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The Phoenix Singers: an amateur choir with a difference

Tony Bryant

57-year-old musical director and his choreographer wife Suzanne became members of TAPAS (The Andalucía Performing Arts Society). After four years with TAPAS, Kevin left the group to form a new choir because he had visions of creating something completely



Former British consul in Malaga Mike Bartram dies, aged 83

Rachel Haynes 2000, shortly after the British consulate moved into its current premises. By then in love with Malaga, he and his wife Raili continued to live in the city. Bartram, left, with writer Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson, at a tribute to English cemetery ... the more painful it will be to leave.” The couple later moved to Southend-on-Sea to be closer to their son Matthew, who lives in London with his wife Amy, although they regularly returned to their home in Malaga. “Mike was a gentle, fair, sincere,



British residents react at the "irony" of far-right anti-immigration activist moving family to Marbella


...upmarket Manolo Santana Rackets Club in Nueva Andalucía, where he was playing a game of padel. Speaking about the alleged arson, he said: "It was targeted at my wife's property. "At that point we left the country straight away and I'm looking at ... relocating my family, which is pretty hard to do, especially with Covid - I couldn't even get a hotel. "Obviously my wife has had enough of everything - someone gave her somewhere to stay, so we left the country, and I was due to be flying back for the



The bruise brothers

Rob Palmer

...was sparked following the humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich. He was top of the leaked 'unwanted' list at the Nou Camp. Next came negotiations with Juventus. To be signed as an EU player he needed to attain the same Italian passport as his wife



Malaga Metro workers save the life of a man who was having a heart attack


Four workers on the Malaga Metro are being praised as heroes after they helped to save the life of a man suffering a heart attack on the network on Monday. Juan and his wife Ana were travelling back from the Hospital Clínico when Juan suddenly ... fainted. His wife's screams for help attracted the attention of the line operator who rushed to the scene. He then alerted the station staff at the next stop where they successfully carried out CPR, with the help of a defibrillator machine at the station.



Success thanks to a TV presenter's wife

Marina Llorca's following shot up when she decided to reproduce a controversial photo of Laura Escanes, the wife of Spanish TV presenter Risto Mejide. It was mid-September 2018, when Marina's project had only been going for a month. Escanes had



A sign of the times

Rob Palmer

...the summer of 2013 when the bank was broken for Bale, Luis Suárez was getting all sulky at Anfield. Liverpool appeased him, but a year later he was heading to Barcelona. Now Suárez is resigned to applying for an Italian passport via his wife



No napkin big enough

Rob Palmer

...reside in a mansion on the coast, his children are educated there, and his wife has developed a business there. If he moves to Manchester it will mean the first upheaval in his life since he tied himself to Barcelona two decades ago. He'll need to ... high-grade shoe shop together. This is where football Gods become suddenly human. I've known one major deal collapse because a footballer's wife couldn't access her friends, sister and hairdresser if she was living abroad. Quite often partners refuse the move



Driver fatally shot in the head in front of his wife and daughter

Álvaro FRÍAS/Juan CANO

...residential area in Mijas. It was reported that as well as the shooting, there had been a collision and one of the cars had overturned. When emergency services arrived on the scene, they found the fatally injured man, his 20-year-old pregnant wife, and ... their two year old daughter. The wife and daughter were taken to the Costa del Sol hospital, but left a few hours later with no serious injuries. The victim was taken to Carlos Haya hospital, where he was admitted to the emergency room in a critical