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Sadiku goal not enough to earn win against relegation strugglers

henry flynn

Armando Sadiku's twelfth goal of the season was not enough for Malaga to earn their first win since the restart as they were held to a 1-1 draw by lowly Extremadura at La Rosaleda on Saturday night. The Albanian put his team ahead in the 28th minut



When will we be able to play golf again?


It's a very simple question. When will people be able to play golf again in Andalucía, a region with 100 courses and 45,000 federated players? The answer is that it depends on where they are. Golf courses have been able to open again from this week i



Wine waiters in waiting


We are witnessing a sommelier boom. They used to be known as wine waiters, but the profession has blossomed into a full-blown status thing, and never have there been more sommeliers working in restaurants, nor such a demand for their services. WINE



Chiringuitos demand faster-moving public authorities

charo márquez

The provincial association of chiringuitos, Achima, has been meeting in Estepona this week and is demanding that local authorities speed up the award of their licences. In some cases, owners of the beach bars have been waiting a year and a half. The



The waiting game

Mark Nayler

...reluctant to satisfy. If the negotiations fail there is every possibility that Spaniards will be asked to go to the polls again, meaning Spain will be waiting even longer for its next government. Brussels will also be waiting, hopeful that the next




Rachel Haynes

...time you would think there was plenty of scope for major chaos. But no, everything happens on schedule; the only thing that can throw a spanner in the Holy Week works is the weather. We've been waiting long enough now for it to stop raining that it ... seems only fair that next week should be fine, allowing the events to take place without a hitch. Of course the whole affair still involves a lot more waiting, either in an expensive front-row seat, standing in a crowd or, for the clever ones, sitting ... in a strategically located bar. However the “waiters” know exactly how long they will be waiting for, and that makes all the difference. If only that religious adherence to timetables in Semana Santa could be applied to other areas. For example, the



Marbella council still waiting for 125,000-euro fee owed by Starlite


The opposition PSOE party at Marbella town hall has called for the company which organised the Starlite Festival in the town during the summer to pay the money it owes. As part of the deal to allow the festival to take place in the Nagüeles quarry,



The supply teacher

Rob Palmer honour a two-year contract appears to be out of his control in more ways than one. Results are the major factor and club legend Xavi Hernández is waiting in the wings for the political situation to be settled. His message from Qatar was short but



Thanks for the ad

Peter Edgerton

...things are just waiting around for hours on end and drinking tea out of plastic cups, which, let's face it, isn't the worst way to spend a working day. Now then, I wonder if they'll want my best Jürgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola tomorrow. Or, God forbid,



Shorter waiting lists for surgery but longer ones for tests

Ángel Escalera

The waiting time for surgery under the health service in Malaga has improved and the province now has the third-shortest waiting times after Cadiz and Cordoba. In Malaga the average delay is now 68 days for surgery which is supposed to be carried ... collated at 30 June last year, showed that there were 5,550 patients waiting for surgery within 180 days, and the average wait was 68 days, which was four fewer than on 30 June 2017. The Andalusian Health Service says the waiting time in Malaga is better ... than the regional average, which is 84 days. Only Cadiz and Cordoba have shorter waiting times, with an average of 59 and 62 days respectively. The worst province in this respect is Granada, with a delay of 135 days, Jaén with 88 and Huelva, at 82 days.



The virus is still with us

Ángel Escalera

...make it easy for the virus to spread. While we are still waiting anxiously for a vaccine, or for someone to find an effective treatment to overcome Covid-19, the best way of confronting the infection is in our hands. All we have to do is wash them



Over 100,000 people with dependency needs waiting to be seen in the region


...seville. More than 100,00 people with dependency needs, including the elderly and the disabled, are waiting to be assessed and to receive social care support in Andalucía. WAITING BY PROVINCE Almeria. 6,197 waiting to be given a personal action ... plan / assessment (PIA) and 18,865 benefiting. Cadiz. 13,609 waiting for their PIA and 26,211 benefiting. Cordoba. 6,620 waiting and 22,248 benefiting. Granada. 11,896 waiting and 25,558 already benefiting. Huelva. 4,576 waiting and 15,687 ... already benefiting Jaén. 3,660 waiting and 25,522 already benefiting. Malaga. 12,114 waiting for a ersona assesment/action plan and 33,521 already benefiting Seville. 12,722 waiting for their personal action plan and 44,601 already benefiting from



New Junta accuses Socialists of hiding half a million patients from waiting lists


The new regional government run by the Partido Popular-Ciudadanos centre-right coalition has accused the previous Socialist-run Andalusian authority of hiding the true extent of health service waiting lists in official figures. Regional Health ... minister, Jesús Aguirre, said on Tuesday that at the end of last year there were 843,538 people waiting for an operation or a specialist appointment with the SAS (Andalusian health service), 548,000 more than the figure offered by the previous government. ... statement the Socialists accused the Junta of lying because it is paving the way for more outsourcing and privatisation. "Andalucía is below the national average in patient waiting figures, in the percentage of patients waiting for more than six months and



Sale of Marbella FC waiting for court hearing


A Marbella court will decide on 27 November whether to unfreeze the 26 per cent of shares in Marbella Football Club owned by president Alexander Grinberg or maintain the current block. The decision is key to the future of the club. If the court relea



Fuengirola's new marina will be an open space with views to the sea

Ivan Gelibter

...innovative plans drawn up by Berenguer Ingenieros are for a space which is completely open. Mula pointed out that local people have been waiting a very long time for this new facility to come to fruition, and it will resolve the problems which have occurred



Regional hospitals to start carrying out operations on Saturdays to clear backlog


The new regional minister for Health, Jesús Aguirre, said this week in Almeria that a new plan will come into force on 1 April to reduce waiting lists for surgery in the region's hospitals, with some operating theatres opening on Saturdays . He ... said that initially the regional health service would prioritise those who "have been waiting for the telephone to ring for at least a year", and also the provinces of Almeria, Huelva and Granada "where there are the hospitals with the highest ... percentage of people waiting". The new regional government has allocated 25.5 million euros to the plan and Aguirre said that the work would be carried out "a hundred per cent with our network and our people", however he added that if they couldn't reach



Six years for attempted rape at a Marbella bus stop

Álvaro FRÍAS.

A man has been sentenced to six years in prison for the attempted rape of a 21-year-old woman at a Marbella bus stop in May last year. The attack happened at dusk when the victim was waiting for the bus at a stop on the main A-7 road at Rio Real.



Andalusian regional government approves new points system to classify hotels

Pilar Martínez

...for Tourism, says the sector has been waiting a long time for this regulation to come into force, and that it "will enable hotels to compete in conditions which are more in line with 21st-century tourism". He explains that the new system involves ... have been waiting for this move before investing in Andalucía." The new system is not obligatory and there will be a five-year period in which to join it, although some hotel groups appear ready to make the necessary changes this year and next. There



The cultural heart of Malaga beats again


...were waiting outside the doors of the Carmen Thyssen museum as, like others in the city, it reopened after nearly two and a half months. This first week, entry is free. "We love this museum. We often come to see the new exhibitions," says Amparo. ... "During the lockdown I watched some video conferences given by the director, and she's fantastic," adds Carmen. That same artistic director of the Carmen Thyssen museum, Lourdes Moreno, and managing director Javier Ferrer, are waiting inside to welcome ... temporary exhibition," says Carmen, "and then, if we have time, we're going on to the Picasso Museum." Which is where we went next, and found Carolina Segura waiting with her parents, Sebastián and María Jesús. "It's very nice today. Everything is very



Julieta, pleased to see visitors again

Ivan Gelibter

...horrific past. However Julieta, like the rest of the animals in the zoological park, hasn't seen anybody for more than three months except the keepers who come to feed her. This week, the waiting was finally over because the Bioparc opened to the public


What to do

How will coronavirus change visits to museums and art centres?

Antonio Javier López

...of tickets available and warns that the public, "including those waiting to enter the museum", must keep a security distance of two metres. "For this purpose, taped markers must be placed on the floor to mark this distance in access and waiting



Greater police presence required as crowds form in busy Malaga district


...weren't from a previous August day were the facemasks worn by waiters. With people standing around, huddled together, waiting for a table narrowing the thoroughfare for cyclists and people on their daily permitted exercise, distancing has become



Malaga, a ghost airport


The access road to the airport is empty, and so are the car parks. Nobody is in the drop-off area or waiting to pick anyone up and hoping their 15 free minutes don't run out. The moving walkways which transport passengers through the building are ... to depart in 12 hours, of which nine were cancelled. Thirteen flights were due to arrive, but eight were suspended. The airport is resting, waiting for better times.



The virus that spreads poverty


...kilometre, beyond the Plaza Costa del Sol. They are waiting to collect a bag containing two courses, a piece of fruit and a sandwich. Sometimes there are biscuits, milk or sweets, explains Daniela. She is from Ecuador, but has been in Spain for 13 years. ... she says. Now, she is waiting her turn, like a hundred other people, at the doors of the Emaús social kitchen, in Calle de la Cruz. Worst still to come The Local Police control this area to ensure there are no problems. The number of users has shot ... were waiting for the peak season to begin because they were due to work in hotels and restaurants, but now they don't know what is going to happen," she says. Many of the people who have found themselves forced to turn to social services in recent



Javier Calleja, sought-after by collectors

Antonio Javier López

5-8pm. Sat. 11am-2pm. All the works were sold before the inauguration and there is a waiting list of over 50 collectors, and that is just at this gallery. The same occurs when Calleja exhibits at others such as the Rafael Pérez Hernando (Madrid), Zink ... (Regensburg) and Nanzuka (Tokyo and Hong Kong). “You can't just assume that there will be a waiting list. I'm cautious. I've always said you have to know where you are, and where you are not. One thing is my artistic work, and another is the work I put on the ... market ,” he says. “Having a waiting list of collectors can go on forever or might just stop. So I don't think about it. I just carry on working, I know I can do a certain number of paintings a year and that is what there is. I think there comes a time



On the steps of the European Parliament I sat down and wept

Jennie Rhodes

...goes, "Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering." Waiting for an outcome which will affect our futures, Brexit, is painful. Really painful. My friend Steve still works in the European ... sat down on the steps of the European Parliament and wept, forgetting is not painful, at least up until that fateful night in June 2016, but waiting for what is going to happen to us most certainly is.



Antequera stroke case could lead to change in hospital A&E procedures

Ángel Escalera

...colleague who had taken him to the hospital went back to work. Some five hours after his arrival, hospital staff, alerted by another patient, found that he had suffered a stroke in the waiting room. He underwent surgery at Malaga's Carlos Haya hospital ... but died a week later. The hospital said that as he failed to answer when he was called again to see the doctor, it was assumed that he had left. Other patients in the waiting room had thought that he had fallen asleep. The man's family has filed ... waiting alone in the accident and emergency departments.



Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July, says PM

EFE there is no business, and that's why the government will combine its firm financial support for the sector with full health guarantees," added the prime minister. Sánchez sent out the following message to foreign tourists: "Spain will be waiting



Getting there

Rachel Haynes

...both their projects are necessary. But if we're only allowed to have one (you can't have your cake and eat it, even in Marbella), the debate could go on for years and the western Costa has already been waiting too long for a railway line. I hope it's



Vote of no confidence remains in the balance after councillor no-show

Eugenio Cabezas

Rumours over the much talked about vote of no confidence against the Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, continue to be just speculation after a councillor from the Ciudadanos party failed to show up to a meeting with Partido Popular (PP) politicians to si



Delays to creation of Torrox marina and Caleta port extension lead to rise in private boatyards

A.P. / E. C. / I. L. to offer space for small boats. In Caleta, which is the only harbour big enough to accommodate larger leisure boats, there is always a waiting list and the privately owned pleasure crafts share valuable space with the many fishing boats that are ... based there. In Puerto Niza there is space for 120 boats up to six metres in length and according to manager José Miguel Fernández, there is no waiting list. The boatyard offers a number of services and provides 24-hour surveillance. Fernández says ... opened in April 2018 and offers space for up to 60 boats of a maximum of 5.5 metres long. There is normally a waiting list in summer but not during winter. Torrox's El Peñoncillo beach yard has space for 120 boats and offers a beach bar while Nerja's El



Phase One kicks off with coffee and churros

Juan Soto / SUR

...galeria Traditional commerce - Vela watch shop in Marbella.CHARO MÁRQUEZ Customers from now on will also have to get used to new health and safety requirements. Staff waiting on tables are equipped with gloves, masks and in many cases face shields.