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"Further restrictions or another lockdown in winter time would be worse than before"


...specialist also warns that this year differs to others. We are in the midst of a pandemic which - what a surprise - can also affect our health with regard to the imminent onset of winter time. As a doctor, are you in favour of changing the hour or not? ... lower exposure to the sun, which is what we have seen during the pandemic, there could be problems in the long term. For example, vitamin D deficiencies. Why do we talk about summer time and winter time? Is there a scientific reason or are they just ... anxiety. Now we will sleep an hour more, so it will be easier to adapt to the change. Although you also have to remember that it is anomalous for us to lose hours of daylight. What effects can this change of the hour have at a neurological level? With



What are the exemptions to the new night curfew in Spain?


The nationwide curfew announced on Sunday with the declaration of a new state of alarm in Spain is now in force. In a bid to to curb the spread of Covid-19, movement outside homes is no longer permitted between 11pm and 6am, except for in a few spe


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On the tiles


"What next? Virtual pyjama parties?" are the dernier cri. On both sides of the Pyrenees, former partygoers have had no alternative but to 'downsize' from clubbing to lo-fi home lounging; and whilst ravers will always be ravers, pumping up the car ... part of its charm. Malaga Patterns What caught my eye - and imagination - last time I walked up the steep staircase leading from the ground-floor display (in this instance, a group show curated by Soho gallery El Estudio Ignacio del Rio...)? An



Lead 'em and weep

Peter Edgerton

On the outskirts of Valladolid, a medieval Spanish city up in the north west of the country there's a street called - rather magnificently - Calle Me Falta Un Tornillo ('I'm Missing A Screw Street'). What makes this funny is the fact that it's where



Getting to the point

Mark Nayler

...government under a "state of alarm"? Again, it's a point that deserves consideration, not to be written off as right wing conspiracy-mongering. This goes for many - but by no means all - of Vox's criticisms of the Sánchez administration, no matter what their



No-confidence motion by Vox fails


...right, in the end Pablo Casado's PP voted against. In what was seen as a fight for ascendancy on the Spanish right, Casado told Santiago Abascal, Vox's leader, "We aren't like you because we don't want to be like you, it's as simple as that," adding in



A crazy week


what? Almost as serious (!) is the EU's proposed renaming of the veggie-burger. Under pressure to call things what they really are and not to copy established food identities, a ruling that since it contains no meat it cannot be called a burger. The EU



Casares confirmed as venue of the 2023 edition of the Solheim Cup


Banús in Marbella was the setting chosen for the official presentation on Monday of this prestigious tournament, which pits the best players from Europe against their counterparts from the United States in what is the women's version of the Ryder Cup. ... destination in all of Europe," he added. For her part, the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, said that "it is an event that will go beyond sport", adding, "we will have the opportunity to showcase what we have to offer, which ranges from our excellent


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An All Saints pilgrimage to the Caminito del Rey

Tony Bryant

Father Louis Darrant from St George's Church in Malaga is preparing to lead a group of pilgrims on the Caminito del Rey on Saturday 7 November. The theme of the day is 'Friends above and friends below', which the priest hopes will give the pilgrims t



23 October 2013: Bank of Spain announces end of recession

Jennie Rhodes

On Wednesday 23 October 2013 the Bank of Spain announced that the country's recession, which had begun in 2009, was over. National GDP growth of 0.1 per cent between July to September 2013 meant a slight increase and enough for the bank to declare


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Live music, dance and the arts in and around Malaga

denise bush

Music Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Music Concerts Chamber music, Malaga Malaga. Auditorio de Museo Picasso de Málaga. 17 November, 8pm Cuarteto Mainake. 1 December, 8pm Concerto Zapico. 12 January, 8pm Quinteto de Jazz OFM



'At Cudeca we hope to end the year without closing any service, but next year could be different'


...are in the high-risk groups, because most of them are elderly ladies. To what extent are they affected? Well, before the lockdown we had 900 volunteers and now we are down to 300. Imagine the chaos! We have managed to get some more through social ... time? I think about that a lot. When we sit down to look at the accounts and see where we were in 2019, with a surplus... but we have been going for 28 years and we can see the support we provide, what our mission is. And I'm very proud of that (she ... becomes emotional). Your question refers to how life changes. That is exactly what happens to patients with cancer and their families. Suddenly the world stops and everything changes. That's why, when I'm feeling low, I walk around and see the patients and


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Museum Jorge Rando reopens after six months with six new exhibition rooms

Antonio Javier López to welcome visitors remains the same as before, a type of aesthetic prelude to what they will find the other side of the patio. Here in the main space are the butterflies upon which Rando has been working since last year, making incursions into the



Adiós to the 'real thing' in Malaga


...the earlier versions tasted better. "Our favourite was the 'double one', which is what we used to call a half-litre bottle made with an old machine that was really slow...I think that's what made it taste so good," he says. Can he give us a clue about ... introduced at the time of bottling. When you opened a container, what was inside was like tar. It was horrible!" admits Paco, who also remembers when someone made a mistake mixing the Coca-Cola Zero "and we had to empty an entire 10,000 litre tank". In the ... 1960s and 1970s, and well into the 80s, the atmosphere at the factory was "like one big family. They knew all our names. Then later they gave us all a number and that's what we became, a number," says Paco. He recalls with affection the first manager at



'The sea and cancer both test your strength'


Having cancer is similar in a way; you don't know what you're going to find the next day. You think you can't cope with it, but then you find inner strength," said María. The sailing team in Malaga on Monday.FRANCISCO HINOJOSA It will take the five



Tourism falls into a coma on the Costa del Sol

PILAR MARTÍNEZ have switched from holiday lets to long-term rentals and a similar number have not been operative at all. What's more, prices this peak season have fallen by between 30 and 40%," he said. Airport passengers The paralysis in demand has been felt ... as business owners dread having to start to pay back the ICO loans which have been keeping their heads above water since March. There is now uncertainty about whether they will be able to reopen at Easter and even about what will happen in summer



Malaga move into the play-off places with important away win

Daryl Finch be tucked in at close range by former Malaga captain Adrián who had come on as a second-half substitute. The visitors, though, were able to hold on and seal what was a well-deserved victory. The win lifted them up to the play-off places (6th),


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International Jazz Festival makes its return to Malaga


The Teatro Cervantes in Malaga city will next month once again be the venue for the International Jazz Festival, this year celebrating its 34th edition. MALAGA JAZZ FESTIVAL The Cuban Jazz Syndicate. 6 November. All 8pm. Chano Domínguez y Diego A


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Popular Mijas music venue reopens with weekend of live concerts

Tony Bryant

The Cazbah Live Lounge in La Cala de Mijas has lined up a series of music events to take place through October. The popular music venue reopens its doors this weekend with concerts by two of the coast's most popular bands. The music will get going


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Exploring the light and colours of southern Spain

Tony Bryant

The Gallery Art Club in Fuengirola will host the latest exhibition by the Costa del Arte Collective from Friday 30 October until Tuesday 17 November. The group is made up of five female artists from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, and their ex


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Ana Barriga brings light and colour to the end of the tunnel

Antonio Javier López

She worked in the place she was living. She did the first painting upstairs and the second downstairs. But she felt very uncomfortable. She couldn't understand what she was doing painting, when "people outside were dying". She thought hard about



Clothes encounters of the worst kind

Peter Edgerton

...that a battle plan can minimise the trauma. Decide what you need before you leave the house, don't visit more than two different shops and buy in bulk so it'll be at least another two years before your senses are mercilessly assailed by a neon ... girded my loins, opened the front door and stepped purposefully into the early autumnal evening. First stop, Cudeca where I was able to knock the jumpers, jacket and two of the shirts off my list. What a marvel that place is and no reggaeton to boot.



Garbage control


...starving will eat anything and the best survival plan is to eat food normally unacceptable before eating normal food and went on to explain why. But what about pets? I asked. Wild animals have a greater resistance to eating poor food than pets and



Prepare for a revolution

Rob Palmer

Rick Parry when the Premier League was formed 28 years ago, and we know what came next. So far, their Spanish counterparts have been quiet and there hasn't been any public signs that they are considering a similar project. This is a vital time for the ... It could be argued that they lost a large percentage of the floating fans with an ill-advised decision to sell the UK and other area rights to streaming services. If you don't know what that means, you are in the majority and that's why interest in



Still no progress on the Malaga Academy after two years at a standstill


Two years after what was supposed to be a temporary stoppage to construction of the new Malaga Academy in Arraijanal, next to Plaza Mayor, the football training centre project remains completely abandoned. According to SUR sources, there is no ... leaving just three million for the completion of the Academy. As a result, the club has been working hard to reduce the cost of what remains of the project, firstly by reexamining the plans to locate unnecessary expenditure and, secondly, by organising a



16 October 912: Abd al-Rahman III became emir of Cordoba

Alekk M. Saanders

The Umayyad prince Abd al-Rahman III became the eighth Emir of Cordoba on 16 October 912. In 929 he founded the Caliphate of Cordoba and proclaimed himself caliph. His reign is remembered as a golden age of Muslim Spain. Abd al-Rahman was born at t


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Marbella aims to be the Golden Mile of modern art

Antonio Javier López

...hardly any designer furniture shops in Marbella. People who lived here used to buy elsewhere for their properties here. That has changed now. What is happening with contemporary art is similar. The clients exist, but until a short time ago there was ... artists and sharing with other people what inspires you about their works. Then, when I saw how good the response was, I got hooked. So here we are," says Arbulu, whose eyes still shine with enthusiasm despite the crisis, the pandemic, the forecasters of


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Autumn's cultural events around the province

denise bush

Music Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Music Concerts Chamber music, Malaga Malaga. Auditorio de Museo Picasso de Málaga. 17 November, 8pm Cuarteto Mainake. 1 December, 8pm Concerto Zapico. 12 January, 8pm Quinteto de Jazz OFM


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Harding: art in the form of a touchstone

Antonio Javier López

During an art residency in South Korea Robert Harding met a creator from Taiwan and they spent long hours discussing art and philosophy before gradually moving on to Taoism, an Eastern philosophy which stresses the need to live in harmony. THE EXHI



Stalemate as Malaga fail to break down ten-man Las Palmas

Daryl Finch

Malaga’s side and had a header just off target moments before Suárez received his marching orders. The defender controversially was shown a straight red card for bundling Caye Quintana to the ground on the edge of the box in what appeared to be an



Hispanic Day, a celebration of what?

Tony Bryant

October 12th, Día de la Hispanidad or Hispanic Day, is a national holiday in Spain that commemorates the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492. Also known as Columbus Day or 'Día del Descubrimiento', Hispanic


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Revealing the creative direction of a Swedish artist

Tony Bryant

Swedish artist Kjell Sporrong is to launch an exhibition of his abstract art in La Casa de Las Tejerinas in Plaza de Las Flores, Estepona, this evening (Friday). Born in Stockholm in 1962, Kjell has spent his life exploring different creative direc


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An exhibition that offers an 'escape' from the pandemic

Jennie Rhodes

Architect and illustrator Nigel Gilbert is holding an exhibition of his work at the Bio Beach Club restaurant and gallery in El Morche until 28 October. THE EXHIBITION What. Escape, an exhibition of line drawings by Nigel Gilbert. All drawings are