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Teachers in Andalucía to be vaccinated against coronavirus from this week


The vaccination of teaching staff against Covid-19 will begin this Wednesday, 24 February, across Andalucía. Professionals aged between 18 and 55 years old will be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca formula which is now available in the region. ... teaching and administration staff will be vaccinated over two weeks beginning with infant and special needs personnel. Although the Junta's Health and Education departments foresee that the entire process will be completed in a couple of weeks, meeting



Spain's Galicia opens the way to fines of up to 60,000 euros for not accepting a vaccine


The Galician regional government, in the north of Spain, is set to approve a bill to punish those who refuse to be vaccinated, not only against Covid but against any other future virus, with a fine of up to 60,000 euros. The legislation does not ... 3,000 euros. However, the new text opens the door for it to be considered as a serious offence, and therefore fined between 3,000 and 60,000 euros, when the refusal to be vaccinated "may pose a risk or serious damage to the health of the population".



Vaccine reduces infection in care homes but lack of supplies delays over-80s jabs

SUR district, for example, only "four or five" cases among vaccinated residence workers have been reported. "They tested positive after being vaccinated but didn't infect anyone," a source said. Plan 500,000 The Junta de Andalucía expects to reach ... the summer with half of the population vaccinated as part of its Plan 500,000 to give out half a million jabs a week. But Minister of Health Jesús Aguirre warned that the vaccination plan "is for several months, or possibly for a year or more". ... health centres in Malaga is that they receive very few vaccines (about 30 per centre per day) for the elderly population. Sources consulted by SUR said that in two days, or at most in three, all elderly people could be vaccinated if there were enough



Junta sets new ambitious summer target for vaccination against Covid-19

Héctor Barbotta

The Junta de Andalucía expects to reach the summer with half of the population vaccinated. This has been stated by the regional minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, in a regional parliamentary appearance. But he warned that the vaccination plan, ... the beginning of May there will be a massive increase in the delivery of vaccines. With the implementation of the plan, the Junta forecasts that between 50 and 60 per cent of the population will be vaccinated by June, although Aguirre has warned that



Gibraltar Covid-19 vaccination campaign continues

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar's number of active cases of coronavirus is starting to fall and the vaccination campaign is in full swing. On Thursday there were 204 active cases of Covid-19. All four of the most vulnerable groups of the population have now received



Regional health minister resigns over getting vaccine ahead of frontline workers


There were calls for resignations on Thursday this week after it emerged that the minister for Health in the Murcia Region, Manuel Villegas, had been vaccinated against Covid-19 despite apparently not falling into one of the priority categories. ... a qualified doctor and the ministry has said that only qualified health workers in his team have had it. The UGT union had reported that some office workers at the regional health service itself had been vaccinated ahead of frontline staff. ... Mayors suspended The events in Murcia came after last week it emerged several local mayors across Spain had been vaccinated ahead of priority groups in their municipalities. Four were suspended by the Socialist party this week. The majority claim



Travel is dead! Long live travel!

Andrew Forbes

...summer 70% of the Spanish population will be vaccinated too." So, as I sign off for another month, I feel more hopeful about Malaga's tourism bounce-back!