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What to do

Cártama town hall organises four guided hiking trails

Tony Bryant of Yunquera is situated approximately 36 kilometres from Ronda, while El Burgo, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is located in the Sierra de las Nieves natural park. On Sunday 25 October, hikers can experience the beauty of the Cordoba



Antequera Dolmens complex modified to fulfil Unesco requests

Antonio Javier López

The museum associated with the Dolmens of Antequera looks rather different than expected. Works have had to be carried out in accordance with a request by Unesco in order to maintain the complex's World Heritage Site status, which it obtained on ... 15 July 2016. Among other demands, Unesco wanted the visual impact of the future museum building to be reduced, and this is now one storey lower than originally planned and has been painted white.



Caminito del Rey officially puts forward Unesco heritage candidacy


The Diputación provincial authority has this week officially presented its candidacy for the Caminito del Rey 'daredevil walkway' in El Chorro to become a Unesco World Heritage site to the regional government's Culture and Heritage ministry. This ... all of the boxes for it to be considered an exceptional place and gain a place on the Unesco list." For his part, Salado recognised the "continually growing" support the project had received from the general public. The next phase will see the



Estepona hosts Tchoukball championship


La Rada beach will host Spain's Tchoukball Playa championship on 21 September. Tchoukball is a version of handball created to avoid injury by physical contact, leading to its recognition by UNESCO as 'El deporte de la Paz' ('The sport of Peace').



The insider guide to Havana

Andrew Forbes

STAY: Residencia Santa Clara Authentic 'casa particular' close to Havana’s harbour and within walking distance of the sights of Old Havana. Talented carpenter Alexis and his sister Marisol have created a stylish, family-run guesthouse with grou



San Miguel de Allende, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes

This Unesco World Heritage city, in Mexico's central highlands, is the American Capital of Culture for 2019. STAY: Hotel Matilda Hotel Matilda is a boutique property that fuses the colonial colour of San Miguel's past with the contemporary ... a celebration, book the 'Mesa Dragones' private dining area, where you can enjoy a special menu inspired by the tequila Casa Dragones. La Azotea Tapas Bar Unesco has recognised traditional Mexican food as a world treasure. Yet that doesn't stop



The Axarquía's dry stone walls added to Unesco heritage list

Eugenio Cabezas

The United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation, Unesco, has added the Axarquía's dry stone walls onto its list of the world's intangible heritage of humanity, under the title, "Art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniques". A



14 August 1598: Seville's Casa de la Lonja opens for business

Debbie Bartlett

...ecclesiastical authorities and it was decided that they needed premises of their own . The building, which has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1987, was designed by architect Juan de Herrera and is unsually Italianate in style. The construction started



30 NOVEMBER 2000: Elche palm grove became a World Heritage Site

Debbie Bartlett

Many people believe only historical buildings can be classified as Unesco World Heritage Sites, but the Elche date palm grove, known as the 'Palmeral de Elche' in Spanish, proves them wrong. This enormous plantation of date palms is the only one ... are planted in single or double rows, following the lines of the ancient irrigation canals - which are still operative - and this was of special interest to Unesco when considering the application. The Moors used water from the Vinalopó river to water ... these trees, and the system used today is practically the same. When announcing that the Palmeral was now a World Heritage Site, Unesco said that the transfer of landscape and agricultural practices from one culture and continent to another (Moorish



The launch of Caminito del Rey Unesco heritage bid is approved

Agustín PELÁEZ

The move towards the Caminito del Rey walkway becoming a Unesco World Heritage site took an important first step forward on Tuesday as the Diputación provincial government unanimously approved launching a bid. The Diputación has agreed to the ... contribute to its growth internationally and guarantee its preservation. He also pointed to the economic impact that Unesco status for the dolmens has had on neighbouring Antequera.



Sardine 'espetos' to be put forward for special Unesco status


The Cultural Commission of the Spanish Senate has approved a move to push for the inclusion of the famous 'espeto' (sardines threaded onto a skewer) onto the Unesco list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. “We want to protect and improve ... awareness of this element which forms a part of our cultural identity and unites the people of Malaga. It is vital that we get the espeto included in the Unesco list,” explained senator Manuel Marmolejo. As Marmolejo explains, the espeto is a typical dish ... along the Malaga coast, associated with the towns with seafaring traditions, “although it's fair to say that Malaga can lay claim to it”. The recipe for an espeto is just fish, salt, cane and fire and its inclusion in the Unesco list would recognise it



UNESCO warns of risks to Doñana nature reserve

M. D. T. seville

In its latest report on the risks faced by the Doñana coastal wetlands in Huelva province, UNESCO has warned that the area is close to being put on its ‘at risk’ register. The organisation is urging the national and regional governments to do more


What to do

Marbella to host event to boost sardine heritage bid

Beach bars in Marbella will host events on Thursday 20 September to boost the campaign, supported by the town hall and the provincial government, for the traditional sardine 'espeto' to be declared intangible cultural heritage by Unesco. Events



Pandemic leaves flamenco forlorn


...situation, with no income and numerous expenses, despite flamenco being classified as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. 'Where am I going to go? I want to be here, where I have always been' "I don't know how they could let this be lost,"



120-metre long poem aims to promote caves as UNESCO site

SUR of cultural importance. The 120-metre long poem includes contributions from 25 countries and 72 cities and forms part of an initiative to get the caves included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Medina Azahara, World Heritage


The archaeological remains of Medina Azahara, near Cordoba, built in the 10th century by Abderramán III, have been made a Unesco World Heritage Site. The international organisation's committee announced in Bahrain last Sunday that it had agreed to ... add the ancient Islamic complex to its list of protected areas. Unesco said that the site serves as a "testimony to the Umayyads as a cultural and architectural civilization, and more generally, to the development of Western Islamic civilization". ... With the naming of Medina Azahara as a World Heritage Site, Cordoba has become the first place in the world to have four areas with this prestigious Unesco status. The archaeological remains join the Mosque-Cathedral, the old town and, most recently,



Nerja Cave bosses open up hidden parts to promote idea of a new UNESCO day

Jennie Rhodes NERJA

Leading representatives from the Nerja Cave foundation allowed journalists access to parts of the Nerja cave system not usually open to the public on Tuesday, with the aim of promoting the idea of making June 6 a UNESCO international subterranean ... them.” The United Nations General Assembly designates a number of ‘International Days’ to mark important aspects of human life and history, which may be proposed by UNESCO or other UN specialised agencies.



International Poetry Day comes to town

SUR. Benalmádena

The town of Benalmádena has been chosen by the United Nations agency UNESCO to write a giant poem as part of International Poetry Day this Tuesday. The town hall in Benalmádena is encouraging people of all the 123 different nationalities currently



Antequera given plot of land to improve area surrounding UNESCO site

A. J. GUERRERO antequera

The local council in Antequera has been given a plot of land next to the Tholos del Romeral, one of the three megalithic tombs that make up the Dolmens of Antequera. One of the conditions of being a newly-declared UNESCO World Heritage Site is that



Chance to volunteer at Gorham’s Cave

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

The Gorham’s Cave complex will soon be celebrating its first year as a Unesco World Heritage Site and the Gibraltar Museum has decided to mark the anniversary by giving local people the chance to help with the excavation this summer, which will take



Destination 2020

Andrew Forbes travellers. If you like the idea of romantic colonial cities, also consider Puebla and Oaxaca, both with postcard perfect architecture and fascinating culture. They are close to the Unesco biosphere of Tehuacán-Cuicatlán, which, with its forests of ... for its International Style/Bauhaus period architecture in the Unesco World Heritage White City area, as well as museums, galleries and sophisticated nightlife. The city also boasts Mediterranean beaches - a great place to enjoy some autumn sunshine. A ... flight to the lesser known islands such as El Hierro, for memorable volcanic scenery and wild nature; and La Gomera for the Unesco biosphere nature of laurel forests and unusual geology. Wishing you all safe and happy travels in 2020!



A quiet fifth birthday for the Caminito del Rey


...become a major tourist attraction and the authorities have received huge support for an application for it to be classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Although at present the Caminito is closed because of the lockdown in Spain, the latest visitor



Living under the rule of women

ALEKK M. SAANDERS the community centre to play games and for almost non-stop dancing and singing traditional songs. That is mainly why 17 years ago Unesco proclaimed the island Kihnu as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Kihnu is often



Malaga school visits Palermo on third leg of Erasmus+ scheme

...major role in the origin of modern Italian language with the creation of the Sicilian poetry school. They also attended a workshop at ItaStra, the Sicilian university for foreigners and migrants and visited the Unesco world heritage centre of Palermo. ... Turchi, a Unesco world heritage site. At work in Finland.SUR Earlier this year students from all five countries, including a group from Huelin, got together in Tampere, Finland, on the second leg of the project. Students and teachers from the five



Senegal sojourn

Andrew Forbes

...historical reconciliation We had spent the morning strolling the narrow dusty lanes of the Unesco-designated Île de Gorée. This picturesque island, less than a kilometre long, sits out in the Atlantic, a short ferry ride from Dakar. Free of roads and ... numbers of West African lions. Senegal is surprisingly not really regarded for its African wildlife, instead seen as more of a cultural destination. Yet its national parks are extraordinary. Continuing further south to the Unesco-listed Siné-Saloum



The long battle against illiteracy in Spain


...they're both learning to write," she says. How does Spain compare globally? On an international level, Spain and the rest of Europe are some of the most literate countries in the world. According to UNESCO, 99 per cent of European and North American ... South Asia. UNESCO findings show huge disparities between factors such as region, gender and also age, with the elderly being much more likely to be illiterate than youths, emphasising an increase in global literacy over time.



An epicurean escapade


...for curating your personalised road trip are compelling and numerous. Once past Zafra, it's not long before one reaches Mérida, the capital of Extremadura. This UNESCO city is quite extraordinary, full of World Heritage, like the Ancient Roman Theatre, ... so this city still feels part of the 'hidden Spain'- authentic, and captivating. In 2016 it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in recognition of its preserved medieval architecture. So, for the modern-day visitor to the old town quarter, this ... world. Cordoba It's then a four-hour drive back Malaga but a small detour to Cordoba makes for a monumental last stop on this road trip of UNESCO cities and memorable food and wine. After all, Cordoba is Spain's only city with four UNESCO World



Junta considers national park report

Fernando torres

...bureaucratic process to have the designation approved by ministers in Madrid as well. Ministers in the central government are also simultaneously studying the proposal, said Fiscal. Once approved, the Unesco-protected range will be the third National Park



I'll meet you in Saint Petersburg

Andrew Forbes

...and Neoclassical architecture, yet I wasn't prepared for the scale of the UNESCO city centre. This is understandable though when you consider that this was the Imperial capital of Russia for centuries before the 1918 revolution. The Insider Guide ... staying in the affluent UNESCO city centre, I felt safe, and although English is not widely spoken in this traditional and conservative city, welcome too. Taste of Russia Food is a great way to understand modern Saint Petersburg. The restaurant scene





...through it, to the palmwood pier beyond and the waiting ships, ready to set sail to North America, would be the last time the captured men and women would ever see their families, or Africa. Ousmane Sow house & gallery - Dakar



First home designed by Gaudí opens doors to the public

Sur in english

...businessman client. The architectural gem, UNESCO-protected, is in the Gracia district of Barcelona and has never been open to the public before. The striking interior with oriental influences has been restored. Fans may need to be patient as only 500



The only woman at the sardine fire


...she turned down the offer of a job as a secretary in Gijón in northern Spain. "I've never been without work," she says. This traditional way of cooking sardines is currently among the hopefuls to be declared intangible cultural heritage by Unesco



Where nature rules

Mark Nayler

...long-neglected hiking boots. Boasting around a third of the Dolomite mountains, which also span the provinces of Belluno and Trentino, South Tyrol is dramatically beautiful - the ideal destination for a nature-orientated holiday. Named as a Unesco World



An environmental business model


...whereby they offset all journeys made by customers via their social responsibility programmes, which include supporting charities like the UNESCO funded SOS Children's Villages International organisation and other initiatives. Locally, Lise is keen to get