only to return two years later. In 2015, he was badly gored in a fight in Huesca and doctors feared



Techno qualities

Peter Edgerton

...hear regarding the withdrawal of my hard-earned money are are 'machine', 'wall' and 'outside', thank you very much. Get me the manager." I still remember setting up my first email account and my sister trying to explain to me how it works. "It's



Brexit agreement signed, but the political wrangling continues in Spain and UK

Debbie Bartlett

The EU Council signed the Withdrawal Agreement and approved the Political Declaration on Sunday despite earlier threats by Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez that he would not even attend the meeting unless his concerns about the Gibraltar aspect ... were resolved. The situation was finally sorted out when the UK provided additional declarations regarding the interpretation of Article 184 in the Withdrawal Agreement. They followed these up immediately after the signing with letters from ... to the territorial scope of the Withdrawal Agreement, he stressed that: "the Government of the United Kingdom further restates that it will negotiate the future agreements implementing the Joint Political Declaration on behalf of all territories for



Crowdfunding to pay for Genalguacil art festival


A well-known art festival in the mountain village of Genalguacil, near Ronda, is using crowdfunding to save the annual event which should have started on Wednesday. Following the withdrawal of funding by the Diputacíon provincial authority over a



Gibraltar a sticking point for Spain in run-up to Brexit deal ratification

Debbie Bartlett

Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar's chief minister, warned a few weeks ago that there would be a period of "peaks and troughs" ahead before the withdrawal agreement between the UK and EU over Brexit was sealed. This week his words have proven to be almost ... over the Gibraltar Protocol which has to be attached to the UK/EU withdrawal agreement. The Gibraltar government, which has been negotiating Brexit directly with Spain and with the UK, also explained that work was continuing on several Memoranda of ... Understanding and these had almost been agreed, but pointed out that, in any case, they are separate from the withdrawal agreement and neither depended on the other. Meanwhile, Theresa May appeared to have backing for the UK's withdrawal agreement, and it was



Merchants of Brexit

Héctor Barbotta

...affairs must be left to the advanced level Brexitologists. It’s not easy to judge whether Jean-Claude Juncker, when he announced last week that a withdrawal agreement had been reached, knew what was going to happen and was acting, or whether he really



Spanish government approves decree giving rights to British residents in a no-deal Brexit

SUR IN ENGLISH to back the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement in a vote on 12 March, Prime Minister Theresa May has agreed to asking them to decide whether Britain should go for no-deal with the EU and leave on 29 March, or ask for an extension, keeping Britain in the EU ... resident in Spain would be broadly kept the same as now in the extreme case of no deal with the EU. This vote of confidence from Spain, along with the EU's draft Withdrawal Agreement confirming citizens' rights if there is the opposite outcome and an exit



UK parliament votes to ringfence citizens' rights, regardless of deal

Jennie Rhodes

The House of Commons has passed the amendment to the UK Withdrawal Agreement that seeks to ringfence rights for Britons living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK, regardless of the circumstances under which the exit eventually occurs. The ... withdrawal agreement that includes citizens' rights to be implemented at "the earliest opportunity", regardless of the outcome of negotiations, gained cross-party support. Costa thanked the umbrella group British in Europe, which represents Britons living